5 Reasons not to buy the Lenovo K3 Note Smartphone

by Amit Bhawani 72

Lenovo K3 Note Reasons Dont Buy

It was 25th June when the Lenovo K3 Note was launched in India, following which they had announced the first flash sale exclusively on Flipkart. The sale received 538,096 registrations & Lenovo India had 47,440 units for sale following which I bought a unit for review paying additional Rs 90 for “In-a-day Guarantee Delivery”. The unit was delivered on 9th which is when I had started using it as a primary phone and came to the following feedback on why you shouldn’t purchase this Smartphone.


The Lenovo K3 Note is definitely a device which is over praised primarily for the price without even testing the unit and many reviewers gave it a top rating just based on the specifications. Remember specifications mean nothing if the actual performance is not good, which is the reason you need to actually wait for the reviews from the experts to know more. Starting from the app switching to playing games, everything hangs and which is what I had showcased Live through the Periscope application, which you can still watch it.


The device comes with a Li-Po 3000 mAh battery which should easily last more than a day on paper, but in actual it didn’t go through the day. Again I would not consider myself a power user but a moderate user, since I use WhatsApp Web & Push bullet to get all the notifications to my desktop, saving the time spent on mobile. During the night, the phone’s battery gets drained by 20% while the Wifi is OFF & the data connectivity is also switched OFF. It literally makes no sense charging the phone every few hours and especially one which comes with a large capacity & is very slow in charging.


Lenovo has been promoting their recent smartphones with Dolby Atmos which works only when hearing with an earphone, but if you play music through the speakers you will certainly be disappointed. It is the worst speakers ever since the sound wobbles and the output was very low when the phone is placed in any position.


Lenovo K3 Note available RAM
I have had tested many smartphones which come with 2GB RAM and most of them had 1 – 1.2 GB of available RAM to the user which helped them in easily switch between apps and also play performance intensive games. The situation is different on this phone since the available RAM is just around 500 – 600 MB RAM even when you close all the applications running in the background. Again it’s not just about this

RAM is very important to ensure you get a good performance but if the system resources and applications take up 75% of the available resources then the experience is certainly going to be very bad.

Call Quality

I have been using my Airtel connection from 14 years now and have been having different experiences all the time, but when I started using the same on the K3 Note, it was hard to listen what the other person was speaking. There have been similar experiences from few other budget centric devices, but the same was least expected from the K3 Note.

Bonus: Here are a few issues raised by others who tweeted them to me.

  • High SAR Value, In India it’s limited to max 1.6/1 gm, while this phone has 1.590 which is almost not acceptable.
  • Very Slow Charging
  • Heats up a lot while making Normal Phone calls above 10 minutes or a quick Video Call
  • Battery hard to remove for inserting a SIM Card

This does not stop here, on July 17th ie.. around a week post the testing, I created a replacement request with Flipkart, asking them to send me another unit to check if the above-mentioned issues are device specific. They canceled the same without any clarification which confuses me on the return policy they offer. I tweeted to them directly, but it’s sometimes the seller to be blamed rather than the marketplace and, in this case, its Lenovo India who should at least respond to these issues & get the problem fixed.

Note: I did receive a call from the Lenovo India’s PR agency, but there has been no follow up on the issue and I have been trying to get a replacement from Flipkart as a consumer & not contacting my contacts at Lenovo to get it resolved. It’s a pity that a consumer has to go through all this and still get no resolution even after a week, after which their return / replacement may be void.

PS: If you have purchased this Phone, let us know with your experience be it positive or negative in the comments section below.

Amit Bhawani


Amit Bhawani is a Professional Blogger & Founder of PhoneRadar, Android Advices & Gizmo Report. He has received various awards like the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award & Samsung Mobilers Award. He covers more on the subject of value of mobile phones to consumers and gives insights to mobile buyers helping them to buy the right device.

