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OnePlus 2 – Top 5 Missing Features on the Smartphone



We have liked the OnePlus One Smartphone and we had discussed about the same in the review. It is not just the specifications but also the marketing of the brand which has helped them create the #HYPE for this flagship Smartphone. The OnePlus 2 was unveiled today with some amazing hardware & a buzz worthy pricing but is the phone still the best buy? Well it all depends on what you are looking forward to it. Here are the features which are missing in this Smartphone, at least a few of these are very Important to a few users.

OnePlus 2 Smartphone Photo


NFC was a Buzz in 2014 with almost every other phone offering that feature & it slowly has started getting mainstream with payments being made with the NFC.[quote align=’right’]we heard from a lot of users of the One and saw most of our users weren’t using NFC[/quote] When the OnePlus team was asked on why they didn’t offer the NFC, their response was totally unexpected. This phone comes with the Fingerprint Scanner which when integrated with the NFC would have become the best combination for Mobile Payments with the highest security, but well the team has clearly blamed the users for not bringing in this feature.

Quick Charging

It is 2015, the year where every Flagship Smartphone has battery around or above 3000 mAh which itself is a huge capacity, hence the brands are bringing in the Fast Charging feature. We had seen this in the Galaxy S6, Oppo Find 7 which comes with the VOOC Charging Technology charging the phone from 0 to 75% in just 30 minutes, but well the OnePlus 2 missed this very Important feature. All thanks to the early adoption of the Type-C USB. It is going to take a lot of time before we see the USB 3.1 C to C cables and these becoming a standard, which has been offered with this phone, clearly pointing a big mistake just to ensure you are using the latest technology. Do make a note that the USB Type C is just USB 2.0 & is slow and does not support faster charging.

OnePlus One Type C USB Cable

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is the future to a few like me who look for more convenient options. It is something which is getting integrated into places like Table Tops which Starbucks is offering or a Monitors which has just launched been launched – Samsung SE370. When you call this product a “2016 Flagship Killer”, you really need to ensure you have those killer features which have been at least available in the 2015 products. There have been phones which were announced without this feature but later offered the capability and we too hope OnePlus would soon make this available. There are also chances that third party case makers would offer this feature through cases which support Qi-enabled charging.

MicroSD card support

Whenever you buy an Android Smartphone with 16GB of Internal Storage you get around 10GB of available space which gets filled if you download 2 to 3 high-end games. Clearly implying that you certainly need an Expandable Storage for not just Installing the Games but also for Media files like the Videos recorded through the device. You cannot always push all your data to the cloud without having a local copy, hence the need of storage on the device is very Important. If you take a look at the Samsung’s Galaxy A5 or A9 Smartphone they come with Dual Hybrid option where you could swap the SIM Card slot with the External SD Card quickly expanding your storage. The OnePlus 2 also comes with dual 4G SIM Card slots which could have been benefitted if this feature was offered.

Non-Removable Battery

This is a feature which Samsung generally offers in most of its product line while few brands do not offer. The LG G4 also had this option, but practically it makes no sense though we have added it in this list since a lot of users were complaining about the phones without the removable battery option. Whenever you are out of battery, it is not convenient to swap a charged battery because ultimately you have to power off your phone and restart once swapped making it a no sense. Again a feature which many users look forward to, and since the phone does have a removable back panel, we wished the battery could also be removed.

Personally speaking, few of the above mentioned features are not that important to me but what’s missing in my opinion is the 2K Display, which many may disagree but well once you switch to the 2K display, you would never want to move back. Especially if you have tried the AMOLED Screens you would know the feeling. There are limitations of the 2k displays which are mainly the battery drain but with great displays you have to pay someway.

Finally a simple question to the OnePlus Team, we are fine with No QHD screen, No microSD card, No IR blaster or even the wireless charging, but no NFC?


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