PhoneRadar CES 2015 Event Coverage

by Chetan Bhawani 23

PhoneRadar CES 2015

First off, a very happy new year to our readers. The timing cannot be better than this, for a fresh start to the year with one of the biggest events in the Electronics industry. The CES 2015! This isn’t a mobile-focused event, and you get to see electronics from TVs to robotic cleaners, and for a positive start, smartphone manufacturers as well are expected to make some important announcement and unveil some devices.

We are at the event, with our EIC Amit Bhawani covering the CES 2015, and will be bringing to you the hands-on experience with the devices showcased at the event, while also letting you know what the companies have in plans for the coming months ahead.

What is expected at CES 2015

  • Samsung is expected to showcase the Snapdragon 810-powered Galaxy Note 4, and the Galaxy A7 also could be showcased. If we aren’t wrong, a new smartwatch can make its entry at the Samsung booth.
  • ZTE is holding a press event, and are expected to announce a smartphone.
  • Lenovo is launching a Snapdragon 410 based LTE smartphone, with some aggressive pricing.
  • HTC is going to launch a new Desire series smartphone, and the company was earlier rumored to be coming up with the One M8 successor, but that is unlikely now.
  • Vaio is going to mark its entry into the smartphone arena, with a launch at the CES 2015.
  • Sharp Electronics corporation is said to be holding a press conference, which is focused at mobiles, thus it is expected to come up with a new device at the beginning of the year.

Apart from these, obviously the companies will be showcasing smartphones and tablets that were recently announced or launched, and the ones which we haven’t got hold of, we’ll be sharing our hands-on with our readers, right from the CES 2015 arena.

What we’ve known so far

  • Alcatel Pixi 3 with options of Windows Phone, Android and Chrome OS to be showcased at CES 2015.

What is official at CES 2015

LG G Flex 2

The smartphone with 5.5-inch 1080p display, Snapdragon 810 SoC, Advanced self healing technology and Android 5.0 Lollipop is officially announced at the CES. Check out our LG G Flex 2 hands-on.

Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro and Lenovo P90

Lenovo announced two new smartphones at the event – 1. the Vibe X2 Pro with a camera combination of 13MP back and front cameras, and a cool Vibe Xtension selfie flash accessory for brightening the selfies, 2. Lenovo P90 with an Intel Atom processor, 5.5-inch 1080p display and a 4000 mAh battery.

Acer Liquid Z410

The cheap 4G smartphone with the 64-bit Mediatek chipset was announced at the CES and it is to be showcased at the booths. Priced at $155, this is expected to be available from February.

Asus ZenFone 2 and ZenFone Zoom

ASUS has announced two beautiful devices at the CES 2015. The ZenFone 2 with Intel Atom 64-bit processor, a 5.5-inch display and options based on storage and RAM (from 2GB/16GB to 4GB/64GB). The other one is the ZenFone Zoom, a camera-centric smartphone with a 13MP camera having 3x optical zoom and still packing it in under 12mm, for just $399.

HTC Desire 826

Though this might be a Asia-pacific limited device, the Desire 826 from HTC is coming with the Snapdragon 610 processor and an front-facing UltraPixel camera. This surely is going to be another crazy year for selfies, and after the Vibe X2 Pro, this is one with a classy front facing shooter.

ZTE Grand X Max+

This is a huge phablet, but with not so great specs. Just a simple upgrade to the Grand X Max, the 6-inch phablet has Snapdragon 400, Android 4.4 KitKat and 4G LTE connectivity, all for $199.99.

Kodak IM5

Kodak, in partnership with Bullitt Group, has just announced the IM5 smartphone with a 13MP rear shooter and some image management solution to edit, share and print. Priced at $249, this device is going to be launched globally.

Lenovo A6000

Lenovo has announced the 4G LTE smartphone powered by Snapdragon 410, the Lenovo A6000. This is the device showcased at the CES 2015, and it is going to launch in India exclusively on Flipkart.

Saygus V-squared (V2)

This is a device one would dream of, with some brilliant specs and features. The phone comes from a brand that is known not for timely launches and having issues with certification from carriers for the launch, but if the V2 gets released somehow, this would be a killer one.

Polaroid Smartphones – Flip, Selfie and Snap.


