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Alcatel Pixi 3 Smartphone with WP, Android, or Firefox OS options, to be showcased at CES 2015



Alcatel Pixi 3 Smartphone

We’ve seen rare projects about smartphones with dual-boot between Android and Chrome/Windows Phones, and none of them really could make it into reality, one of them very promising but not getting the funds expected by the startup. Finally, Alcatel, the brand recently hitting the news for acquiring the Palm brand, has announced a Pixi smartphone with a unique feature: compatibility to run three operating systems – Android, Windows Phone and Firefox OS.

Don’t get tricked here, as the smartphone will not be booting into different operating systems as we discussed above but the Pixi 3 will be coming with the same hardware but the user has the choice to go with the variant running the OS they need. You are getting a total of 12 devices to choose from, mathematically, as there are variants with screen size 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, and 5.0-inch and each of them can run Android, Windows Phone or Firefox OS.

Alcatel is clearly not looking to combat the top-tier devices, as the specs aren’t going to be impressive, but the giving the users a lot of options is what might attract the users, to choose what they need with an affordable pricing. The little difference between the devices based on screen size, is that the 3.5-inch device supports only 3G connectivity, while the three other ones with larger screens support both 3G and 4G LTE connectivity.

Keeping the underlying hardware the same, Alcatel is taking some risk as not all the three operating systems might run the same with the internal specs, but it is too early to comment. We’ll be checking this out for sure at the CES 2015 floor, and let you know what Alcatel has in plans for this special kind of smartphone series, the Pixi 3.

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