Beware before Ordering Ringing Bells Smart 101 or Freedom 251 Smart Phone

by Amit Bhawani 68

Ringing Bells Smartphone

Today a new brand has been all over the web, primarily for the most interesting story which is the budget smartphone launch in India. This is also speculated to be under the “Make in India” program to ensure different manufacturers adopt to this regime and bring more jobs in India. All this is good but there are a few things that are still not clear and which is the reason I would recommend you to better wait for a few days before ordering the devices.

How to Book/Buy Ringing Bells Freedom 251 at Rs.251

While going through a few websites that had mentioned about the Ringing Bells Smart 101, I found that there are hundreds of consumers who have ordered the phones, while none of them have actually received the devices. Forget the devices, even no one have received an order confirmation which is confusing.

That said, the brand has been all over the Internet today for their upcoming model ie the Freedom 251 Smartphone, that would be priced below Rs 500. The question is not about the specifications or the features, but about the guarantee of getting the device. What if you get scammed with this new brand?

Bell Freedom 251 Invite

I would recommend everyone to just wait for a few days and see if someone actually gets the device in their hands and then take action or spend their hard earned money on this new brand that has a website Url name as “BELL” while the name on the site mentions “Ringing Bells”. No listing of their products on any well known e-commerce sites nor the PR is someone whom we recall, they are new in the industry.

Some might even say that it is a hoax, as it’s not possible to sell a handset at mere Rs 251. It might have been made possible by tieing up with the government since the handset would be launched in the presence of Honorable Member of Parliament, Dr Mulri Manohar Joshi and Honorable Union Minister of Defence, Shri Manohar Parrikar. But we would still advise you to beware of the fact that this company has been earlier in question about not delivering the Smart 101 handset that was launched at Rs 3000.

Ringing Bells Smartphone Compliants

Above you can see some complaints posted by users about not receiving the handset even after payment. It would be better to opt for “Cash on Delivery” service and pay after getting the device in your hands. Just don’t jump on the bandwagon yet that’s what we would recommend for now since there’s no way to know whether the same company that couldn’t deliver its promise earlier would provide it now for such dirt cheap price. This just rings a few caution bells and alerts me to stay away. This is my advice to everyone who is jumping to throw their cash on the hot phone of the recent times.

Update: We have received an invite from the Company for the launch event that’s happening tomorrow in India in New Delhi. Read more here Ringing Bell to Launch Freedom 251 Smartphone at just Rs 500 / $7 in India

Amit Bhawani


Amit Bhawani is a Professional Blogger & Founder of PhoneRadar, Android Advices & Gizmo Report. He has received various awards like the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award & Samsung Mobilers Award. He covers more on the subject of value of mobile phones to consumers and gives insights to mobile buyers helping them to buy the right device.

  • Tu Thuysanh

    is all made in India 100% or assembly in Indian but all made in china?

    • i think china

    • aji

      processor form Taiwan, except that, all are from India..
      plastic frames, glasses, camera are manufactured in Tiruchirappalli in Tamil Nadu, India.
      assembly, manufacturing, all are India. so only they managed to give it in 600 rupees.
      special thing is, there is no foreign investment. completely Indian.

  • Shankar

    Wow Reliance sold a phone for Rs. 1 bought from China, there was not so much hype, when and Indian brand wants to do something for 251 there is so much doubts and confusion, well they are tying to help Indians to get globalized. Humble request if you could own a better phone please donate this phone to the ones who really need it like the students in govt schools and colleges who could not afford a smart phone.

    • Shams

      Why College going student need a smart phone bro.? Isn’t that it will deviate them from study and will see more issue cropping up because of the smart phone facility of filming and camera? Being cuationed is good thing rather than believeing in blindly?

    • adonis

      who will do data recharge for them every month.. like 1gb for 200-250rs?

      • Pavit Singh

        Kejriwal 😉

      • Shankar

        Donate does not mean to just give it, add some use full information into it and give it, if you could read my reply post. It might be great and you would understand more in specific.

    • Eyjafjalla

      Rs 1 phone comes with service lock in for 5 years or 3 years. You are committed to the service provider with a defined sum of money spent on the service for so many months – this is an entry strategy by a company when already entrenched competitors exist in a segment. Reliance can afford to cross-subsidize losses from this venture because it is sitting on an enormous cash chest through other businesses. the problem is, how do we believe an unknown company which seems to be doing a logic defying business? Obviously, I don’t suspect Reliance in the above example, but I definitely have cause to doubt the intentions of ringing bells.

