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OnePlus X Vs Meizu MX5 Smartphone Comparison



The Smartphone industry has come to a stage where competition is on every step of the way, whether we talk chipset, faster RAM, great camera sensors, longer battery life, we consumers want everything in one package. Specifically talking about the mid-range priced devices in India has seen a tremendous growth in last two years. The phones that interest us are from the OnePlus and Meizu, and that’s why we are comparing their recently launched affordable flagships in the country. The OnePlus X was launched late last month, and Meizu MX5 was available in the country since late August. These are the perfect competitors in terms of the price range. So, let’s compare them.


Both devices here come with the metal body, but the OnePlus X is rather covered with Corning Gorilla Glass protection on both the sides while the MX5 is all elegant metal. We have used both the devices, and I could easily say that I would not prefer a glass body design despite a protection from scratches. It’s just feels too slippery. The OnePlus X is a compact device while on the other hand MX5 is a large device, but it doesn’t feel awkward to hold in the hand.

The OnePlus X is quite light on weight at 138 grams as well as is slimmer at 6.9mm thickness, whereas the MX5 is quite heavy at 149 grams and bulky at 7.6mm thickness. But since the Meizu device is large than OnePlus device, it was heavy and bulky for obvious reasons. Talking about the best and worst parts of the design, the OnePlus nails it in compact and sturdy feel but is a fingerprint magnet while Meizu doesn’t have a compact size, although, it doesn’t catch your fingerprints.

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The Meizu MX5 sports a Super AMOLED 5.5-inch display with 1080p resolution while the OnePlus X houses an AMOLED 5-inch display with similar resolution as Meizu phone. But OPX does have an advantage of better pixel density at 441 PPI (Pixel Per Inch) while MX5 have a 401 PPI. Although, that would be hardly noticeable by the human eye.

OnePlus X Vs Meizu MX5 - Display

The large real estate on MX5 is a good companion for movie buffs, and I would easily watch my favorite movies on it. The Super AMOLED display is pretty stunning; it is the technology that Samsung uses on their high-end smartphones (with few exceptions). While OnePlus X doesn’t have the Super on its AMOLED display type, but it is as good as the Meizu MX5 in every sense of color reproduction, white balance and contrast. But do make a note that you don’t get much real estate on OPX as on MX5.


Both the devices are running on Android Lollipop 5.1 but have their customized interfaces running on top of it. Here I would say the clear winner is OnePlus, because of the stock-like Android experience. Moreover, it offers some interesting off-screen notification features. We have used Meizu MX5 for quite a long time; the only thing that we haven’t liked about the device was the interface. Even though, it was quite a clean interface, the annoying thing about it was the navigation. And thus it also makes multitasking slow despite the fast processor. Whereas the Oxygen OS is one of the snappiest interfaces out there, and the fact that it has all the attributes of Stock Android makes it more interesting.

Hardware & Performance

The OnePlus X is powered by a Qualcomm chipset while Meizu MX5 is powered by a MediaTek chipset. The Snapdragon 801 processor have a faster memory support while the Helios X10 (MT6795) has a vastly faster CPU clock speed. Overall, both of these devices are quite snappy in performance. We had played games on both handsets while MX5 didn’t lack detail in heavy gaming, OnePlus X wasn’t as good as we’d expected.

OnePlus X Vs Meizu MX5 - Hardware

There is the equal (3GB) amount of RAM on both the devices accompanying the processors. Meanwhile, they come with 16GB internal storage but only OnePlus X has a slot to expand the storage up to 128GB. So, it is quite easy to overlook the MX5 if you need more space than Meizu is offering. Though, do make a note that you get a Fingerprint scanner on the MX5 while it’s absent on OnePlus X, unlike the OnePlus 2 which does have the biometric sensor.

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The image sensors on both devices have quite the differences when it comes to the resolution, as the MX5 comes with 20.7-megapixel resolution while the OnePlus sport a 13-megapixel sensor on the rear. There might be a large difference between the image sensor resolutions, and it can be seen on the image outputs. But rest assured, the rear camera on OnePlus is quite good as well. The large f/2.0 aperture on Meizu’s camera helps it to unravel the highest contrast possible during the low light images, whereas the f/2.2 aperture is not quite large on OnePlus’s camera. But the PDAF (Phase Detection Autofocus) technology balances out and makes OPX camera quite fast.

The selfie cameras on both devices are different as well, but here OnePlus X has an upper hand with a larger resolution module on the front. The OPX have an 8-megapixel sensor on the front while the Meizu MX5 has a 5-megapixel sensor. But do make a note that you get interesting modes on MX5 such as FotoNation to beautify the selfies while there are not many modes available on the OnePlus X.

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The large device would sport a large battery capacity; it was the myth that was busted by many companies, but the Xiaomi’s Mi 4i become the poster boy for putting a large 3120mAh capacity battery on a 5-inch screen size. Only if OnePlus has done something incredible like that on their smallest smartphone, since it has a small 2525mAh battery. On the other hand, Meizu MX5 packs 3150mAh capacity, which is fairly large.

Though, when it comes to real life usage, I would say OnePlus X can easily give a day’s charge while Meizu MX5 would struggle a lot. The standby time is bad on Meizu while OnePlus X has considerably good standby time. So, it’s also settled that large battery capacity doesn’t always means a good battery life. For that, there should be an efficient power management inside the system.


The OnePlus X and Meizu MX5 puts quite the confusion in consumer’s head, as one is good in a couple of things and other is good in some different aspects. But what are these both devices in common is they have good displays, metal body, and almost equally powerful processors. And what really makes them different from each other is their interface and camera sensors. So, if you like to buy a good camera phone, we would recommend MX5 while the interface is much stock like and snappier on OnePlus X.


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