  • nagateja

    I’m so sorry but it seems device specific. I got the first batch of devices ij priority sale bought on 7th and recieved on 8th. Using it from 15 days. No issues what all u have mentioned. Seems to be sporadic than endemic. Try replacement.

    • Wish you followed the tweets or read the article’s note. I have been requesting for a replacement and not a return from day #1 to know if its a device specific issue but no response from flipkart nor the brand.

      • nagateja

        Ha. I did follow. Infact i even retweeted ur tweet coz i had a similar bad experience with flipkart customer service. Worst returns and replacement policy. After consistently having fought out for 8 consecutive days i was finally given refund instead of replacement for one of the digiflip tablets.

        • Its a shame that the digiflip is their own product.

          • nagateja

            I cant even dare to recollect that episode. Horrendous Dirty Drastic

  • Dinesh Kumar P

    I agree with you. I too had got it in the first flash sale. Battery drained like anything, removing the battery was another big issue. They were advertising as 3000 mah but what i received was 2900 mah. Heating issue was there as expected. Camera is pathetic.

    • nagateja

      Agree with the fact battery is just 2900mAh

    • There is difference there ! They says that it is typical 3000 mAh Battery which is actual 2900 mAh.

  • Aakash Bansal

    yeahh agree! Flipkart’s return policy become the worst from the best , first they will not call you for weeks and cancel the request randomly and if they do then they’ll say to you to install shitty app with which they will not detect the problem and cancel the request. BTW why you pay money for fast delivery everytime? why dont you subscribe to flipkart first. :

    • Farooq Imadi

      YA I TOO FACED they have very shitty app for diagnostic purpose and very dumb product specialists , had a hard time with my huwaei honor 4x

  • Anas Shattara

    Can I be off topic and request the picture of the kid its funny.. Wann use it as a wallpaper ;D

    • Yo! that was heavily edited, will try to find and share it though.

  • rajeev sharma

    One more issue i found that some apps like whatsapp .. true caller is not working with Vodafone network… I asked for replacement but agent is aksing for update and support from Lenovo site.. which is not their on site…
    I had two phone where in 2nd battery issue as Not charging in 10 hrs as well.. max 65 % charged.. But approved replacement..

    • Glad that your replacement was approved. Many users are reporting that they have been rejecting that.

  • Kaushik Medhi

    Thanks for the great info. This info will ruin the hopes of many excited users. Very helpful review !

  • Vandroid699

    Amit Bhawani check geekyranjit video for SAR verification, please calibrate ur battery, on the first use i drained the entire battery and switched off and charged(do this method 2 or 3 times) then check battery performance, it will at least give one and half day, with moderate usage, wait for updates(already 296 mb released check sharmaji technical video and wait for his test results in a day or so), there is no phone perfect including the high end flagships.

  • Akhileshwar Nath

    I Agree.k3 note is not a good phone.There are mainly two reason behind it.
    1-Battery power and,

    Battery quality is not good because it drain so fast.
    And heating problem.phone heat so fast like 10-15 min of use any thing

  • Guru Raja

    more cons than the plus.. i don’t wanna buy this mobile.. thanx for the useful info

  • InTheSh8

    If u have a low speaker output please check if your firmware includes Dolby Atmos or Maxx Audio. The speakers can be very loud, they are just not driven to their max. I had a crippled firmware without those 2 mentioned enhancements . Then I flashed with the international ROW Rom and finally the speakers scream. U won’t believe the difference. Battery charging is kinda slow while working with apps if u leave it alone it charges in 1-2 hours.

  • ergalaxy erkr

    I bought lenevo k3 note of flipkart independence day sale

    Order ID: OD203603276177378000. Its not getting charged after 5 minutes. Sometimes its charging for half an hour. I raised return request and replacement. I asked to replace with Huawei Honor 4x. But they said no. They asked me to enter into recovery mode, wipe data. They asked me to install smartcheck app. Like this they are made one week. They are not ready to replace it seems. Flipkart is worst when considered with replacement.