      Don’t make radical statement with incomplete information. it might be useful to educate yourself with proper information; else, you will only make personally satisfying, but actually ridiculous, attacks on anything that is published on the web.

    • Punit

      Yeah? Should we donate our phones to those ungrateful students at JNU like how the govt donates education to them?

    • Suraj

      Reliance is well known and already build up BRAND while bell is just a new company with no background. It would be totally stupid to compare Reliance and bell. Moreover reliance is purely Indian while Bell is Canadian and ya for ex. U can see my phone capatalized Reliance itself while bell remains ordinary.

      • Shankar

        How many startups without brand has become brand now. Yes its a Canadian company Ringing bells is the complete name, based in Noida. Everything became extraordinary from ordinary only dude. How many people changed the network from Reliance and used with other operators.

    • jimmy1347

      reliance sold only a couple of phones at rs1 . a lot of eccomerce companies do that as sales promotion but in this case ringing bell wants to sell it as a product for fixed rs.251.

    • Chandra Shekhar

      Good point. A lot of foreign funded news outlets try to create confusion when Indian company comes up with something good. #Presstitutes.

  • Vikash Ray

    i want my number 9717983708

  • neeraj j

    Even if this phone is completely ‘ Made in India’ still its main component that its OS will remain ‘Made in Usa’ and in control of ‘Made by USA’ people. This ia nothing to take aay from google but to deflate the hyper nationalist balloon of ‘Make in India’ bandwagon.
    Also if by ‘Make in India’ you satisfy yourself to be the sweatshop of the world then you are really selling Indian people very low.
    Dont jump on the linguistic slogans of politicians.

    • Dattz

      I didn’t get you. What is the problem if the OS is, as u say, “made in USA”? And, in “control” of USA people? What “control” are you talking about here?

      • neeraj j

        Its obvious Google(Apple & Iphone also) is in control of our smartphones. It can disable our phones(like in case of war etc.) at their own whims or spy on our confidential information.
        I don’t find any problem with ‘Made in USA’ or for that matter by ‘Made in China. I believe that consumer is king and any trade related policy decision must be taken with consumers’ interests at heart.
        This pseudo-nationalism of ‘ Make in India’ will not strengthen Indian manufacturing. On the contrary it will weaken the competitiveness of the Indian industry by letting it remaining used to clutches of govt help & subsidy.

        • yahiko amekagure

          lol..mouthin x men sense..anti indian congreesi pimp mouthin anti BJP agenda..whtever d present
          goverment tries 2 do pseudo secular morons lik u wul find smthin abd in
          it.. #congressipimps..

        • Maddy

          Hey Man chill out….Made in China mobiles also not called as made in china as they all have Android in it.
          It’s just started in India a slogan “Make in India” , which will need sometime to come up with all its own. We should support it.
          Supporting is not buying, at least not doubt or degrade it with you non sensible words. Don’t talk negative about it. If you feel not good to buy, just say I am not gone buy it as I am feeling good. Don’t express your wrong opinions to dis-courage people.

        • Jatin

          What are you smoking dude? :p

    • Lenin

      yes neeraj, good note.

      As we are (India) already planning replace GPS with IRNSS soon. like that we will surely replace android with with a new invention of OS. Till that time we can depend on others. 1% dependency is not a problem .


      • neeraj j

        First of all its not 1% dependency. Suppose in the case of war with USA or its ally, US pressurizes its own corporations to wreak havoc on smartphones owned by Indians. I know its an extreme and unlikely example but it was just to make you realize the importance of OS.
        Also manufacturing always shift to lowest cost producers. As a nation gets richer , its competitiveness in manufacturing decreases. This is not to negate the importance of manufacturing but most important thing to realize is that we can not copy different successful models of different countries. Just because ” Make in India” is presented nicely does not make it a good idea!

    • Tyrion

      How dumb!
      Made in India hence ‘Make in India’
      What kind of idiot you are, Android is not made in US, it’s a software with contribution from a lot of countries.

