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Ringing Bells breaks Promise of Delivering Phones by 25th Feb, Starts Refunding



Remember the cheapest smartphone that not only whole India, even the world was talking about in the last few weeks., the company behind it, Ringing Bells, is refunding the money back to its customers. This comes in the wake that there are lot of negative speculation going on about the company and its promise to deliver the Freedom 251 smartphone. To ensure that they’ll deliver the product, Mohit Goel, Director of the company has decided to give back the online payment done by around 30,000 customers and give them an option to do “Cash on Delivery” payment when the product delivers at their doorstep.

After making more than ten promises in the first interview given to the NDTV, a couple of days ago, both; Mr Ashok Chaddha and Mohit Goel has left their customers and the country wondering whether the company is capable of delivering on the promise or not. From the previous situations and promises, we are not quite in acceptance. In the same interview hosted by Rajiv Makhni, the founders promised that their first smartphone, the Smart 101, which is touted as the cheapest 4G enabled smartphone would be delivered to the customers on February 25th. That timeline has been crossed now, and the company hasn’t delivered their first product.

Beware before Ordering Ringing Bells Smart 101 or Freedom 251 Smart Phone

If you’re not aware, let us inform you that Freedom 251 is not the first unusual promise company has done to its customers. The firm, which came into existence just over six months ago has first launched Smart 101, a cheapest 4G smartphone priced at Rs 2,999. There are customers on company’s public listing complaining about that they haven’t received their orders yet. Note that it’s around six months since they haven’t fulfilled the promise to deliver their first smartphone.

Now a company who isn’t capable to deliver a smartphone priced at Rs 2,999, how can they deliver a smartphone priced at mere Rs 251. There were a lot of questions arise earlier, which haven’t completely been answered yet. Like how are they planning to sell a smartphone at dirt cheap price? With only 30,000 orders being confirmed by the company, out of 7 crore registrations, how does economics of scale factor into this. They are saying it would be a Make in India product, but since the manufcatring unit hasn’t been setup yet, then how will they start to deliver the Freedom 251 smartphone start April this year.

10 Answers We Need to Know about #Freedom251 SmartPhone from the Brand

Not only the experts in industry but some politicians have showed concerned about the claims by the company. Even the Telecom minister has asked to look into this matter. The company has also being under the scanner by Excise and Income Tax Department, as the debate continues around the viability of providing a handset at Rs 251 rampages.


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