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HTC Desire 516 FAQs, Tips, Tricks and Useful Options



HTC Desire 516

The mid-range is filled with devices that have pretty decent specs and perform better than even some of the higher end devices. Though, now and then, there is always an exception, and HTC Desire 516 is one of them. But for those who have already got this handset, we have some tips and tricks that will improve the experience of using this handset.

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How to insert SIM card on the HTC Desire 516?

HTC Desire 516 - Back Cover Open

It is fairly easy to insert SIM card on your Desire 516. First you need to turn off the device, then, remove the back panel carefully. Now remove the battery safely. You will read something written arrowing towards the SIM cards. It will be mentioned whether the slot is for GSM or CDMA SIM card. Meaning only one SIM slot will support the 3G functionality. Insert the SIM that you want to use for 3G. Now put back the battery and close the back panel. Turn on the device. Now you have successfully inserted the SIM card.

Can I move apps from phone storage to microSD card?

Since, the device is running on the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, the Move to SD card option is not available able on the apps section in settings. Therefore, you cannot move apps on your SD card, which makes it very hard t install large apps and games.

How much is the internal storage on the HTC Desire 516?

HTC Desire 516 - Internal Storage

HTC Desire 516 has not the best specs sheet for a mid-range smartphone. And it does reflect on its ability of storage space. The device comes with a 4GB of internal storage, out of which less than 2GB of storage space is left to be used by user. While there isn’t much bloatware installed by company, but we do find few app services like BlinkFeed to be quite large in size.

GPS uses a lot of battery. Is there anything I can do about it?

There is a simple trick that will do the work here is that you have to use only one source to identify the location of the device. Meaning, you have to uncheck the boxes in front of the list of location sources in the Location access section in settings. For instance, just check the WLAN & mobile network location box only.

Can I turn Internet hotspot ON and share my phone internet?

HTC Desire 516 - Tethering

Yes, you can use the tethering option on the Desire 516. Just go to the settings area, there you will have to tap on More option in the Wireless & Networks. In the newly opened list, you have to tap on Tethering &portable hotspot option. It will lead you to use your device as Wi-Fi hotspot. You can select the modes like USB, WLAN or Bluetooth Tethering. You can also configure the Network SSID, Security type and password from this section.

What are the sensors available on the Desire 516?

According to the company, the device only comes with an accelerometer. Though, these days, few set of sensors like proximity are quite common now. According to our review device, was present and can be found on Call Settings section.

Are there LED notification lights on the Desire 516?

No, there is no LED notification light present on the device. Typically, there is one on the top left corner of the device. Though, in the case of Desire 516, it is absent.

Will the HTC Desire 516 get Android L update?

We are not sure, as there is no announcement regarding the Android Lollipop update on the Desire 516. Since, it is a mid-range device running on the same processor that is found on Moto E, which is slated to get Lollipop update. Therefore, there is no reason this device should not get this major upgrade. Though, looking at the track record of the company, there are little chances that Desire 516 will see the daylight for Lollipop update.


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