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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Tips, Tricks, FAQs and Useful Options



Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

This year Note family welcomed a surprise variant of the Note 4 from the South Korean electronics giant called the Note Edge. The device features an edge display with 160 pixel curve screen and has a little less small display than Note 4, i.e. 5.6-inch.

Coming to the specification of the Note Edge, it has seen quite an upgrade as this time company has introduced a Quad HD Super AMOLED display and is powered by a Snapdragon 805 SoC in India and United States. The other specs sheet includes Android 4.4.4 Kitkat OS, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, 16MP rear shooter, 3.7MP front snapper, and 3000mAh battery.

For the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge users, we wanted to share how you can improve your edge experience by using the tiniest of the tricks that this smartphone is capable of doing. Here are few FAQs, tips and tricks to get you started on improving the user experience on the device. Note that the following features mentioned have been tested on the Indian variant of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

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How to use Edge Screen on my Galaxy Note Edge as a table clock?

There are lots of options on the Edge Screen list of functions under the settings. One of them is the Night Clock, it allows you to set the timer for the maximum duration of 12 hours. During this period, the device will as act as the Night Clock. You have to select the start and end times for this function. Just drag the handles upwards or downwards to set the start and end times.

How to customize the Edge Screen on my Galaxy Note Edge?

Samsung has included not one, but the bunch of plugins for glanceable tickers, varying from sports scores to the news. The touch shutter functionality that we see when the camera app is opened, as the controls are shifted to the edge screen. Samsung has made it remarkably quite convenient that you will never miss updates with a dedicated panel for notifications. You can select which apps can disturb you while you are busy playing games or watching on YouTube.

How to use the Edge Screen on my Galaxy Note Edge if I’m a Left Hand User?

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge - Left Hand Use for Edge Screen

While it would have been ridiculous to see the edge screen on the both side of the display, Samsung didn’t go with the option. And while the Edge Screen is more favorable to the usage by Right-handers, the left handers should not feel left as the company has a solution for that. There is an option on Edge Screen settings that allows left-hand user to change the screen rotation to 180 degree while it is held upside down. It will be very helpful mode to be used by Left-hand users. Note that this feature may not be available on other region-based or carrier based variants of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

How to customize the Information Stream on Edge Screen on my Samsung Galaxy Note Edge?

You can select the screen timeout for Edge Screen from 15 seconds to 10 minutes, depending upon your needs. The panel displays updates and missed notifications from the feeds listed. You can customize which feeds notifications you want to receive or not. You can add more feeds option by adding new panels that are available at the tiny store for Edge Screen panels. If you add more panels, then you will be able to fully customize the notifications from those panels.

How to personal the message appearing on the Edge Screen on my Galaxy Note Edge?

It is fairly easy task, just open the settings area and go to Edge Screen options, there you will find an option name “Edge Screen Text”. Just tap on it and change the text there. It will automatically appear on the curved display.

How to change the theme of the Edge Screen display on my Galaxy Note Edge?

There is an option named Express Me, it would allow you to change the theme of the panel as Samsung provides few designs. Though, you can also add any image background from the gallery as well as add text and effects like fade in or scroll. It is quite an interesting usage of the Edge Screen.

How to use the Fingerprint scanner on my Galaxy Note Edge?

When you are registering your finger you get ten entries. For better recognition, you should register your fingers from both ways, like horizontally and vertically. Doing this will make it easier for your device to unlock your device with a single hand. Or also, you can register for twice for more efficient recognition.

What are the Power Saving modes available on my Galaxy Note Edge?

There are various power saving modes on the Note Edge. First we have a normal power saving mode, which will restrict the maximum performance of the device. Second is the grayscale mode. Enabling it will turn your device into black and white, which will save a lot of battery juice, as Note Edge has Super AMOLED display, similar to the Note 4. And then there is the Ultra power saving mode, where you get just the basic apps to call, text, etc. It proves quite helpful in conditions like when your phone is running out of power.

How to use Voice commands to take pictures/video on my Galaxy Note Edge?

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge - Voice Command for Camera

There are various options for camera settings, but the one, I liked on Note Edge’s, is that you get to have voice commands to take pictures as well as record videos. For me, that is pretty interesting feature as I can even use my rear camera to take selfies. To activate the voice commands, you have to go to camera settings and then tap on the voice control option to activate the functionality. Now you would be able to take photos by saying, “smile”, “cheese”,”capture” or “shoot”, as well as record videos by saying, “record video”.

What are the One-handed operations that can be done on my Galaxy Note Edge?

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge - Popup Window

There are various ways through which you can manage one-handed operations on this 5.6-inch display. Enabling the reduce screen size option will allow you to reduce the whole display quickly. For that you need to swipe from the midpoint of the left or right edge of the screen to the middle and back, all in one quick motion. You can resize the screen and move it according to your convenience.

