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Snapchat deployed a vending machine to sell it’s Spectacles along Venice Beach



If you were living under a rock, then you probably missed out the news from a couple of months back about the crazy new Snapchat spectacles. As the name suggests, these are just a pair of spectacles that has a camera built right into it on one side that will record a quick 10-second video which directly goes to your Snapchat account in your smartphone. Well, that’s pretty much everything you should know about the new Snapchat spectacles. Now interestingly, instead of setting up an online store to buy them, the company set up a vending machine along the beach of Venice in California.

While it is expected that these machines will be set up at many places, the first one landed on Venice Beach, California near Snapchat headquarters. The machine was set up for 24 hours and was stormed by a ton of people. The machine is simple and just like any other vending machine. It has a screen on the front, three big buttons to push and a place to swipe the credit card and another opening to collect the Snapchat spectacles. The screen has used a mirror to try out the specs of different colors and see which one suits you best.

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It uses augmented reality to let you try on the glasses on your face just like the Snapchat filters. The machine was constantly being refilled with the specs as it was running out of them quickly. Well, now talking about the spectacles itself, they are very simple. It’s just a pair of glasses with two round visors in the front and a button that you press to begin recording 10-second video. As mentioned earlier, this video which you record will directly go in your account. Out of the two round visors, one is the main camera, and another one has a circular light to indicate that the glasses are now recording.

It comes with a magnetic charger that charges your specs as well as the case. The case acts an external battery which can charge your glasses when you place it inside while not in use. Pairing them to your smartphone is also quite simple. It uses Bluetooth on your phone. Go to the Snapchat code on your account and press the button on the glasses. That’s it. Since they are very simple to use also looks just like any other glasses, you can wear them anytime you want and are totally good to replace your regular sunglasses, i.e. if you like the design.

You might relate the functionality of the Spectacles to Google Glass since both of them have a camera and record. Well, there is a huge difference here as these will only record videos for Snapchat and can’t be used to consume any other info. However, many people will still see this a threat to privacy. Buy hey, these are less expensive than the costlier $1,500 Google Glass. The Snapchat Spectacles cost only $130, however, if you couldn’t get your hands on one of them, then you get one fro Ebay for about $400 to $500 per pair. Let us know what do you think about them.


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