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Airtel Vs Jio Preview Offer – Freebies, 4G Data and Compatible Phones to get offer



Reliance Jio

Today, Airtel India has offered an interesting deal where users are going to get 9GB of additional data on recharge of just 1GB of data. You can read all the details of this offer here. Based on all the Information we have received till now from Airtel and also Samsung here is a quick comparison on the freebies you get along with the amount of data and the compatible phones with which you can get these deals.

Do make a note that the following table is based on the current offering by both the telecom giants.

Airtel vs Jio Preview offer

We had already reported earlier that Airtel had offered 67% more data followed by Vodafone who also offered a similar deal. The Jio Services are not yet commercially launched and hence the above table might not be a good comparison but at this moment it helps you understand the offers both of these telecoms are offering. The most recent update is that now more than 50+ Samsung Smartphones & LG Smartphones are compatible with the Jio Preview Offer and you could avail the same with the process mentioned here.

The Reliance JIO services are now slowly offered to users all over the country introduced through different schemes starting from the Invite systems that were provided by the Employees. Following this, the brand started sharing invites, but you have to buy a LFY Smartphone, bringing in a lot of confusion because recently there were reports that the SIM Card would be available directly. We had also reported yesterday that the brand is not going to offer you the SIM even when you register your interest on their website ie

There have been a few users who had shared that JIO had disconnected their services because of crossing some data limits. When we asked the team if this is right & if the users are capped after certain usage, following is the response received.

Jio Care Truly Unlimited 4G

The email was from Jio Care that has been addressing all the issues or the service requests. To recap the email explicitly mentions that you get access to 8 Premium Jio Apps along with unlimited voice, video, data & SMS benefits. We did give a try to the Video Calling Service & it was better than Skype. Under this suite of applications, you can also find the JioDrive that’s a cloud service the access of which is given to you to host all your personal photos, selfies to the cloud. The UI does look pretty close to the Google Photos App if you have already used it earlier.

Do make a note that, it takes upto 120 minutes to get the SIM Card, followed by upto 48 hours to get it activated. But once you are on board, the service is top notch, and we have been experiencing very high speeds that we had reported in our Jio 4G Vs Airtel 4G Speed Comparison video. The SIM Card is linked to the IMEI of the device you purchase like we tested the LYF Flame 1 & you can use that SIM on another Phone only after the three months trial is completed. There is no limit, and the best part is that you can use the SIM Card to use it like a Mobile Hotspot (JioFi) & share the connection with multiple users.

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