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Data Consumed per Minute on YouTube vs HotStar vs Jio-on-Demand vs Netflix Videos



The Reliance’s Jio 4G network is now publicly available to all but needs to purchase a new LYF device to get the Jio SIM. The company is also offering unlimited 4G data and voice calls for free for first three months. The data speeds and call quality of Jio network are said to be better on LYF smartphones compared other branded smartphones. The Jio network and LYF devices support VoLTE (Voice over LTE) and VoWiFi (Voice over Wi-Fi) which offers HD call quality even with low signal.

As we tested the JIO 4G, the average speeds with good signal (in Hyderabad) is around 35-40 Mbps and is the faster ever mobile internet speed we have ever experienced. There are few users who are getting even higher speeds and the speeds are also going very low in the locations far away from cities. The field tests of Jio network by IDFC gives some interesting data for video streaming; the team has tested the Jio 4G in and around Mumbai where we expect the signal should be good.

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The popular video streaming services YouTube, HotStar, and Netflix are compared with Jio-on-Demand streaming service. All these services are streamed in auto quality while testing and the Jio-On-Demand app has consumed around 16MB of data per minute. On the other hand, Netflix and Youtube used only 2.7MB & 4.6MB of data; while HotStar used 8MB data per minute of usage. The high data usage of Jio-On-Demand can be justified by the high quality streaming on par with Netflix and the carrier integrated apps also have an edge over the 3rd party apps over accessing the data.


But the 16MB of usage might not be an issue with the current unlimited offer for first three months, but later the user thinks about the storage. Watching a two and half hour movie on Jio-On-Demand app consumes 2.34GB of data, which might easily finish most of the users fixed data plan. All these apps also support manual controls to change the quality of the videos, where the users can settle for standard quality to save the data. Though there is official information about the pricing of data plans, we can expect them to be much cheaper that what current service providers are charging.

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We also have the rumored postpaid plans of Jio, which seems to be more than 50% cheaper than what Airtel charges. Additionally, Jio is also offering various digital services like music streaming, live TV, and movies on-demand with their ecosystem of apps. The expected postpaid plan for metros and tier-1 cities will be available for Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 2,000 with 10GB and 20GB of 4G data respectively along with other services. We also guess Jio to bring even more affordable postpaid plans.

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