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Instagram adds Snapchat like location based filters to Stories



Instagram added a couple new features to its mobile application like the Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, etc. Surprisingly, the Instagram Stories picked up really well and is now being used by a majority of the users on the platform. They also added Instagram Live feature just recently which allows anyone to go live instantly and showcase what he/she is upto. Even the Instagram Live is quite popular now and is being used by a ton of users. Now to make things more interesting, Instagram has now added yet another small feature which is location based filters to its Stories.

Yes, Instagram has announced that the Geofilters will be making its way to the mobile application’s Stories feature. As the name suggests here, these are some filters which you will be able to add to your photos and videos when you are in certain parts of the world. Ring any bells? Yes, this is very similar to what Snapchat already has on its application. Well, in a way you can it is simply a copy of what Snapchat already has. Snapchat introduced the Geofilters way before Instagram and is doing quite well.

Having said that, once the Geofilters are available in your location, you will be able to add them by tapping on the Stickers button on the top right corner of the screen. Here you should see the Geofilters based on your location. Do make a note that the Geofilters are not yet available everywhere in the world and is only found in New York City and Jakarta till now and in version 10.11 version of the application. This feature will be available on both iOS and Android and if you are interested in then you should be on the lookout.

With the Geofilters being added now, it looks like Instagram will never stop picking up features from Snapchat. With that said, be sure to let us know which one you like better, Snapchat or Instagram? Also stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more info like this.


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