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iPhone 7 Rumoured Specs, New Feature Upgrades from Apple iPhone 6



iPhone 7 Concept Photo

We have recently seen the launch of the iPhone 6s worldwide that was a subtle upgrade to the iPhone 6, while the worst being the same design being pushed. This could disappoint someone who already has the 6 & wants to upgrade because there’s nothing new they can flaunt. Next year we will be looking at the next iPhone that could be the iPhone 7 & here are a few things we look forward to from the Phone listed in a point by point basis. You can share your thoughts in the comments below or tweet them with us on what you look forward from Apple in their next iteration.

The next iPhone would be coming in 2016 as a successor to the recently launched iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus that were launched this year. They are expected to launch with the next generation A10 processors produced by TSMC & the chances are they would skip Samsung’s Processors that we had seen under performing in this years models. We have also hearing that these devices would be coming with AMOLED display that should be a great upgrade to the displays on the phone offering a better experience. Many other rumours expect the phone to be waterproof though we think this is something not of a possibility from Apple because their focus is on offering something that’s 100% perfect rather than just trying to offer many things at the same time.

Design: This is of the most important factors we think that Apple should be focusing on while launching their new model, especially because the current version has the Aluminium Built that get easily scratched. Obviously it’s built with the strong Aluminium 7000 metal but that’s something still prone to simple dents & scratches or the regular wear & tear to avoid which users end up using a case onto the devices. Making this hides the whole design & the looks of the phone, that can only be avoided with a better external skin something on the lines of the LG G4 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, that came with the faux leather which gives a premium look & feel & can be easily changed too.

With the iPhone Sales Reports already out, we have seen that the Rose Gold was a hit especially in the eastern countries where Gold is something everyone seeks for, we can expect Apple to continue offering that color. In fact, they are expected to offer the Pink edition soon since that has been a hit with Samsung in Korea & China, a color that Apple could introduce next year. The Form Factor is also expected to get a small change though the device is expected to be slimmer on the lines of the iPod Touch that’s totally sleek. If that happens, there would be many adopters for the iPhone, who seek a very slim profiled device.

Display: The Phablet sized iPhone now comes with a 1080P resolution, that’s the maximum we have seen from Apple while we have devices in the Android Portfolio with upto 4K resolution. Obviously we cannot find a lot of differences in the display once you move ahead of the 2K display because the human eye cannot notice the changes easily. We already hear rumours that the next model would have the 2K display, but that would be overkill considering that the current portfolio already is suffering from battery issues, we could see a larger problem in that area. A 1080P display on the 4.7″ variant would certainly be welcomed since that would make everything look crisper & better than the retina display available at the moment.

Camera: Apple is known to make very small upgrades on the Camera Modules year on year, but they focus more on offering small but unique changes in the devices. [Check out iPhone 6s Camera Review]This year there was a bump from the last years 8Mp to the new 12Mp iSight Camera that also came with some software changes like the LIVE Feature, that can also be ported to your any other iPhone if your phone is jailbroken [How to get iPhone 6s like Live Photos on any iPhone]. This clearly tells us that there’s nothing extraordinary in this year’s Camera upgrade, but certainly the captures came out to be good enough for Social Media sharing & the best feature would be the Slo-Motion video capture. We are hoping that Apple would upgrade the Camera Sensor on the iPhone 7 to match up with the LG G4 that came with the f1.8 aperture or may be better than that.

iPhone7 Wireless ChargingCharging: When we talk about Smartphone Charging, there are two things that could come in the mind. The first one being Fast Charging, which is a necessity while optional Wireless Charging that’s a convenience. We hope that Apple would switch to the USB Type-C that they had introduced in their 12″ MacBook’s launched this year to make it more like a standard and also offer fast charging to save time. Along with this, they should also introduce the wireless charging feature that’s now available on a dozen plus devices offering a good convenience by charging the phone without plugging in the cables all the time. Apple had recently filed a few patents for “Device orientation based docking functions” primarily for allowing charging or data transmission while its docked. This is a clear hint at the next Apple’s feature we could see on the 2016 iPhone.

Hardware: Its already expected that Apple would bump up the A8 processor & introduce the A10 processor in their next years line up, along with a 2GB of RAM. This year Apple had announced the Phone in three storage variants i.e. 16GB, 64GB & 128GB, which is Ok, but instead of the 16GB we expect them to offer the 32GB as a minimum storage option. Apart from this, we also wish they could offer a Hybrid SIM option or least a DUAL SIM option on their next devices because that a very important feature consumers look into before upgrading. We know the fact that the iPhone users are called the “Wall Huggers” & this is something true because the battery barely lasts the day & users are totally satisfied with the battery when switching to a few Android devices like the Galaxy Note series. Based on this we hope Apple would add more battery unless they switch to a slimmer design as mentioned above that could limit them to add a larger battery.

Release Date: Apple has been announcing their products year on year in the month of September while the recently launched iPhone 6 was launched on September 9th, the iPhone 5s was launched on September 20th & the iPhone 5 was launched on September 21st. Based on these dates we can certainly expect them to launch the next in the month of September but we have no exact dates for the same, though the speculation would be in the second week of September 2016. We will be updating this article once we have some confirmed dates through the Invitation Apple sends to media publications.

That said, these are few of the expected & rumoured specifications of the iPhone 7 that’s going to come out next year & we can just hope things that are better than whats mentioned above & not anything below it. Is there any specific feature that you expect the Phone to offer, tweet them to us & we would be happy to include in this list if its worthy.


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