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Amazon sees 1208.9% YOY Growth in Tablet Shipments, thanks to Fire Series



Every year the tablets were introduced to the world, it has been the obsession of companies that their tablets can replace the laptop/desktop in terms of computing performance for daily usage tasks. For someone whose daily tasks includes browsing on web, it might be a good deal for them, but there aren’t lots of people who would consider replacing tablets as their main computing device, even if it’s for on-the-go purpose. And that is what might have affected the tablet market over the years.

Despite companies working hard to produce great products that has now taken form of hybrid notebooks. We are looking at the product line-up that now offers full fledged physical keyboard with the large touch screen enabled Android/iOS devices. Microsoft have also seen working pretty hard to convince that it’s Surface tablet is capable of advanced computing. The recent Surface Pro 4 also miserably failed to amaze any potential tablet admirers and that is why Microsoft didn’t shipped much of those Surface Hybrid tablet.

The term Hybrid tablet is used because these days you can see 11-13-inch touch screen enabled tablets with detachable physical keyboard support, which supposedly turns these tablets into full fledged computing devices. There are top five vendors (Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei and Amazon) as reported by IDC, International Data Corporation, an American market research and analysis firm, who dominated market shares in the tablets shipments over the past couple years.

IDC released a report recently, which highlighted that Worldwide shipment of tablets have been declined to more than 12% in Second Quarter of this year. But the most shocking and surprising revelation in the report is that Amazon has gained over 1208.9% market share in tablets shipments over the years since it started selling tablets.

Worldwide Tablet Shipment Q2 2016

While we all know the Amazon Kindle in not a tablet, but classified as e-reader. So, whoever might have thought that Kindle shipments are included in these number, well, it’s not. This overpowering sales performance credit this quarter goes to the Fire tablets. The low priced entity combined with company’s strong online presence proved effective for the company to prove themselves as top five vendors in Tablet shipments. Note that this is a worldwide data, not region specific. So, it can’t be said , which country was among the top where the Fire tablets sold like cakes.

Amazon Kindle Oasis Review

Moreover, it can be said that since the popularity of Amazon Prime Day Sale, it can be stated that Amazon might be performing similarly in the next quarter as well. Note that IDC didn’t include the 6-inch tablets offered by Amazon in 2015, which might be the reason of such high percentage difference. But nonetheless, Amazon is enjoying attention among tablets market.


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