Enabling the one-handed input, you will get the dialer in a format, which is quite easier for a single-handed usage. You can move it on left or right side, according to your dominant hand. And lastly, there is the side key panel, which opens up the floating sidebar, where you get the recent apps, home and back buttons. You can place it anywhere for your convenience so that you don’t have to reach the capacitive buttons below. Or you can hide it when not necessary. Moreover, it allows you to add app drawer or adjust the transparency.

What are the Screen modes available on my Galaxy Note Edge?

There are various screen modes for the overall better experience of the Note Edge. Here adaptive display optimizes your screen for the better results. And if you want to watch a movie, you can select the cinema mode. Or else you don’t like the saturation offered by the AMLOED. Then you can go with the basic mode.

What is Screen touch sensitivity feature on my Galaxy Note Edge?

Enabling this option will allow you to use your device with anything you have on your hand. May that be a pencil, earphone jack, or of course the gloves. It is quite useful function in the cold countries where people are necessarily have to wear gloves. And to give user friendly experience, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge provides the glove mode features.

How to customize the Lock screen on my Galaxy Note Edge?

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge - Lock Screen

You can easily customize this features, using few options. Starting with the screen lock security, you can choose to which information you want to see on the lock screen of your Note Edge. Like the weather, pedometer, your name, etc. And lastly the unlock effect, it has a new option called Abstract lines that is quite good, just like the Note 4.

What is Multi-Window and Pop-up window feature on my Galaxy Note Edge?

Multi-Window functionality allow you to run two or more apps simultaneously on the big screen, as well as you get the pop-up view. It allows you to use multiple apps in the form of new pop-up window. You just need to swipe down diagonally from the either corners, and then multi-task. Moreover, you get features to move contents from one window to the other. Though, it gets messy if you have more than three pop-ups opened at a time. You can just minimize these windows based on priorities.

What is the Private mode on the Galaxy Note Edge?

Private mode is where you can keep all of your documents, pictures and media contents safe. You can hide docs and media contents directly from the gallery or file manager. Select the ones you want to hide add and move them to a private folder.

How to insert the SIM card on your Samsung Galaxy Note Edge?

The device has a SIM card slot under the back cover, first remove the back cover, then you have to remove the battery too, in order to insert the SIM card. Now carefully place the SIM card inside the given slot. Put back the battery, back cover, and you are good to go.

How to share your Data network via Tethering?

Data sharing is quite easy via tethering option on any Android smartphone. To share an Internet connection with your Note Edge, first you need to make sure that the mobile data is switched ON. Now go to the settings area, there you will find the Tethering and Mobile Hotspot option under the connectivity section. There, you would have to enable and configure the password, and you are good.

How to take a screenshot on my Samsung Galaxy Note Edge?

The basic and most widely function used on the Android operating system is taking screenshot. While it is mostly same in all Android smartphones, the manufacturers like to tweak as did Samsung. To take a screen shot on the Note Edge, you have to press the power button on the top and the home screen physical button simultaneously to take a screenshot. That screen grab will then automatically be saved and stored in the gallery, which can be instantly access from the notification panel.

How to check for Android Updates on Galaxy Note Edge?

The flagship users are always eager to get the latest system updates, while most companies provide these updates quite fast; the company like Samsung has lagged in this department. Though, eventually they provide the latest updates. To get those updates successfully, you need to go to settings area. Now head over to the about device section, there open the software updates options and then tap on the first option, to check for the system updates. Ensure that your device is connected to the internet connection. If there are updates, make sure that you do it over the Wi-Fi connection only.

How to install external apps with apk files on the Galaxy Note Edge?

App developers don’t always release the latest version of their apps on Google Play Store. There are some sources out there that provide the apk files for that, and if you are keen to try that special app and what to bypass the security option on your Note Edge, then you can do it easily. Just go to the security options, there you will find an option named, “Unknown Sources”. You need to check the box in front of the option. There you go, now the system would allow you to directly install apk files from the storage.

How to customize the Quick settings in the Notification Panel?

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge - Quick Settings

Even though, there is an extra screen (curved display) to cater your need of notifications on the Galaxy Note Edge, but you still have the option of Quick Settings on the notification panel of the device. You can customize the panel very easily; just go to the settings area there you can find quick settings option, where you can have as many nine options. It will make things easier for you as you will be able to access them very quickly.

How to Manage App Drawer – Sort, Uninstall, Hide apps?

The user interface is somewhat of a very important thing to the user experience. And the mobile manufacturers try to make the best out of it for the users. Samsung is one of them. While the TouchWiz UI might be the most controversial Android skin out there, but the UI has its advantages. Now it is quite an easy task to manage the app drawer on TouchWiz. Go to the app drawer, there you will find settings option, on the top right corner of the screen. You are allowed to edit, uninstall, hide, and sort the app drawer as well.

Will the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge get Android 5.0 Lollipop update?

Yes, the device is slated to get the major system upgrade to the Android 5.0 Lollipop. It is expected that the Japanese variant of the Galaxy Note Edge will get this major system upgrade first; it is primarily because of the carriers, as the carriers in Japan are likely to release the update first.


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