  • shubham gupta

    I am very very dissapointed from this phone because i previously use redmi 1s with 1gb ram and the performance of this phone is very better than Andy oher phones and the available free memory is 300-500 free whether i play heavy games like gta vice city which is greater than 1.5gb but there is no lagging and hanging problem in redmi 1s and the other side in lenovo k3 i am not installing any heavy games yet but the phone hangs very much. I am very dissapointed form this??

  • Pranav Goswami

    My K3 note was not working in just 15 days!!
    some apps not launching like Music aap
    Touch is not working>>>
    Not Bale to use the phone which i purchased Just 15 days BAck!!

    Flipcart asking to install smart chek app for diagnostic.. I Am afraid they will deny the replacement
    KIndly Help Peps 🙁

  • abhishek

    This phone is gr8, hardware of this phone is perfect, the only problem is that its firmware vibe ui. This device required to be customize with custom rom and if u worried about warranty u can revert it back by flashing stock rom with spf tool it is so easy.Heating issue is not from this device actually all lollipop devices heats up to 45°c( even nexus 6).
    Moto g3
    Samsung j5 n j7
    All these phones gets heated up above 40°c. I have moto g3 and lenovo k3 note.
    And about battery backup the battery backup is too good. It stays with me till the end of the day even after all heavy functions like video playback, 3g,4g,gaming surfing.Those who complaining about battery u might have defective piece or firmware issues.
    If want to use this phone at its full capacity u need to customize it (visit xda)
    Im using aosp xancin rom.
    The only problem is its stock firmware if someone not interested to customize this phone this phone is shit

    • ksk

      hi can please send me in detail how to do it



    Guys.. even i had issues with my lenovo k3 note with the battery, ram and touch screen.I had called the flipkart costumer service regarding this issue.. the told me to install smart check anol.. and verified and declared that there are no issues in it. I had asked them directly.. how will u know about my touch screen problem.. u being their and using some app. So he told me to go to a lenovo authorized service center and get the job sheet. Those mentioned in the lenovo official website , half of them were not functioning. I had a complaint regarding this and told them to replace my mob. Then they provided me 3 other addresses of the authorized service center. i had been their and he directly told on my face.. no service center provides job sheet, just that flipkart ppl are making u do all this to complete that 30 days replacement policy.

    I had called the customer care people and a women picks up.. and i told them the same issue.. i told her that i already told u ppl that this is the last service center am going to or i need my refund without any of these job sheet. Then she actually fools me stating they have agreed for the refund and ill get a message and an email asap, luckily i had recorded all that converstaion. After 3-4 hours i called them up again to confirm my refund again ,where he stated that there is no refund confirmation regarding this. I told them i have the recording where she agreed and u ppl started fooling customers of urs and told them i will surely have a complaint regarding this. Then he connected me to the manager andi clearly told him the issue.. he confirmed it giving me refrence id and taking some time to talk with the lenovo people.

    • Saraswathi Palaniappan

      what is the customer care number

  • Jaspreet Bajaj

    You are absolutely right Mr. Amit. Actually on paper is not match with the given product.
    There are no. of flaws in this device.
    1. Mobile lag too much. I thing the main reason for lagging is software design with the hardware.
    2. Poor radio signals. Comparing to other mobile phones the signal quality is not good. The signal bar is less as compare to other phones.
    3. Bugs in Firmware. There are no. of minor bugs in the firmware. Not tested properly.
    4.Poor battery performance. Due to full HD screen battery performance is not upto the mark.

    • Rico Tailors

      So bro we can say this k series is defective piece of shit right…? Non-repairable no use of replacement… 🙂

    • Nikhil Sharma

      What bugs are u talking about

  • ravikiran

    Yes Mr.Amit u r right,fed up with this phone due to frequent hanging and truly Dolby doesn’t work without earphones,bettery performance is also too annoying.