      Also, fyi wherever a product is manufactured is mentioned as “Made in xyz..” Which in case is India.
      Anti BJP fine but don’t comment nonsensical crap.

      • neeraj j

        Are you high? What do you mean ‘contribution’?
        There is no contribution in business. There is only mutual benefit.
        I can bet you that Google will stop Android development as soon as it does not find it profitable anymore. Then we will see about the ‘contribution’ you are talking about.
        To your second point, it seems that you are happy with screwdriver assembly of products under Make in India. You are the stupid people upon which politicians like Modi depend. If you read economics or commerce its all about value addition. If you buy components from abroad and then assemble it in India and ‘Make’ a commodity product and sell it at 5% margin then sure you may be able to provide jobs to a few lakhs of people and enrich hundreds of crony capitalists But you will never be able to lead India to true development.

    • Swapnil Dwivedi

      Come on dude, stop spreading negativity if you can’t do anything else. Its a good initiative, let it be in peace, and I am damn sure you are already using android or ios. Just a news about a tech launch and you started crying politics in it. Cheers

      • neeraj j

        The article itself brought poltics of Make in India in it. I am only showing the reality of Make in India or such programmes.
        To truly ‘Make in India’ you have to remove policy hurdles. Giving subsidy is one such policy hurdle. So if govt is giving away subsidies in Make in India to some industrialist, rest assured it will ‘fail in India.’
        If you trust want to make in India then abolish retrospective tax, reduce taxes, reduce income tax, remove govt interferences, remove govt from business etc.
        I have seen several such slogans like ‘Make in India’ in my last 35 years of following politics. Believe me Modi will rank lower than every other politician in managing economy.
        Modi is like a street magician whose tricks astonish simple people. But als these are just tricks and nothing else.

    • Raaj

      … and who made your B L O O D Y iOS and Android?? B l o o d y hy po crate!!

  • Omkar Kulkarni

    This phone was launched by Indian defense minister.. So how that company be a scam..

    • anand

      See.. now you have some trust in the company. They just want that. Do you think Dhoni and Kohli are drinking boost every day?

      Better wait till the device come out.

      • vijendra singh

        defence minister was the chief guest but he was not present at the launch..he hasn’t come there.

    • mailmecoolindian

      There is no video of any launch, only invitation, anyone can make such invitation in mspaint.

    • jimmy1347

      nope . our defense minister was not present at the launch though he was to be the chief guest .check today’s hindustan times. only a bjp mp and an mla was present.

    • Mjolnir

      Have you heard of HomeTrade? It was an amazingly well executed scam where a dude “sold” a product by getting Tendulkar, Hrithik Roshan etc to market for him. The product itself never existed and the founder has absconded.

  • Nirmal

    Another problem with this brand is that why they create a different website for different models it sounds confusing, guys does that rings some bells.

  • Well, Maintaining multiple websites for every model is indicating company’s sale and go policy. On other hand I purely disagree that its “Make in India”. Does indian governent funded to create Android or PlayStore ?

    Though 251 is a smaller amount .. Choose to pick one only if the company offers Cash On Delivery.

    Beware that None of the celebrities can be held liable for the consequences undergone in the promoted company. In recent make in india campaign Prime minister has made no direct statement on this. So be Careful. But Defense minister launched it which is a positive sign.

  • Hehehe use and throw mobile….. Pre-booking launch offer they will charge on taxes and delivery charges extra, which brings close to other china lower end smartphones

    • Pranav

      Not more than 291 inr… Who knoes cuz we r orderin this shit on cod…. I dunn care…. And i ll use nail polish remover to remove india tag or buy a nice cover and then show off like i got an iphone.. ApPartly this mobile is use and download torrents…

  • Versha sharma

    i think this phone will be failed in Indian Market as Akash tablet…. but in starting time it will be get very huge response… let’s see what will be happen.


    Nanga kya nahega.kya nichorega..

  • Sunny singh

    Dear Friends this company is valid company & good reputed company because i am working in that company if don’t trust 251 rupees there is no gig deal i requested all of you please promote make in India & digital India is it convenient to poor people thanks Sunny singh

    • I’m assuming that CoD orders will be delayed and Credit/Debit card paid orders will be prioritized, am I correct?

      The funny thing is that this is your first comment. Makes me even more sceptical.