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  • pritesh palan

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    • me too! its gonna be a really great event at the City that never Sleeps and so much new technology is going to be introduced for 2015!

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    Interesting to know all the stuff at home of ces

  • Jugal Mudoi

    Another great move by Phone Radar.. This is ofcourse an exciting news for every gadget lover live around world and yes it like a fresh year starter for me. I love that you’re growing up like unstoppable and I hope to see you on the peak. The diligence we’ve been showing from you guys for years and months I think it taken you up at this stage..youre truly exceptional. I’m really happy and too much excited for entire these. The CES is really the biggest event… I also love the MWC and hope you would also bring a coverage when it is held and I really want that. But now what I’m super exciting to see for… the Note 4 with the most powerful processor ever released.. another one is Lenovo’s new 4g phone. Also it would be interesting to see the Vaio’s entry in smartphone world. On the whole there’s much more that has to be explored. I will just glued to this page for the entire informations once you start bringing the coverage. Good luck team… Hats off to the PhoneRadar 🙂

  • Cant wait for CES 2015! Really eager for coverage from and awaiting key insight. This year’s CES is definitely going to be a big one with the introduction of a new year and a new gen. Ive also been hearing about the more efficient 810 processor and how it makes previous Note 4s with 805 Snapdragon obsolete but I dont care. A Note 4 is Note 4 and what the Note series entails is great power and multitasking no matter what processor! It will always be an upgrade from what I currently have, And Ive really liked Sony Vaio laptops and computers and a smartphone is exciting. Overall this will be a great CES and hope for some videos!

  • Suraj Racharla

    Cant wait for the coverage. I have seen coverage over the years and many consumer electronics are introduced and some are new technologies that will be in phones in 2015. This year is going to be big because of the introduction of curved screens and i want to see more advanded screens. i also see better screen technologies(not that we have bad ones) and screens that have literally unspeakable contrast ratios!!!. I also see the introduction of better tablets because the market for tablets is seeming to slow down and the CES needs to give it a slight boost. Also thinner laptops i hope are in store and hopefully an IRIS scanner example from Samsung may be on board. Cant wait for CES 2015 !!

  • Shanky Yadav

    wow i am so excited to read and watch all the coverage, phoneradar is now going international , wait is now over, everything which are going to be announce , going to be live here, i have one vaio since last 3 years and its performing well and it will give me a boost to see them in a smartphone lane (Vaio is going to mark its entry into the smartphone arena, with a launch at the CES 2015). also love see HTC announcing its rumored smartphone and ASUS its another successor.

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    Tell me about Moto G next generation, having 4g LTE is there on #CES 2015.
    I’m sure this moto will bang the indian budget customers!!. and it is boost to Flipkart.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR♥ visit my blog

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  • Nikhil Narkhede

    super excited for CES 2015 . PR did great job on DroidCon event and we can trust PR blindly for this event also .

    • Yeah it took work but they were swift with the updates and always kept us posting for those two days. The buzz is going to be huge at CES and its going to be an epic year so things might be a bit tougher but Phoneradar wont have a problem with the live coverage. The team is incredibly adept when it comes to updates!

  • So far the pre event unveilings and displays that you guys have been covering are looking great. Didnt like how easily scratchable the Glex 2 was and it looks of a cheaper material but the 4K Tvs were impressive!

  • I have been really impressed with everything so far. Evidently Samsung was boring and Sony is. Watching the live Keynote from Sony and its great to see their desire to link all their devices together with content! And Tizen OS on 2015 smart TVs is big news!

  • Yeah Zenfone 2 is what has caught my attention probably the most promising device. Really eager for more news because those specs are insane! I really hope this is indicative of how 2015 will be want to see more 4GB ram phones!

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  • Two Smartphones from both Asus and Lenovo which are just started gaining profits in the smartphone industry Lane

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  • Karthik Gopinath G

    Evry time CES happens i get confused. should I buy something I’ve already decided or wait for the new ones that are launched

    • It may be tough finding a good future capable device that can last you two years. I suggest going for a 2014 flagship because some of these devices can take a long time to actually be available. Or you can start small before you upgrade to one of 2015s phones!

  • All in one story. Nice.