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New Jio 4G Invitations force users to buy LYF Smartphones to get Jio SIM



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In the recent weeks, there were reports that Reliance is going to openly offer the Jio 4G SIM Cards to people who register their interest. We had also covered a story on how the brand is slowly offering the services by first limiting it to their employees, later employees sharing upto 10 invites each and then publicly offering the SIM Cards. Even though it was suspected that everyone could get their hands on the services, it seems like this is going to get delayed more.

We had also registered for interest on & after around 2 weeks, we have an invitation as embedded below that clearly is the same as the Employee based invites that were sent earlier. We had already bought an LYF Flame 1 Smartphone last month (One of VOLTE Phones) that was a huge pain because the process of onboarding a user to the service has been taking at least 60 minutes to upto 120 minutes. If you wish to even buy a new phone just to use it as a hotspot, do remember this time since it’s not as simple as getting a new Airtel 4G SIM that the brand is sending it directly to your home on request.

Jio 4G LYF New Invites

Interestingly enough the earlier invites had a validity of a week, while these now have a period of 2 weeks. The whole initiative looks like a step taken by the brand to sell all the LYF Branded Phones & also slowly offer the service & improve based on the feedback received. Do make a note that in the current situation it seems like a value for money deal if you still buy the phone because the brand is offering unlimited data & unlimited voice calls.

To conclude it is still not possible to get an SIM Card for free or at the minimum price at this moment when covering this story & we are just hoping that JIO would soon make the services live & publicly available instead of forcing users to buy a phone.

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