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Extreme Durability Test : Is UMI Hammer the World’s Strongest Phone?



When the talk about the durable smartphones raises among the phone enthusiasts, it always comes to one question; Can your phone survive after a fall from a considerable height? Though, it is quite easy to say sometimes that if a phone will survive a fall or not. But what if a company promises its users that their phone is the world’s strongest smartphone. Well, then that smartphones begs to be particularly being tested for that fall. In fact, when UMI have said that their Hammer smartphone is world’s strongest smartphone, why not do a complete rigorous testing of the device. That’s what we did a couple of days back.

Our team of Tech and Video editors gathered last week and shot some amazing stuff on cameras. With the expertise in daily and advance tech, our team created a list of tests that we can perform on the UMI Hammer smartphone to see how much stress the device can survive. So, it was obvious that these tests would require us to shoot in the daylight. This being our first outdoor shooting experience, we had fun trying to destroy the device. But does it really get smashed, or is it really survived after all the harsh pain we make it go through. Find out in the video below.

List of tests we did on the UMI Hammer :

  1. Knife Test – This was the basic test to see if the sharp knife would cause any trouble to the dual Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protected screen.
  2. Keys Scratch Test – This was the part of the scratch test only, here we tried to harm the screen with car keys. Most of the people put their vehicle keys and phone in the same pocket, and this test would be a judge of that real situation.
  3. Cut Fruits on Screen – Extending the courtesy of scratch test, we tried to cut the Apple keeping it on the UMI Hammer, which would also tell us that it is spill proof or not.
  4. Side drop and face drop from 3 feet – We dropped the device two times from 3 feet height to judge whether it would survive an incidental fall a considerable height. It was a Side and Face drop.
  5. Side drop and face drop 5 feet – Dropping the device from 3 feet was not enough, I guess, so we also tried to drop it from a 5 feet height with the same, side and face drops. The difference was that the back cover and the battery were cracked open once we drop it from the 5 feet height. Though, the device was functioning properly once we put together the pieces.
  6. Playing with Basketball – This was the test to see if the smartphone suddenly dropped to the floor and if the active users who plays a lot and carry their smartphones with them would accidentally put their basketball over it.
  7. Drop from a Bike – This was another of a drop test that we did to test out if the phone suddenly drops to the concrete floor when you were talking on the phone while riding pillion on a bike.
  8. Car run over the Phone – This was the ultimate test, as both front and back tyres run over the phone. It was captured in the SLO-MO video, and you’ll like the result.
  9. Cricket Test – Then, we had an Idea to see if what would be the condition of the world’s strongest device if we use it as a ball in a cricket match. I know it’s not an ideal situation, but it would definitely give you an understanding of the strength of the device.
  10. Bomb Test – This was our final goodbye to the device. Even though, we blasted it, the frame was almost intact but bends into V shape. You have to see the final result, though.

UMI Hammer - Fruit Cut

Previously, we used the device for a couple of days; we were skeptical about the claims from the company that it is the most durable smartphone. For a mid-range priced device, this device is as strong as it gets. With dual Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and an Aluminium frame body, it is a must have mid-ranger if you’re hunting for a durable smartphone.

The UMI hammer can take a hell of a lot of abuses than one can imagine. No phone is indestructible unless they’re specifically made to be bomb proof. Moreover, the phone kept functioning even after it was gone through most of the tests in our list. Now make sure you do watch our video and share it, so that you can witness what happened after the device was put through all those harsh tests.


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