Qualcomm Announces Spectra 2nd Generation ISP For Android Ecosystem

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When it comes to the smartphone’s cameras, one of the most important things is the Image Signal Processor (ISP). It plays a very important role in image sensing, etc. and Qualcomm knows exactly how important it is and now, they have announced the next big thing i.e. Qualcomm Spectra 2nd Generation ISP. This is essentially an expansion of the Spectra module program.

This new ISP is capable of offering better biometric authentication and high-resolution depth sensing for mobile devices. As you may or may not know, currently the processors support a variety of camera sensors like single sensor, dual sensors with color and monochrome module, dual sensors will have varying focal length, etc. However, with this, the company is looking to bake the native support for iris scanning and depth-sensing capabilities.

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So, in short, this will eliminate the need for having multiple sensors for different things like Iris scanning depth-sensing, etc. For those you who don’t know, things like mapping the environments for AR activities, require a different sensor and smartphones with support for Project Tango already support that. However, the need for additional sensors increase the overall price of the particular device and this is what Qualcomm is looking to solve with the new expansion.

These 2nd generation ISPs from Qualcomm will enable immersive VR/AR/XR experiences. These sensors will be able to do a ton of things like track head, body, etc; simultaneous location and mapping (SLAM). This will also further decrease the latency times and we will see a boost in frame rates for VR/AR/XR. It will essentially allow for a better responsiveness and fluid virtual reality/ augmented reality experience.

This new Qualcomm Spectra 2nd generation ISP is expected to be a part of Qualcomm’s next flagship Snapdragon Mobile Platform. Talking about the next flagship Snapdragon mobile platform, the first name which comes to mind is the much rumored Snapdragon 845. Hence, we are hoping to see the next year’s flagship smartphones to sport really good camera sensors with much more capabilities. Having said that, be sure to let us know your thoughts on this.

Source – Qualcomm

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