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Snapdragon 835 based New HTC VIVE Standalone VR headset Announced in China



HTC‘s Vive VR Headset is already quite popular in the market, however, now the company has partnered with Qualcomm, the chipset manufacturer, to make a standalone VR Headset. This new VR Headset is called The Vive Standalone and it is exclusive to the Chinese market. This new VR Headset is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 SoC, which is the company’s flagship chipset. And not just that, it is based on Qualcomm’s all-in-one reference design, which includes, positional tracking for a better user experience.

According to the company, the standalone Vive will offer a more affordable VR experience to a broader audience. As mentioned earlier, this is based on Snapdragon 835 chipset and it can operate without the requirement for an external PC or smartphone. This particular headset has a built-in VR functionality and it will allow the developers to more rapidly release compelling content for the same.

All the content for the same appears to be made available through Viveport. For those of you who don’t know what Viveport is, it is HTC VIVE’s content platform, app store, and subscription service where customers can explore, create, connect, and experience the VR content. It is a platform for the VR developers to put out there VR content for the users to take advantage of them using their VR headsets.

HTC is yet to fully unveil this device, however, the silhouette looks very similar to the DayDream VR headset. Obviously as mentioned earlier, the major difference here between the new standalone VR and the Daydream VR is going to be the fact that this one is not going to rely on the Google Play Store for its content. Hence users in China need not worry about it since Google Play Store is not a consistent source of apps in the Chinese market.

With the launch of this standalone VR headset, HTC is planning on opening up to a wider range of audience. HTC Vive is already quite popular in China, however, still, there are a lot of people who are reluctant to buy it, since still there is a need for a gaming PC in order to pair it and use. This would certainly allow a lot of people to buy it and use and not worry about any other investment. Having said that, let us know your thoughts on this by dropping a comment down below.


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