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RocketSkate – Motorized Skates for Faster Move and Lighter Feet



RocketSkate a different kind of wearable compared to what we usually talk about. It is a pair of skates, which are motorized to help you travel easier. RocketSkate is the second generation motorized skates from the company that released their first set in 2010 and are now introducing the RocketSkate with a lot of improvements from the previous model.


The RocketSkate has a very simple and no-nonsense design with wheels on both sides and a smaller wheel on the back with a foot plate on which you will be standing. The device comes in three different colors based on the version that you will be ordering as the R-6 version has a Rocket Red color, R-8 version has the Titanium Chrome color, and the R-10 will have the Deep Space Black color. On the foot plates, there are two straps that will keep your feet in position. The color of the wheels is different, and the rest of the body has the same color in all models.

Features and How it works

RocketSkate, unlike what the name suggests, does not have any rockets or does not go anywhere near rocket speed. It has to be simple strapped on to your feet with the help of the Straps that can be worn with your shoes as well. After strapping on you have to press the button present on the back of the device above the smaller rear wheel to start the Skates, and the same button can be used to turn the device off as well. If you have never skated in your life, it might take some practice to get the balance but if you have previous experience, you can easily start enjoying the RocketSkates.

To accelerate or move faster you have to tilt forward and if you want outbreak or slow down all you have to do is tilt forward and you will be able to stop. One of your skates should be first set as the lead skate which will be guiding the other skate, and this will be the one that will be controlling the skates.

You also have an Android and iOS app for getting and storing data on your smartphone or tablet device. Your smartphone will be able to connect to the app with the help of Bluetooth 4.0. The App will store data like the distance travelled while wearing RocketSkate, the speed of the controller skate and the follower skate and the amount of mileage your device is giving after every charge and also the battery life. The App will also store the route you are travelling daily with the help of gps on your smartphone.

Release Date and Pricing

RocketSkates will be available in the market around September 2014 and there are three different models coming based on color, battery life and distance travelling capability of the device.

  • R-6: Comes in Rocket Red color and can do 45 minutes of travelling and will last for 6 miles. It will be available at a price of $499
  • R-8: Comes in Titanium Chrome color and can do 70 minutes of travelling and will last for 8 miles. It will be available at a price of $599
  • R-10: Comes in Deep Space Black in color and can de 90 minutes of travelling and will last for 10 miles. It will be available at a price of $699

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