  • i agree with you.
    last week i buy this phone. after using one mnth i feel that its not as standard as shown on ads. its lagging..
    battry is not taking charge speedy.
    and major thing is when i am connecting this phone to laptop via provided usb.. there is no charging happen. its showing that battery is charging.. but after 30 mnt i found same (48% to 48%).. what the fuck is going on.. lenevo ki maa ki aakh…BC

  • Jayesh Bhangdiya

    Hi Amit,
    Thanks for writing this article. I fully agree with you.
    I am facing following issues:
    1) There is a lot of lag when I start any apps including Whatsapp . I have to literally wait for almost a minute after clicking on Whatsapp icon. If I try to press any other key a message pops out that Whatsapp is not responding and I have to select wait option or close application
    2) Full Battery charging takes almost 10 hours
    3) Phone stops responding all of a sudden for simple applications like dialer,SMS,etc

  • Soumit Goswami

    Hi bought this phone from Flipkart in October. For me even after multiple apps runjing had no lag. But phone would heat up after a 2 mins call. The battery drained after calls . Reported to flipakart they checked via a smart check app and got a replacement. Received new set in 4 days.

    This phone started hanging suddenly and go blank . The heating issue and battery draining continued.

    Finally Flipkart accepted this was a faulty set and refunded the amount paid.

    Specs are killer but major problems with the set

    • Saraswathi Palaniappan

      will they return the money,but they are saying that they will give only new lenovo

  • Ravi

    A strange problem i faced with lenovo k3 note is that once we set up a pin/password for phone lock and try to re enter the phone lock menu for re setting it we will not have access to it. The phone just asks for the pin again and again and do not tak us to the further menu. Tried contacting the lenovo team for this issue and their reply was FACTORY DATA RESET. tried it and again applied a password and the problem still continues. It means you should either have only a single password throughout/do not keep any password/do factory data reset each time you want to change the password.

  • Sanjeev

    Yes. It’s certainly useless phone. Lenovo cheating Indian users by showing high specs with no relation in actual.

    They say 2gb ram but it acts like 512mb
    Touch is so pathetic, even after replacement of touch also not working properly.
    Phone very slow.

    Lenovo should be ashamed of launching such faulty models and cheating Indian customers

  • damn slow to charge, gets warm, OS is now very very very slow, audio volume weak, speaker daft, buttons on side are ridiculous – my old deteriorating Apple iPhone still wins hands down. Screen ok, battery lasts most of the day when it is charged. I think the Lenovo OS hampers it. 2 gig ram should be enough but there it serious lag when clicking on buttons. I’m questioning the purchase. I could get a 2nd hand good condition iPhone 5C for that price.

  • Jagadeesh

    Before we actually discuss the drawbacks of the device, lets first look at the price point. At 9999/- , the phone is indeed a killer. Lemme address a few issues which users have posted:

    Battery drains too fast:
    Its true that a 5.5″ FHD phone uses maximum juice to lit up the screen, doesn’t it?? Keep brightness in auto mode and give a try. Kill all background apps when the phone is in ideal state.

    Charging time is too slow:
    Using the mobile while charging doesn’t mean anything. Keep the mobile in Ultra Power Saving Mode and leave it aside for a while killing all un-necessary apps. You’ll surely see it a bit quicker

    Come-on…!!! Every smartphone heats and K3 note is not an exception. The Vibe UI is a little heavy and so it drains more battery and also heats up the device. Again the background running apps also post a reason for heating.

    Feel the good in it and u’ll surely love this at the price.
    P.S: Don’t expect a Sony Xperia Z5/ Samsung Galaxy S6/ HTC One M9+ peformance from K3 note

    • Shaheen Mansuri

      You are right Amit… Whatever you said against this mobile is and flipkart is cent percent correct. Even Iam also Facing the same.

