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Xiaomi Mi 5 is Slow? How to Speed up for Better Performance in 5 Minutes



Xiaomi is at its best in launching the devices which embed the latest evolving technologies. Recently we have seen the launch of Redmi Note 3, and now Xiaomi is headed to the Mi 5. Equipped with high-specifications Mi 5 could be the smart competitor for all the other manufacturers. Mi 4 have seen success in the market soon after its launch so as Mi 4i. Now, everyone is looking forward to the Mi 5.

Xiaomi Mi 5 smartphone comes with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow version and MIUI 7.0. The 5.15-inch smartphone is equipped with the fingerprint sensor and Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. Same as other Android devices, there is a chance of lag in the device performance after few months of usage. So, to avoid that performance issue, we would like to share few tips with you using which you can easily speed up the Mi 5 device for better performance in just 5 minutes.

Check for the Latest Software

The manufacturers of Android devices release few updates for software via OTA at regular intervals. All those updates contain fixes for the minor bugs and enhancements to increase the performance of the device. So, all the users need to check the software updates at first hand. Usually, users will receive notifications about the updates and if not, one can check them manually.

Go to ‘Settings>About Phone>System Update’ and check for the latest updates. In MIUI 7, you can also check for the updates using the ‘Updater’ app which can be found in the ‘Tools’ folder. If any update is available, then download and install the same on the device and avoid any performance issues.

Disable Animations

Another simple task you can perform to enhance the speed of you your new Mi 5 device is by disabling the animation settings. For that, you have to enable the developer options which by default will be unavailable. To enable those options, open ‘Settings>About Phone’ and tap few times on ‘Build Number’. Now you can view these options under ‘Settings>Additional Settings’.

Open the ‘Developer Options’ and scroll down to find ‘Window animation scale,’ ‘Transition animation scale’ and ‘Animator duration scale.’ By default, all of these options will be marked to 1x, so now you can disable them by tapping on ‘Animation Off’, or else reduce them to 0.5x. By doing this, you can see the instant change in the performance of the device.

Other than the animations, you can also restrict the background apps so that it can enhance the device performance. So, open ‘Background process limit’ in the developer options and choose the desired processes so that the phone can have the better performance.

Performance mode

In MIUI 7, you can speed up the device performance using the performance mode. Open ‘Settings>Additional Settings>Battery & Performance>Power settings’, and enable the performance option. But do remember that, by enabling the performance mode, you need to sacrifice the battery life as performance mode will eat more power to enhance the device performance.

Also, open ‘Optimize system performance’ and tap on ‘Hide system animations’ to speed up the performance of the phone.

Uninstall Pre-installed apps

Just like all the other Android-based devices, Mi 5 also comes with the bloatware i.e., pre-installed apps. Sometimes, bloatware will become responsible for the lag in the performance of the device. So, we advise you to uninstall all such apps from the device and if you do not find an option to uninstall the apps, then try to disable them.

Additionally, check the apps which you have downloaded from the play store. Out of all the apps which you have installed on the phone, some will be unnecessary and simply occupies storage space. So, check all the apps and uninstall them from the device to ensure the better functionality of the phone.

Remove Widgets and Live Wallpapers

All the Mi users wish to fill the devices with various widgets to perform certain tasks. But, the fact is that, by doing so, the performance of the phone gets slow as it over-loads the processor. So, we advise you to remove any widgets from the phone and try to use just one or two if required. Also, take off the Live Wallpapers from the phone as they also may cause the performance issue by over-loading the processor. So, remove live wallpapers and instead use normal screensavers and wallpapers which enhance the look of the display.

Remove App Cache and Wipe Cache Partition

Cache is the most important factor to consider in the device performance. All the users need to cache stored in the apps and device at regular intervals so as to enhance the device performance. To remove app cache, open each app from the ‘Installed apps’ option and tap on ‘Clear Cache.’

To erase the cache from the device, you need to get the device into recovery mode. For that, turn off the device and hold Volume Up and power button at the same time until Mi Logo appears on the screen. Now, free the power button and keep holding the volume up button until you see the recovery mode. Next, use volume buttons for moving up and down, and power button for confirming the selection.

Go for ‘English’ option and ‘Wipe Reset’ options using volume and power rocker buttons. Now, select and confirm ‘Wipe Cache’ option and it will clear the entire cache from the device. Next, select and confirm ‘Reboot’ option and use the phone normally.

Perform Factory Reset

If you failed to enhance the device performance using the above tips, then you can perform the factory reset. But do remember that, it will erase entire data from the phone and so take a prior backup before proceeding. Now, get the device into recovery mode as explained above where you need to select and confirm ‘Wipe All Data’ and then go for ‘Yes.’ You can also perform the factory reset by tapping on Settings>Backup & Reset>Factory Data Reset>Reset Device>Erase Everything>Ok’. That’s all; this will take few seconds, and then the device gets started after rebooting. Now, all you have is a new device in the hand with an increase in performance.

Few Other Tips

Other than the above, there are various precautions which when followed will reduce the risk of lag in the performance of the device. Always make sure to turn off the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and data connections whenever not in use. Try to adjust the brightness and rotation of the screen manually instead of auto-option. Always use original battery chargers for charging the device and never perform multi-tasking (opening several apps at a time) on the device as it may over-load the processor resulting in hanging of the phone.

In case, if you are not able to enter into the recovery mode using the method as mentioned above and if you have any other performance issue on your new Xiaomi Mi 5 smartphone, then write us down in the comments section below as we try to resolve it for you.

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