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#PRExclusive – Vivo India Clarifies 24MP, Snapdragon 450 Controversy in V7 Plus Smartphone



The well-known brands & controversies go hand in hand and in the last week, we had seen the Vivo’s latest Smartphone brought into a major controversy. The reason behind this? Their USP i.e. the 24MP front selfie camera & the chipset from Qualcomm. The brand had officially launched their latest smartphone with a Qualcomm powered chipset that in this case is the Snapdragon 450. Post the launch few users started sending us queries even if that processor supported this mentioned chipset or not which is when we got in touch with the officials from Vivo brand to get an official answer for this query.

It would not be right to publish a story without a confirmation from either Qualcomm or Vivo and naming the brand a scam or mentioning that they are duping their customers.

Today, we at PhoneRadar have received the following statement from Vivo that claims the following:

“We appreciate your interest in Vivo and our products. Vivo would like to reiterate that the new Vivo V7+ front camera sensor is indeed capable of shooting 24MP photos. The Qualcomm website will be updated shortly to include support of this specification. We always guarantee the authenticity of our information, as well as our dedication to innovation and our consumers.”

Of course, the tech fraternity isn’t wrong in questioning Vivo because they didn’t clear this at the launch event and had mentioned about the SD450 chipset that according to the official website supports upto 21MP Camera only. Now that we have a confirmation from the brand that the chipset does support this processor we can certainly confirm that the 24MP Camera Sensor is definitely available on this phone. Regarding the Benchmark applications that were showing Snapdragon 650, this generally happens with multiple devices because the information is sometimes not correctly fetched by the apps and shown wrongly.

We are waiting for the updated information to be reflected on the Qualcomm’s website that we will update here once it’s available (The Snapdragon 450 listing on the official Qualcomm website is now updated mentioning the 24MP single camera support at 24fps. Whereas the earlier mentioned 21MP single camera support offers up to 30fps). Do make a note that we are still wondering that why has both the brand and the chipset manufacturer been silent over the last 72 hours when the whole issue came up? If they would have timely responded with this clarification there wouldn’t have been so many questions and doubts. Worst was that the brand was completely shamed on the social media while it was probably Qualcomm’s mistake of not updating their website with the right information even though their official’s had been at the launch event.

That said, it is evident that now we have smart consumers and enthusiasts who keep digging in for more details and come up with scenarios brand never thought about & this controversy about Vivo is one of those. Stay tuned on PhoneRadar & send us your questions if you have any regarding this specific issue.

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