  • Kapeesh

    I also bought this phone about a month ago, I get 800 mb of ram free, but I am disappointed with the touch, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, I frequently have to restart, right now also while typing I was facing many problems, but this phones does not hang, its pretty fast, at least better than Samsung

  • Dasharath Deshpande

    Same here. Bought one going by the hype. Battery and RAM sucks. And omnivision camera sensor is pathetic even in daylight….. Forget about lowlight.
    Overall a truly Chinese crap.
    Return with flipkart, same excruciating experience. We should give up this bogus FLOPKART and look elsewhere like Amazon. At least they deliver what they promise….

  • neha arora

    Hey everyone I also bought this phone when it was exclusively on flipkart and I am really irritated with this phone it has so many problems
    1.While unlocking the he phone with a pattern it does now allow you to draw it because of some randomly appearing screen prevention screen.
    2 Its touch is too bad, it was good for a week then it randomly turns off and does not detect any touch function l. It is really difficult to type.

    3 Batter goes empty every 6-7 hours.

    4 I used to get so good internet connectivity in my previous phone now it just doesn’t connect to 3g network its too slow

    5 it hangs most of the time and switch off the running application on its own

  • Jackson Joy

    I am commenting from K3 note.. It sucks. Onely a few apps installed and it hangs like anything. The speaker is so low that i can’t hear songs at times. Flipkart have cancelled my return request. The camera is average. Nothing like how a 13 mp should be. Don’t buy this. Go for zenphone laser. What a phone it is.

  • Kanti Khairaliya

    I am not playing a games in my phone so nothing to say about this.

    The main problem is RAM.

    It’s system takes more than 1 gb and only 500 to 600 mb of ram is available and some times it is 350 mb.

    So this is reason why this phone works slow.

    So I am suggesting to you peple don’t buy this.

  • Ankish Agarwal

    The beautification mode in the camera is really good fpr a budget phone, i too agree with the ram problem and the call quality. Its too bad.

  • Devesh Mittal

    I have purchased this phone in sale from flipkart in last week of december, Since then i am using it.

    From the day 1, it is showing 500-600 MB available RAM. After downloading some apps like Whattsapp, facebook and some music app, the available RAM remains just 300-400 MB. However Lenovo claims it to be 2 GB. My phone has started hanging in just 15 days of time.

    Phone generally get heat up if i used to make a call for 15-20 mins.

    Although it has Dolby sound as a feature but whenever i use it on speaker, the quality of sound is as good as any low priced featured phone.

    3000mAH battery? I think my spouse’s Micromax Canvas 3D which has 1800mAH battery gives equal backup as Lenove k3 note is providing. it is to mention that i use my phone mainly for call purpose and internet based services are used on requirement only.

    Call quality is not as expected. My earlier featured phone Nokia C3 (after rigorous use of 4 years) has same quality as Lenovo K3 note (after 10 days of use).

    If i compare it with my earlier featured phone than the only benefit i do have that the picture quality from camera is good, else this phone has not added much value to me.

    I regret that i should have tried MI4 or some other phones in same range.

  • Tarun Kumar

    Hi. I m also using k3 note. But i didn’t face any such problem regarding ram or call hearing problem. Battery is good and lasts a whole day with mobile data on. I get free ram around 800-900 mb. Rear camera is not that good but frount is awesome. There is some heating but as it has octa- core , the heating is not that high for an octa- core beast. No charging problem. It charges around 3-3.5 hours from 5 to 100 %. Overall it is a good phone. At least works good for me.

  • VìPìN Km

    I buy k3note from India ..and now I use this in Oman but it not catch 4g..I use ooredoo network
    .it provide7(2600)frequency…still I can’t connect any solution?

  • stephendt0

    Most of the issues with this phone are resolved via firmware. I’m using Phoenix ROM V3 with no major issues to report.

  • kaushal

    worst mobile phone i have ever used.
    i bought it in last week of November and since then i am facing problem, At first camera and video was not working so i gave it to service center and got it back after one week then there is network issue again i deposit it to service center and got it back yesterday after one month but the problem remains same. i regret as i have changed my mind from mi 4i to k3 note at last moment.

