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Lechal Haptic Wearable Shoes Helps you Navigate the City Streets



Lechal Smart Shoes


There have been so many developments going on in the wearable technology, which will change the way we live our lives. And it’s not just with fitness trackers or smartwatches. Lechal, a smart shoe developed by Ducere Technology is one such product that will change the way we use our shoes.

The name itself means “take me along” in Hindi as the sole purpose of this footwear is to help you in orientation and direction. It was previously intended for targeted consumers, who are visually challenged. But later, the founders, Krispian Lawrence and Anirudh Sharma, found out that, it will be a liberating experience for every individual to use this technology, as they also don’t have to look down to their phone or to be tied to anything.

Lechal Smart Shoes

Though, Smart shoes are mostly aimed at specific demographic markets – such as dementia sufferers. And children whose parents want to keep track of their movements, are already commercially available. But the company believes that there will be targeted mass-consumers, who would like to have stylish smart shoes rather than dull looking functional footwear.


With company marketing, a red colored sneaker sporting that technology, as well as an insole, which will allow users to slip the technology into their shoes. It would be really interesting to see, how consumers take this technology into their daily lives.

The Lechal shoes will help people navigate the city streets as it will communicate with the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth. They will guide you from your current location to the destination as the footwear works instinctively. Imagine if someone taps your right shoulder, you body then naturally reacts to turn right, and that’s Lechal will work by causing one of the shoes to vibrate, in order to guide for directions.

Lechal Insoles

It will be a perfect intuitive wearable item, as no one forgets to wear their shoes when they are out in the world. You may forget to wear a smartwatch or put a fitness tracker in your pocket, but you would not forget to wear your shoes. Though, the Lechal shoes can also alert you whenever you move too far away from your phone.

With already a high demand of Lechal shoes, company is planning to sell more than 100,000 pairs of this shoe, which are manufactured in China, by the next April. Though, company is planning to stock the shoes among retailers ahead of the holiday season in India, as well as the United States. The pair will retail between $100 and $150 as the exact pricing model is still not out yet.


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