    • jimmy1347

      I dont get it . there are already n no. of doubts in my mind . First mohit goel (CUTEMOHIT) company’s technical head mr vishal says that they have copied apple’s icons because apple havent copyrighted them . that’s foolish i guess . apple’s round edges are also copyrighted then they are not fool to not copyright their icons. Apple’s website clearly states they have rights of icons also .2nd mohit chadha the omnipresent on the stage said that the phone costs them 2500 and then after some effective measures they plan to sell it at 251 . and also he mentioned that the phone is not subsidised . so if the phone is not subsidised then i dont think so any sort of measures can bring the price down to 251 only. until and unless the phone is substidised , and even if the phone is substidised the mobile phorum of india says the phone cant be subsidised for this much huge amount and brought to rs251. and as far as employees are concerned , they havent even seen the exact model that will be sold . this and the claim of mr.chadha that two plants will be set up in greater noida makes me feel that the company hasnt even started producing phones and willl not be avaialbe atleast before 2 months or so…..even the promise of mr.manohar parikar as the chief guest could not be fulfilled . i really like the initiative by the company but it indeed has a lot of questions to answer.

  • Jannath Hussain

    For jus 251₹.. This much discussion isnt needed.. Everyone is wasting lot of money, so 251₹ isn’t a big deal.. Now a days a worker or cooli is earning 300 to 600 per day.. For them also It doesnt matter to spend 251₹…
    So this much discussion isn’t needed I think…
    Make in India is just started in India..
    Please help to grow it or be a part in it.. Don’t jus comment wastely.. If anyone has idea to improve economy or anything then try to implement that idea.. Don’t jus sit and pass your comments.. It’s a waste of time.
    Some rocket science people are always try to naive in a good thing.. To show their smartness..
    Please stop showing smartness and start doing it

    • Mjolnir

      What nonsense. Even if it is a small amount, why should we be part to something that is possibly a scam?

    • Shivam Soni

      Think about 251+40*10 billion enough to set up new company

  • Suresh J

    Boss, the phone will not be delivered for another 4 months. What is the point in waiting for few days?!

  • Shankar

    Hello everyone sorry for my delayed response, I was at low internet area zone. Maybe you guys are feeling ridiculous about my comment we as Indians talk a lot and very few do something literally, and when someone does something we intend to bring them down. How many of your here cleared your first interview in first shot, how many of you were aware about communication skills, how to talk, what to talk etc question when an interviewer asked you for the first time.

    May be today you guys sitting in AC rooms and writing posts, ever thought about the people in your own villages from where your decedents have come people still don’t know how to crack an interview, if possible visit any nearby villages and play a video about communication skill to them and explain about it to them. You will know the real deal steal about which I am talking now.

    Every year so many students pass out and come, but very few get jobs.

    Then you will know what I am talking about. Hope any one would have interviewed someone you might have seen fear in there eyes, do you guys literally know why this happens because they never have experienced such things.

    You might feel its practically nonsense, just take your smart phone or laptops and visit a nearby village approximately 50 KMS from your city and do one secession you will have so many people liking you and get help from you.

    People who read my post incorrectly, I requested only those who can afford a better phone to donate this phone not for everyone.

    May be most of you don’t know about the free basic internet access moment which is happening; don’t have to worry about internet some operator will provide it in short time, I am planning to meet the operators after 2 months with my documentary for internet access to few chosen students whom I give sessions over the weekends and my free time in villages from my metros.

  • Jitendra Singh

    The Govt of India is promoting this phone under the Make in India programme. So there should not be any doubts.
    Those creating confusion are not doing good to the nation.

    • Shivam Soni

      Show me the proof ! There is not written anywhere “legally” not in advertisments that this is under “Make in India programme”

  • Jitendra Singh

    Those who dont put their trust in the policies of Govt of India… should think again.
    How do you expect our nation to be at par with Japan if some people keep criticising everything just to look different !

    • Shivam Soni

      You must read terms and conditions of company, and then decide. There is no chance in hell that, Govt. of India has involved in this policy, nor Govt. is giving any subsidy to this company.

