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These features and tips let you become a Selfie Expert



If you haven’t heard the term SELFIE, then my dear reader, I have news for you; you might be living under the rock for past couple of years. The youths of this world are blown away by a selfie phenomenon, which is the craze of capturing their own photos using front facing camera.

You need a selfie phone then you could become selfie expert. These days a lot of companies are gearing up to launch front-facing focussed smartphones, but among all, it was OPPO first launched selfie focused phone in the beginning of 2015. The F1s is its latest selfie centric phone.


The new 16-megapixel front camera on it is something of dream come true for a selfie lover in the country. On top of offering higher resolution output, the company has also introduced interesting features in their camera app to become the selfie expert you have always dreamt about.

Below we have briefly explained the features of the OPPO F1s Smartphone.

16MP Front Camera

Oppo F1s Selfie

OPPO F1s – Normal Mode


Great photos aren’t only made by high pixel counts alone, the 16 MP front camera of the F1s is using a 1/3.1″ customized sensor which arranges pixels in a unique pattern designed to maximize image quality, resulting in photos that are clear, bright and strikingly rich in color.

Beautify 4.0


OPPO F1s – Beauty Mode 4.0

After six months of testing and 150 iterations, Beautify 4.0 is optimized to capture selfies with bright, clear skin, and beautifully defined facial contours. With seven beautify levels, two skins tone modes and upgraded photo-processing algorithms, Beautify 4.0 is optimized to capture selfies with bright, clear skin, vivid eyes and striking features.


OPPO F1s - Filters

OPPO F1s – Filters

There are host of plugins integrated in the camera app on OPPO F1s that allows users to be get creative in taking selfies. With different color shades varying from mono, fade, soft, shine, candy and bright, users can simply switch to the filter they want to use. Using filters is easy, just launch the camera app on F1s and switch to front-facing camera. Keeping device in portrait mode, you will see an icon on the right hand side of shutter button. Just press it and then tap on Various filters option. Now you will see the option to select the various filters from the list by swiping left or right. Additionally, you can also watermark temperature, date, location, map and various other things under patterns section.

Screen Flash


OPPO F1s – Screen Flash

This is an interesting feature, which uses screen’s brightness as a tool to increase brightness in low-light selfie. What this feature on OPPO F1s does is that it flash a white screen just before taking a capture. Adding to the low-light capabilities of the front facing sensor it gives an additional way to ensure that selfies look great even in dark lighting conditions. Turning ON it is easy, just tap on the left top icon that looks like a flash, then select ON or Auto according to your preferences.

Selfie Panorama

OPPO F1s - Selfie Panorama

OPPO F1s – Selfie Panorama

You may heard of the Panorama captures that allows user to capture a full scene in front of them. It is done by camera app by stretching the various shots together. OPPO has introduced that concept on their front facing camera. The F1s camera app when switched to Panorama and front camera is ON, then user can take a wide-angle selfie just by tilting as instructed in the app. This way you can fit all the people at your house party.



OPPO F1s – Gestures (palm capture)

With gesture support you don’t always have to tap on the shutter button, but you can use the gesture options such as Touch, Voice and Palm. When selected Touch, you can just tap anywhere on the screen to take a capture. While if the Voice is activated you can just say cheese and camera app will capture the photo. There is one more gesture option coined as Palm. When this is enabled you can just show your palm in front of camera and it will recognize the palm and photo will be captured in a second. Note if you have enabled timer, then it will take that timer in a account. We recommend at least 3 second timer should be put if you’re taking photos using palm gesture.

Now read on the tips to become a Selfie Expert.

Use Rule of Thirds


Yes, it applies to every photograph you take, even from a front facing camera. You need to remember to place your face towards top right or top left corner of the frame. That way your eyeline will fall somewhere the one-third of the frame from the top. The first and foremost thing about a photograph is a composition if it’s done right then it can do wonders to the photos. So, remember to use this next time you take a selfie.

Capture Magic Hours


Source: Pinterest

You know everyone today thinks they are a photographer, of course, the topic can be debated, but let’s go into deep some other time. What we are trying to say is that a knowledgeable photographer knows when is the right to take a photo. Even if you don’t consider yourself a photographer, you should be aware of this basic hack of taking good pictures. Always use natural light to capture your photograph, the output will turn out to be great. It’s a fact that the hour after sunrise and the hour before the sunset are considered as the “Magic Hours” that will help you create the best pictures. So, it goes for the selfies, capture as many selfie moments with your family and friends during those magic hours.

Try Different Angles


Source: Gizmodo Australia

Changing angles to capture a picture would give you different output every time. As with every degree, you showcase different features of your face. Keep experimenting until you find out that perfect angle for your selfie. This way you can highlight the best features of your face. Now you should know why many people tilt their face while capturing a selfie. It is for highlighting the best features of their face.

Use Timer in your Camera App


Well, if you haven’t paid attention to this feature on your smartphone at all, then we recommend you should start now. The reason we are asking for you to do so is that it’s quite a helpful feature. If you want to take everyone in a frame or trying to capture your full body in a selfie, then you should set a timer that will allow you to adjust angles appropriately to that everything you want fits in a frame. Moreover, when you have set a timer, you don’t have to press a shutter button and can just wait for a timer to finish, and it automatically captures the moment.


Now that you know these resourceful hacks, you can use them to capture a good selfie. Or you could get an OPPO F1s smartphone for yourself and capture stunning selfie despite bad lighting conditions. There are tons of features on the F1s that would be helpful for you in taking the best selfie of the year. The features such as Beautify 4.0, Gestures, selfie-timer, Selfie Panorama, Filters, Screen Flash and lot of high-resolution selfies can be captured using the 16-megapixel front-facing camera on the new OPPO F1s smartphone. Apart from updating features regarding the camera department, company has also upgraded the RAM and ROM on their new improved OPPO F1s smartphone. It is now equipped with a 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. On top of that it comes in grey color variant as well, which is touted to give a unique look.

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