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Yu Yureka

The Yu Yureka comes with quite a good set of hardware at its price while it was much appreciated for that; the USP of the device is Cyanogen OS. The dedicated OS was developed by Cyanogen Inc. as a part of the deal between Yu and Cyanogen.

Now let’s come down to the specification, the device comes with a 5.5-inch 720p display, Snapdragon 615 processor, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of internal storage. In the camera department, the device comes with 13MP rear camera with LED flash and 5MP front camera. The device is powered by a 2500mAh battery.

We know there are tons of features that Cyanogen OS offers, and out of those we are sharing few of them that matters and we think would improve your experience of the device.

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How to Edit the Power Button Menu on my Yu Yureka?

The Yu Yureka allows you to edit the power menu options; there are few interesting choices included in the list. Though, first you need to go to Settings, and then tap on the button option under Device section. Here you will see the “Power Menu” option; tapping on it will open the list of choices. You can choose to include the Reboot menu, screenshot, profile switcher, airplane, as well as the sound panel to control the sound profiles like vibrate and silent.

How to Capture Screenshot on my Yu Yureka?

It is fairly easy to take a screenshot in the stock Android, and it is exactly same in the Cyanogen OS on Yureka, which is to hold the power button and volume down buttons together. Though, here you get an extra option like we showed you in the power menu option. You can take the screenshot from the menu directly, and it will be accessible right from the notification panel.

How to do a Screencast on my Yu Yureka?

Yu Yureka - Screencast

The screencast feature is mostly available on high-end devices even though it doesn’t require any extra set of hardware specs. Looking at that, it is interesting to see the screencast feature included on the Yu Yureka. And since the Cyanogen is known for offering extended features, we expected it to arrive on Yureka. There is dedicated an app for the screencast, which can be found in the app drawer of the device. Tapping on it will open a prompt asking to start the screencast. For those who don’t know what it is? The screencast will allow you to record the video of your Android screen as well as the microphone. The feature allows you to show the touch responses, as well as stop the video from the notification panel.

How to edit Quick Settings on the Yu Yureka?

You can directly jump to edit the quick settings the notification panel itself, by tapping on the Plus icon. Or you can go to the personalization section in the settings. There, you need to open the Notification bar menu and further tap on the Quick setting panel. There you can choose to get the quick pulldown on the right edge, left edge, or turn off. You can edit the tiles and layout by dragging the icon, as well as add as many numbers of quick settings as you like.

How to edit the Home screen options on my Yu Yureka?

There are tons of the home screen options available on the Yureka. To access them, you need tap on the menu button of the device and scroll down, as it will open the available options, which includes setting the scroll effect on home screen and drawer settings as well. Other noticeable options include the search panel option that allows you to enable either CM home or Google Now for the left swipe from the home screen. There are few other options that let you sort out, change size, layouts, as well as wallpapers too.

How to change the themes on my Yu Yureka?

The Yureka includes a dedicated app for that on the app drawer as well as the theme store can be access by tapping on the menu button of the device, which will show an icon to open the themes store. To access the store, you need to make sure that you have created an account if not, then sign up for a new one; it’s super quick. After signing in to the theme store, you will notice lots of free themes available. Let me told you that you could not only choose to change the theme on Yureka, but this service also provides to replace the UI components’ like icons, status bar, controls, and navigation bar. There are up to 8 different components that are available in the Themes store for Yu by Cyanogen.

How to open camera app from the lock screen on my Yu Yureka?

Like most of the Android, Kitkat stock comes with the camera widget on the lock screen, and that same functionality is available for Cyanogen OS on Yureka. But it doesn’t come as default, so if you want to enable the camera widget on the CM lock screen, then you need to go to Lock screen section in the settings. There, you will find camera widget option under the widget section; you need to make sure that the checkbox in front of its selected.

How to see the battery percentage in the status bar on my Yu Yureka?

There is a dedicated section in settings that account for the status bar functionality. All you need to do is go to settings and tap on status bar option. There, you will find a third option, which will allow you to show the battery status percent, make sure to tick mark that box in front of it.

How to change the physical button functions on my Yu Yureka?

Yu Yureka - Customize Buttons

This is a very interesting piece of the pie on the Cyanogen OS for Yureka. The OS allows changing of the physical button functionalities of the system. And all that can be access from the button menu in the settings area. For instance, you can enable the on-screen navigation bar and disable the hardware button, which is sometimes preferred by users. Other noticeable options include, end call by pressing the power button, customize the Nav bar with more add-ons, quick launch shortcuts, left handed mode, etc.. The point is that there are tons of customization can be done according to your needs.

How to turn on the adaptive backlight to save the battery on my Yu Yureka?

There is an amazing adaptive brightness feature available on Cyanogen OS for Yureka. The feature distinguishes on how many brightness you need when using the device in conditions like sunlight or moonlight. This feature can be enabled from the Display and Lights section from the settings. Scroll down, and you will find the Adaptive Backlight option, tick the checkbox in front of it if you want to enable the feature. It will dynamically adjust the brightness levels while maintain the maximum battery life.

How to enable double tap to wake and sleep function on  my Yu Yureka?

This feature is mostly included in the high-end flagship devices, though; with Cyanogen you can expect to bring them down to the mid-range devices like Yu Yureka. The feature can be enabled from the settings. There you need to go to the Display and Lights section, now scroll down the list, and you will find options Double tap to sleep and wake the device. While to wake up, you can double-tap anywhere, but to turn off the screen you have to either double-tap on the status bar or lock screen slider.

How to change the screen off animation styles on my Yu Yureka?

The screen off animation styles can be changed on the Yureka. To do that you have to go to settings, and then head over to the Display & Light section, there you have to scroll down to the end, and tap on the last option. There are two options, Electron Beam and Fade out; you can choose from any options, as well as disable the animation.

How to change the wallpapers and add widgets on my Yu Yureka?

This is somewhat similar to the stock Android experience; you can change your wallpapers and add widgets right from the home screen. Just tap on the menu button of the device and options will appear. You will find wallpapers as well as widgets options on the menu.

How to control brightness level from the status bar on my Yu Yureka?

While most mobile vendors would stuck in providing the great feature hacks on the devices, the Yu Yureka succeeds with Cyanogen. The brightness level adjustment is one such thing on the device. You can simply adjust the brightness level by sliding across the status bar, which is quite a great experience.

How to insert the SIM card on the Yu Yureka?

This is pretty neat in the Yu Yureka. First you have to remove the back cover and take out the battery of the device. Now you will find two slots right above the battery slot, where one is the microSD card slot and other is the SIM1 slot, while the SIM2 slot lies on the top side of the device, and as a matter of fact it is open. Now carefully place the SIM card in the slot with right directions and put back the battery and cover. There, you go; you have successfully inserted the SIM card in your Yu Yureka.

How to check for Cyanogen OS Updates on the Yu Yureka?

Yu Yureka - OS Updates

It is known that Cyanogen provides frequent updates to its ROM build while there is no such thing on the stock Android. That means you should know how to check for the updates of the system. To do that you need to go to the Settings and then head over to the About section, there you need to tap to system updates and then tap on the check for updates. If you have new updates, the OS will give you new prompt, and you can install the updates right away.

Will the Yu Yureka get Android 5.0 Lollipop update?

Yes, it is more than likely to get the Android 5.0 Lollipop based CM 12. The reports are saying that major system update may arrive in the month of February. Since, the deal between Yu and Cyanogen has already inked, the update should be arriving positively. As well as the Snapdragon 615 on the Yureka is more than capable to perform on the 64 bit architecture of the Android Lollipop.


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