    • satz

      Are you kidding !! Par with Japan???? lol

  • pankaj gupta

    Pankaj dubey. One smart phone Mo 9235640940

  • The company itself don’t let us buy that phone…The page is always refreshing when click to buy now

  • Rahul Sharma

    I think before publishing this article, good homework was necessary. It is said in article that some people are complaining that after paying they didnt received the handset, so I want to say that delivery of phone will be done after 4 months, it is clearly mentioned on website and in the advertisements published and secondly our government is not willing to fool people by sending Defence Minister at the inaugration. There is a good motive behind launching the phone by the government. Enjoy it !!!

    • Shivam Soni

      For your kind information, Defense minister was not there , he was just chief guest, and was not present there.

  • Raqib Abdur

    4 month Delivery time.
    So calculate something
    Booking amount Rs. 251 + 40 = Rs. 291
    If the phone book by 10 crore
    then total amount 2910 crore.
    Some buyer buy 4 pic or more. After 4 month if they cancel the order then ?????
    2910 crore is good money to build a good business !!!!!

  • Danish saifi

    where is buy pls give me a link

  • Tushar

    I don’t know why people who are not interested to buy this phone are here to give their special and expert advise. If you don’t trust that the company will give you the phone make it a cash on delivery.
    If someone is doing good for country, don’t bring politics in it.

  • Pranav


  • Rahul Sharma

    As I have done some research I found some information about this topic:-
    Managing Director – Mohit Goel
    linkedin profile:-

    as in news paper saying that no more information was found thats why i am posting this here.

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  • Chintan Patel

    Wht the hell , who are questioning abut the phone , are you really indian people?…OMG …the phone worth is more less then the cigrate package in us….so we should proud to be indian but I dnt knw why our people use the all forign compnys phones and now talking about the who made the OS and all…seriously? ?…


    Folks, I Got the man behind this probable scam… Anmol Goel.

    Unfortunately, I also booked a phone for 2,999.00 on 8th Feb and payment was done through Payu money gateway. I assumed it as a probable scam when I did not received any order confirmation from ringingbells and thus I raised a dispute with Payu Money to hold the money. Later Payu Money team confirmed that my money is safe with them and meanwhile they are liaising with the merchant seeking explanation for such delay. I found the contact details of the merchant under the PayU Money’s call log email received at my end. proof is attached

    The Merchant’s contact details are as follows.

    Merchant Name:
    Merchant Email:
    Merchant Phone: 7060211610

  • Ratan Kumar

    Media has to analyse before promoting the ponzi schemes. there are so manu unverified claims by this company. while they simply bought and offered copied apps that they dont own, the media has given then undue coverage! so much for the ‘ make in India’ frenzy. hope we rediscover the sensibilities some day. As a technical person, they have nothing superior/cost effective compared to available material and technology. How can they then reduce the cost the handset so much!?

    – The logo of Apple Safari has been copied. they would soon face the tune from Apple.

    – They copied another popular app’s patent pending technology – Fringle , a location sharing techology start up. they now copied there technology and renamed it as women safety app.

    – They blatantly bought ‘adkom’ and just changed then name to Freedom 251.

    taking the media for a ride!

  • Manoj P

    Smart 101 @ 2999! just bought immediately, when I saw it advertised in the newspaper. My thoughts were, with these decent specs, at least, my senior citizen family members could use a touch screen mobile phone, they don’t need any apps anyways. Of course, with such low price, didn’t have much expectations, it was just a gamble.

    Also, I even tired buying Freedom 251, woke up at 5:45am, tired at 6:00am till 6:05am, then went back to sleep. :-)) and tired several times during the day … but just could not get through …, The day before, had told my friends, at such low price, the server will be first thing to crash…
    I do feel it is ‘scam’ ie, they just wanted get some eye balls for their company, actual numbers put to sale might be very low.

    Coming back to Smart 101, to be fair, people saying they did not even receive an order confirmation, come on fellows 🙂 …, did you check your junk folder ?
    At least, my confirmation went into the junk folder. (I use Outlook email id) It can happen with any mail, even a insurance company mails could go into junk folder, you just have to ‘un-junk’ it. I even had received a sms, that it will delivered by 25th Feb. and received a sms yesterday, ie on 24th Feb, that my order, it will be shipped by 26th Feb. Though I suspect as it says ‘shipped’ not ‘delivered’, may not receive it tomorrow.

    Lets see…, will update when I actually receive it,