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Samsung & T-mobile collaborate for 5G Mobile Network testing in early 2017



It looks like we may don’t have to wait much longer to see the first commercial use of the 5G mobile network, as the reports are coming that Samsung and T-mobile are working in collaboration for the development of 5G mobile network. Samsung Electronics America has announced in a press release that the brand is uniting with T-Mobile to bring 5G network testing in early 2017.

The announcement quotes that these two companies would be joining hands to do new demonstrations and lab tests regarding testing the power of 5G mobile networks to the masses. Under this collaboration, they will assess next-generation network development in real-world mobile use cases, as well as applications. There would be field trials conducted and demonstrated to find out how much optimisation needs to be done and where.

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According to South Korean giant, the 5G technology is something that should give each user a ubiquitous Gigabit service. Where the 5G system is expected to offer 1Gbps data rate anywhere. The peak rates are said to be around 6 Gbps for high mobility devices such as smartphones and tablets. While expecting up to 50 Gbps rate for low mobility devices.

Neville Ray, Chief Technology Officer of T-Mobile, quotes about the collaboration that they are excited to work with Samsung and bring the key attributes of emerging 5G technology such as extreme speed, low latency and massive connectivity online as soon as possible. This collaboration will prove to be quite prominent as it would fast forward 5G development and availability.

As Samsung and T-mobile joined hands for bringing the 5G mobile network testing in early 2017, you might have read about Huawei being touted a step leader in 5G technology as European Commission proposed recently about creating a Made in EU next generation communication networks. This healthy competition between organisations would bring 5G technology much faster to the end users.

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On this partnership announcement, Samsung Electronics America’s Senior Vice President & General Manager, Mark Louison issued a statement, “Applying Samsung’s 5G leadership to assist T-Mobile in developing their next generation network is an exciting opportunity”.

The company endorse that they are well-positioned to deliver the 5G ecosystem to T-mobile. As given the years of experience and development across various business divisions such as semiconductor, networks and devices.


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