  • Shubham Srivastav

    Well ….. all that gliters is not gold !! I have been using lenovo k3 Note since Aug 2015 as my primary phone …. This phone is just ok …. basically, its 5.5 inch FHD screen is not all that good, inferior to that of my Samsung Grand 2, Micromax Canvas 2 and i ball Andy Udaan. Camera quality is also ok. Sound quality is also just ok (much inferior to my old Nokia 3G non android phone ). Key pad is horrible, you can surely make typing mistakes even if you are a wizard. Screen shot feature is good. This phone is not spmething like a Gem of its kind. You may opt for Asus or good old but expensive Samsung !!

  • Sunny Em Cee

    I rooted and intalled a new rom the official vibe with some chinese apps but with this rom i get a lot of ram so i have almost no hangup and battery lifes beomes good and if am not wrong now my phone charges at good speed too,, on stock rom a 45 mints recharge was nothing if i was going out and would havr used fone for music player or chat but now 20 mnt charge is good enuf..

    But am still disappointed with Camera focus speed and and focus selection sometime lags, wish 3 rd part app would have solved it but it didt

  • Priyanka Agrawal

    I have purchased A7000 turbo new launched phone in Jan’16 and similar to k3 note features but facing hanging issue and ram issue….please suggest solution for this problem.

    • Anil

      I’m also purchased A7000 turbo but same futures in K3 note and A7000 turbo

  • Kaustubh Shinde

    BTW it is very good phone to buy under 10,000/- but there is a problem in my lenovo that,It showing two icons of single app.and if I uninstall one of the app it also uninstall the other one.

  • Kaustubh Shinde

    plz tell if there is any solution of my problem

  • saipradeep

    Hanging frequently,no Speed

  • Simple Indian

    I have purchased Lenovo K3 Note thru a flash sale on Flipkart in July 2015, and have mixed opinion on the same. My observations on the same are as below –
    1. As of July 2015 it was one of the best options on Android 5.0, 4G on both SIM Slots, Octa-core processor, and healthy 2900 mAh battery which would get 1 day thru.
    2. I agree on RAM that it showed about 700 Mb free initially and would vary wildly with use. One had to restart handset to “release” some Apps running in the background (even if closed thru App Launcher)
    3. Am not a heavy a/v buff, but listen to music while commuting, and it’s ok on that front, as I play music on my SD Card, as FM Radio reception inside a train / bus is quite poor
    4. I use the phone mainly for Calls, SMSs, and WhatsApp, and manage to charge every alternate day. The call quality is ok, but earpiece volume isn’t enough, esp. if speaking in a crowded place. Due to its high SAR value, have preferred to use my wired / BT headset, as the handset does get heated on calls > 10-15 min. Moto phones have excellent call quality
    5. The VIBE UI over Android 5.0 takes up lot of RAM, leaving only about 600Mb for Apps to be installed by users from Google Play Store.
    6. Charging has been okay, as it takes about 2.5 hours with 1.5A adapter supplied
    7. Battery isn’t hard to remove, but one needs a knack to remove it without pealing off the battery specs printed on it.

    Now, would like to add that my Lenovo K3 Note handset got upgraded with Android Marshmallow sometime in mid-March 2016. It took about 4 hours on my 2Mbps wired BB (early morning) as it downloads 1.6Gb of data/file. Takes another 30-40 min to actually upgrade the phone when it restarts multiple times. It seamlessly migrates user’s Google A/c, Wi-Fi settings, etc. No user intervention required at all.
    After this upgrade have got two minor updates in April and May 2016 but have not noticed any major change. Only that on upgrade to Android Marshmallow, available RAM jumped to about 900Mb. The battery backup also seems to have improved. The VIBE UI based on Android Marshmallow is somewhat different and I am comfortable with the same now.
    Guess most “drawbacks” mentioned by those who bought the phone in mid-2016 would find them ironed out in recent upgrades / updates. Still feel it’s among the best handsets for the features and price-point. But that’s just my opinion.

