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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone now Banned on the Indian Flights after Series of Explosions



After the huge success of Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge, everyone expected Samsung to repeat the same with their latest phablet Galaxy Note 7. While the device initially received positive feedback, later the series of battery explosive made the customers fallen into confusion. Last week, officially confirmed the battery issue in the Galaxy Note 7 and immediately stopped the sales. Till that time it has sold 2.5 million handsets, and the company is voluntarily replacing all the sold handsets.

Since the replacement units are yet to be shipped, the company requested all the Galaxy Note 7 users to shutdown and not to charge their devices. While no casualties are admitted any one of the Galaxy Note 7 explosion, this week, an Australian burned his finger while putting off the flames from the exploded Galaxy Note 7. Yesterday, in two separate incidents in the U.S, the Galaxy Note 7 completely burnt down the Garage and Jeep. After all these mishaps, the Governments are now fierce about the Galaxy Note 7.

Australian and Japan Governments already banned the Samsung’s latest flagship on all their flights, and now, India became the third country to ban the usage of the device on their flights. Indian government’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in its official statement said, “Airlines are advised to ensure the following for the safety of aircraft operations and its occupants: Not to turn on or charge Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone on board the aircraft. Not to stow them in any checked-in baggage”.

While the Galaxy Note was already launched in India, the company is yet to start the sales. As the pre-orders are also delayed, Samsung India is offering the new Gear VR and Oculus Store voucher worth of Rs. 3,300 for free. However, due to some confusion in sales date, a demo unit was sold to an Indian consumer before to the official sale date. Later, the company also tried to get back the device by paying almost the 3X of the bill amount.

The Galaxy Note 7 battery issue will be an advantage for Apple, as the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus sales begin from next week. Even though the battery problem will be fixed in the Galaxy Note 7 devices, the company might not see huge sales as in the first week.

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