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4 Wearable Gadgets which Mess with your Brain for Good



Melon Headband

With wearable technology evolving every single day, we see dozens of projects go live on the Kickstarter, Indiegogo or either on personal web sites. The things are getting very heated up in the wearables arena and one of the interesting categories in that are the headbands. There are quite some headbands available in the market that can help you in terms of fitness or personality, either way you have something to gain from using these devices. Let’s first talk about how these headbands are messing your brain for good. These are four headbands that offer some interesting take on the human brain.


Muse Head Band

This Muse headband is specially designed to alter the overactive feeling of your brain by relaxing it. These exercises help in increasing the cognitive functions of your mind, and ultimately teach it to feel calm. First came into highlight in 2012 and later started its sale last year, this headband is developed by a Toronto-based company named InteraXon. Working with a companion app, known as Calm, the seven sensors on Muse allows the device to read your brain activities while carrying out the sessions using the app.

The idea behind this product is incredible and appreciative as one would like to reach its best intellectual state. But practically, it is possible only when you regularly use the device and stick to a routine, which is still not possible to the active minds. Though, it is nice way to track if you’re improving or not, as it shows the data after every session and based on it, the points is rewarded to you, which later than can be used to unlock new sessions. Basically, it is a brain sensing gamification.

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This might be the first wearable that will do something to you rather than just tracking your activities in real-time. Unlike muse, which is a long term offering; this product wants to offer an instant energy or calmness to you, just like you get an energetic jolt when you drink Red Bull. It might not give you wings, but your mind would certainly feel relaxed or super active, depending upon your decision. With the benefits lasting for several hours, you can live up to your potential by using this product.

Since, it is a lifestyle device, then a medical one; it doesn’t need an FDA regulations approval. According to the company, the device is, however, safe and has been tested independently maintaining the international safety and consumer product guidelines. Here their focus is to give them access to what they already have instead of changing the people. The device has already gone for sale and can be purchased on company’s website for $299.

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Melon Headband

Another headband that wants to mess with your brain for good is known as Melon. Offering almost the same thing like Muse headband, this wearable from Melon excludes the sound training part, and instead relies on the actual games to improve your focusing abilities. Originally designed to be worn when doing activities like working, studying, playing sports, etc. the headband. This EEG tech can help you understand the brain activities by mapping it and giving your feedback, according to the needs.

Though, it is such a ridiculous idea to wear this headband anywhere outside in public, but it would only make sense to do that if you want to take the best benefit out of this headband offering. The companion app has options to select various activities like exercising, drinking coffee, listening to music, etc. Compiling the data from these activities, the Melon can offer a good pick into whether or not you’re mind is calm enough to focus on an activity or not.

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It is more of a medical one product than a lifestyle one, targeted to the migraine patients; the Cefaly would deliver transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) to prevent the onset of migraines. This FDA approved wearable is a portable battery-operated headband developed by a Belgium-based company STX-Med. The migraines can be more than just headaches; they can cause exhausting pain and nausea, resulting in a very low productive day for sufferers.

To the migraines, the person would have to place the headband on the forehead using a self-adhesive electrode. It should be worn for up to 20 minutes each day to reduce the frequent migraines. The headband is recommended to be used by people aged 18 and older. The wearer may experience tingling sensation or a little contraction of a muscle in the head.

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Now it’s your choice whether, you want to go with any of these headbands or not. While one of out of above is specifically for a medical conditions, the other three headbands are for messing up your brain for good. So, if you’re interested in giving any device a try, then the stage is all yours.

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