Snapchat downloads drops, declining the value of the parent company by almost 27%

by Karthik Iyer 16

If you have been following the news lately, then you might already be aware of the fact that Instagram is slowly taking over all the craze from the rival Snapchat. This in a way is definitely affecting Snapchat and the parent company Snap Inc. However, according to the new reports which we have, it looks like Snapchat is indeed in a deep trouble after all. As of the first two months of the second quarter, the year-over-year downloads of the app are down a whopping 22-percent.

Yes, the data from Instinet suggests that overall downloads are down by about 22-percent which is quite an unusual for a company whose value grew over a couple of billion dollars. This obviously has affected the overall value of the parent company by 26.5-percent. As far as this decline is concerned, the downloads went downhill from being on a positive end of the scale to a massive downfall. And interestingly, Apple users have had the largest decline in the downloads. The iOS downloads have declined by 40-percent.

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According to the analysts, one of the main reasons for this decline in the downloads of Snapchat are other social media platforms. As you might already know, Facebook, Instagram & a couple of other messaging services have already started copying Snapchat. This especially has a lot to do with the stories feature being copied. Well, if you don’t know what stories are, they are custom photos or videos which you can upload that stays on your profile for 24 hours. Not just this, few other feature such as Snapchat lens, etc. were also copied.

To sum it up, it is safe to say that we literally have a snapchat clone out there and since more users are already using Instagram, it was quite obviosu for them to switch over there and continue using the features than installing a new app and getting used to this. Having said that, we would like to know your thoughts on this. Are you a Snapchat user? If yes, then what is your favourite feature on the app. Be sure let us know by dropping a comment down below and also, stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more info like this.

Source – NYPost

Karthik Iyer

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  • Vishal Giri

    guess the CEO now know who is poor actually!!

  • The CEO’s remarks is the another factor for this drop.. No snapchat!

  • 89caps

    I am one of those people that only got excited about Stories once it was on Instagram. I already had my friends following me there. Snapchat is still more fun for one-to-one video/picture messaging, so I use it with my wife.

  • Momof3

    I love snapchat. I am a 47 year old mom of 3 young adults. We have the most fun with SnapChat!! I love the quick/funny pics and use it daily!!

    • The Hill staff

      Then I rush off to spam comment forums about it!


  • The Hill staff

    The word is “reducing.” You don’t “decline” a value; you reduce it. Then it declines.

    To decline something is to reject it. For example: “He declined the offer of a third cup of coffee.”


    • Tanmai

      Not exactly. “Rejection” or “Reject” is one of the verb forms and if you going by the books (literally looking through Thesaurus) then you might want to look at other verbs that correspond to “Decline”. For example, Weaken, weakening (continuous form), fall off, worsen, drop, etc. The point of this post is not to elicit language war, this was just for educational purpose. If it is taken positively, then it shows how much you care about a right response.

      P.S: Words may have multiple meanings, some may fit the context/content immediately without provoking any thought and some take time to be understood since they aren’t used commonly/frequently in sentences or in a conversation. What may seem right to one may not sit well with other. It’s quite unpretentious.

      • The Hill staff

        No. It’s not a transitive verb in that case. If something declines, then yes, it goes down. But if a person DECLINES something, he rejects it. You’re ignoring the fact that it’s being used incorrectly. You just looked in the dictionary for “decline” and found synonyms. But they’re synonyms for the wrong usage of “decline.” You conspicuously left out the usage in play here: “politely refuse (an invitation or offer).”

        By your logic, you can “exist” something instead of creating something. Can you die germs, or can you only kill them?

        This has nothing to do with “seeming right.” It’s understanding the correct usage of words, and not trying to sound clever by misusing intransitive verbs.

        Or nouns, for that matter: You don’t transition to a new role; you transit to one.

        • Tanmai

          Alright, then explain this: “The birth rate continued to decline.” The aforementioned statement is extracted out of the same source you used.

          The author hasn’t mentioned anything about “a person” declining something. He just mentioned that the download rate of the application dropped and due to which the analysts observed a downfall of the share value.

          For the birth rate to “decline” someone must have done something. The same principle follows here as well. For the value to “decline” someone somewhere must have done something.

          Now if you are denying this fact then you must be going against,
          1. Your own source of information.
          2. The dictionary itself.
          3. Google.

          I would rather not want to project my personal opinions in an open forum, since this wasn’t a post about English language and the correction of one’s errors wasn’t necessary.

          You either read, take in the details and be on your merry way or just don’t read the post at all if you feel that authors keep using incorrect vocabulary.

          • The Hill staff

            So… you don’t understand what a direct object is? It’s A WORD IN THE SENTENCE, not some real-world agent that isn’t mentioned. In “He hit the ball,” the direct object is “the ball.”

            In the sentence, “He exists,” there can be no direct object. “Exist” doesn’t take one. You can’t exist something. In the same way, “decline” doesn’t take a direct object either, unless you’re using it to mean “refuse.”

            The author DID mention something about an object or entity declining something; it’s right there in the headline! It says that the drop in Snapchat downloads declined the value of the company. That is wrong; an event can’t decline something. Did someone walk up to the declining downloads and say, “Hello, downloads, can I offer you some Snapchat value?” And did the downloads then say, “No, thanks. I’m good.” Because that’s what would have to have happened for them to have declined the value.

            The correct structure would be, “Snapchat parent’s value declines almost 27% after downloads drop.”

    • Nowhere Man

      Lol what? That’s only one definition of it. In fact, “reduce” is a synonym for the context the writer PROPERLY used it in. Well done, man.

      • Tanmai

        That is exactly what I mentioned. I suppose he didn’t even bother checking and replying to the response. I think he finds his knowledge above everyone else’s, I glanced through his comments in couple of the posts and his attitude towards others remains the same. I am glad someone else found the content appropriate.

      • The Hill staff

        Wrong. See above. And think it through.

        • Nowhere Man

          Basic understanding would be avoiding the mistake in “basic understanding of language,” or the horrible sentence that is, “ASK then, don’t declare.”

  • Hunter. s.

    This is just a drop of downloading the ap for new people.. not drop in users already using it. Its like saying a drop in the download of the calculater ap.. but people who already have it use it all the time. It has to hit a saturation point at some time of new downloads.. what really matters is amount time engagent.

  • Kenneth R Leitch

    I still don’t understand why Snapchat even exists. Beside the goofy filters that everyone is copying, I don’t see why it is of interest. I tried it and found it lacking. smh