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Upcoming OnePlus 7 Pro’s OLED Screen gets highest A+ Rating from DisplayMate



OnePlus is geared up to launch its next-generation OnePlus 7 flagships devices on May 14 in countries including India, US, and the UK. The company CEO Pete Lau has recently confirmed the OnePlus’ focus on bringing a much smoother and faster display on the new OnePlus devices. The confirmation had added fuel to the earlier reports suggesting OnePlus 7 coming with a 90Hz display, which is supposedly the first time from the company to be featuring it on their smartphone.

Besides, now, DisplayMate – the company that rates displays of devices including Monitors, HDTVs and smartphone displays for that matter had announced the display rating of the new upcoming OnePlus device. The company had taken Twitter to make the announcement, which suggests, the new OnePlus 7 Pro smartphone has scored its highest A+ display rating. The new OLED display on the OnePlus 7 Pro device has gone through the in-depth lab tests by the DisplayMate and had scored top accordingly. The full comprehensive review of DisplayMate is said to be published on May 14, on the same Twitter handle.

For the very announcement tweet by DisplayMate, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau had replied suggesting us the OnePlus 7 Pro display would have scored more than A+ if the specific parameter had been there. Pete had also stated earlier they have spent three times on this OnePlus devices’ display when compared to earlier OnePlus devices. Henceforth, this indeed shows the company’s complete emphasis on the new OnePlus devices’ display.

The A+ rating by DisplayMate is indeed the highest rating given to any smartphone out there, which includes Samsung’s latest Galaxy S10, iPhone XS Max and the Google Pixel 3XL as well, wherein all of these had also scored the A+ rating (all the three smartphones use OLED panels manufactured by Samsung), and the upcoming OnePlus 7 Pro had now joined the list.

This further indicates what’s the Pro variant of the upcoming OnePlus 7 would be priced like, going by the earlier reports of the top features – the 90Hz display, new triple rear cameras, pop-up selfie camera, and 5G-connectivity, the OnePlus 7 Pro would probably be on the likes of Galaxy S10 or iPhone XS Max, in terms of pricing. But that’s not OnePlus has been catering its devices so far, to satisfy the conventional OnePlus users those who look on a budget OnePlus is also offering the regular OnePlus 7 as well, which features dual rear cameras instead of triple camera lenses.

Regardless all the OnePlus devices will be featuring top-of-the-line specifications that include Snapdragon’s latest 855 SoC, a 48MP primary sensor and the recently confirmed buttery smoother displays too. Stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more such interesting updates and also come back for more OnePlus 7 coverage on May 14th.


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