    • Lawrence “Barnes” Then

      on a typical day how is ur battery life?

      • Simple Indian

        I manage to get 2 days of usage on every charge. Of course, I don’t use Youtube etc., but only use it to make/take calls n SMSs, and WhatsApp over 4G / Wi-Fi network, and listen to songs during commute to work for about 3 hours every day. I would consider it decent battery backup for the usage.

        • Juver Escolta

          still the very poor camera and compass sensor bug not solved for almost a year

          • Simple Indian

            Agree. Camera and call quality remain poor even with Android Marshmallow upgrade. Somehow this phone remains top seller even now, when better ones available in same price range !

  • Murtuza Bhinderwala

    I also Have K3 Note, i know the mobile have many problems, But the only solution i found that is “Rooting”. I Modified my k3 Note with some of this Apps “Seeder” “Greenify” “Lagfix” “sEFIX” for Performance and GravityBox N all… But Now it Works “Awesome” ?

    • VGN

      Can u please briefly illustrate how these apps help. I mean, the combination which worked for u? Few of the mentioned apps does the same work, like lagfix and sefix. Do we need to try out all or just one??

  • Abhishek

    After 6.0 update some issues are solved. This is the firmware only responsible for such bad or good performance. Update to get speedy improvements.

  • Rizvi

    I already experienced it in 3 months and sold it.The worst one.

  • Rico Tailors

    The biggest problem of k3 note is the network issue that comes after 3-4 months .if you have a bad weather in your city your network tower will show nothing if you check your friends mobile who is using the same network if they have 2-3 bars you will barely have 1 bar if they have 2-1 bars you will have nothing at all even if you switch your sim cards to your buddy just to make sure if it’s Sims problem your sim will do fine on your friends mobile and your friends sim will show nothing at this k3 not .I ‘m from North East India Arunachal Pradesh and bad weather in here is common .which means I m having this network problem a lot .I don’t know what to do.I m still on my warranty period and I don’t want any repairing or replacement I think this lenovo k series phone is defective so under warranty part 2 which means product unavailable to either repair or replace I want a refund….
    Please help me on this guy’s and who is having the same problem support before warranty period runs out thank you….

  • Wilma Sequeira

    Hello Mr.Amit, its been just 2 months and mine phone has already visited the service centre for a touch screen problem and returned after 2 weeks & since then I realised that I could hardly hear the person talking on call, and now its been only 1 week it was serviced and I have a network/signal issue – the phone isn’t in a position to catch signal and needs to be serviced again – after reading the comments Lenova needs to find a exit from this Industry or all of us short force Lenova to call back these phones. Mr.Amit, I wish someone starts a petition on this and reaches the right people for action!!!

  • Dibakar Mahanta

    I too bought this phone on the first sale and i m completely not satisfied with u. i m a power user and my battery lasts till the night with almost 20-30% battery remaining.. and the phone doesnot hang on moderate use.. one can easily multi task with minimum 6-8 apps and it will not heat up.. i m still using it and everything is just fine.. And most important is the dolby atmos.. the sound quality is good large and clear.. Though the phone posses average camera quality it is a very best phone at that price.. it works well on gaming despite of the scren resolution is very high.. for me it is the best phone in the market .

  • Joe

    For those crying about the phone, this device is one amazing piece of hardware, but I agree that the default software is not just crappy its horrible. If you wish to see it perform at its best, root the phone with custom OS’s, in fact if you were to root the OS in the chinese version of the K3 Note (K50t5 vs Ind K50a40), you would say its performance and response is amazing. Now the Q is why would lenovo do this kind of discrimination with respect to its SW in 2 different countries (Ind & China) for the same device.

  • Vinay ji

    Which phone is perfect and doesn’t have usual issues? In 10k range

  • Sathish Kumar

    Worst service