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Bharti Airtel blames JIO for not Cooperating Deliberately, Ploy to Cover up own Issues



Reliance Jio has constantly been complaining about the other incumbent players in the market is not cooperating with them to offer interconnectivity between Jio to them for voice calls. But it looks like that might not be the case according to a press release issued by Bharti Airtel. At the Annual General Meeting Mukesh Ambani, the Chairman & Managing Director of the Reliance Industries Limited requested other telecom players in the country to cooperate for the interconnectivity.

Bharti Airtel, the current leader in the company who immediately issued the statement after JIO’s commercial launch announcement on September 1st that they are ready to cooperate. While the new statement highlights that Jio isn’t cooperating deliberately as it is claimed to be a ploy to cover up their own issues occurring with 4G infrastructure.

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There was a bilateral discussion between the two concerned parties regarding the release of pols to Jio users so that they can connect calls to Airtel numbers. Agreeing on the discussion happened on Sept 13th, the company released additional pols to Jio on the same day itself with note raised on next day. Now according to Airtel, with the latest augmentation the numbers of pols provided have become three times the earlier count. Such capacity should be enough to serve 15 million Jio customers calling to Airtel numbers.

Looking at the current subscriber base predicted by them the pols provided by Airtel should be sufficient for good interconnectivity. It is reported that it should be enough to provide for their 10 million projected subscribers. Airtel states that they have ensured that there are no capacity constraints from their end. As a matter of fact, the company has been providing Pols to Jio even before their commercial operations.

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Do make a note that the additional Pols provided by Airtel needs to be connected and tested by both parties. While Airtel has already requested Jio’s cooperation several times regarding this situation, there hasn’t been a response from the company. Airtel says that their teams across circles are ready and waiting for Jio to start testing these Pols.

Airtel is blaming Jio for delaying on this issue as they are ready and waiting to cooperate, while Jio is deliberately trying to delay it as claimed by Airtel. They have also stated that calls drops or lack of VoLTE stabilization should not be hidden behind the issue of POIs. As it has been augmented at regular and quick intervals. Additionally, on the issue of MNP, the company has already that they’re processing all requests and not blocking as per guidelines. The allegation of blocking 69 odd port out requests from Jio sound rather flimsy as stated by the company.


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