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OnePlus X Vs OnePlus 2 Smartphone Comparison



Last month, OnePlus finally launched the OnePlus X, a mini variant of the OnePlus 2, and it went on sale earlier this month in some regions while we would say it was not the OnePlus Mini we expected according to the rumours. But there are certain aspects that are quite better on OnePlus X than any other smartphone. Every other company launches a mini variant of their flagship devices, which basically looks similar to the flagship but would sport toned down specs. And it was about time that OnePlus launch such handset. Is this the “OnePlus Mini” we have been waiting for since the days of OnePlus One? Is this the super-affordable choice against the OnePlus 2? We find out what do you get by saving a couple of dollars. Here’s how the OnePlus X compares to company’s flagship phone, the OP2 (OnePlus 2).


We can easily say that OnePlus X (OPX) is the slimmest and smallest phone from the Chinese mobile startup. The latest offering from brand measures at 6.9mm thickness and 138 grams in weight while the OP2 is the bulkiest at 9.85mm thickness and heaviest at 162 grams. The 2016 flagship killer is available in only one color, the Sandstone Black, but has a four back panel options, which significantly changes the look of the device.

While the OnePlus X goes down a new path with Onyx and Ceramic models, where Onyx model features a black glass and a metal bezel, and Ceramic model is made out of Zirconia and uses a special 25 days procedure to create the final product. That’s the reason, why the company would sell only 10,000 units of this variant.

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The display size of both the devices is different while OPX sports a smaller screen than its sibling. The OnePlus 2 have a 5.5-inch 1080p resolution display while OnePlus X has a 5-inch 1080p display. The pixel density difference between them is of 40PPI, which is not much noticeable to the human eye. But what can you say, people love big numbers.

OnePlus X Vs OnePlus 2 - Display

Meanwhile, the display technology used on both the devices are different as well, I would choose a device with AMOLED display over LCD any day. Thus, my choice here is the OnePlus X, the display is so crisp, and it showcases the deeper blacks and more vibrant colors than any LCD can show. Like Samsung Galaxy S6 over the Apple iPhone 6s. They say the great package comes in small things. It’s true for the display part, though.

Hardware & Performance

The biggest compromise that company has done with its new handset is powering the device with oldest Snapdragon 800 series chipset. The OnePlus X runs on the Snapdragon 801 processor, which was also present on the OnePlus One. This chipset offered flagship performance in 2014, but today not so much, specifically when you compare it to the OnePlus 2’s powerful Snapdragon 810 chipset. Though, the 3GB RAM in the OPX should keep things smooth; it’s the same amount as can be found in the OP2 16GB variant while the performance escalates in the 64GB variant with 4GB RAM.

OnePlus X Vs OnePlus 2 - Hardware

The biggest aspect missing in the OnePlus 2 was that there was no expandable storage option available on the device. But that void has been filled by the OnePlus X as the latest device offers the microSD card slot, which can add up to 128GB. Although, there is a catch, the SIM slot that comes in the OPX is hybrid, which means you can either use both Nano SIMs or use one SIM and a microSD card.

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At first look, these two phones appear to share the same basic rear camera setup, but that’s not exactly true as there are notable differences between them. Both the devices have 13-megapixel image sensor, but are differentiated by the contrast; the OnePlus 2 comes with f/2.0 aperture while the OnePlus X comes with f/2.2 aperture number. That means OP2’s camera should perform better than OPX’s camera in low light conditions.

OnePlus X Vs OnePlus 2 - Cameras

But thanks to the PDAF technology, which tries to balances out things by making it a quick snapper overall. Although, do make a note that OnePlus X camera comes with large 8MP module on the front, which is larger than 5MP module on OnePlus 2. It means there should be crispier selfies on the OPX than OP2.

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The battery capacity is one of the worrisome parts of the OnePlus X because it has a considerable small battery at 2525mAh. But that is due to the compact size it comes in. While the OnePlus 2 packs a large 3300mAh capacity battery. Although, it’s not always about how much amount you have, rather how do you manage with what you got. Since, the screen size has been reduced and meanwhile, the SD 801 is more power efficient than SD 810, we think the battery on OnePlus X should be sufficient to last a day with little more than average usage.


The one thing that was much expected from the OnePlus X was the fingerprint sensor, but that might be too much to ask on an affordable flagship phone. (Or it’s not since devices like CoolPad Note 3 have Fingerprint Sensor) It would be a crying shame for people looking forward to using the Android Pay, as OnePlus would be integrating that on the OnePlus One with Android Marshmallow Update next year. And we thought OPX isn’t an OPO mini variant or OP2 mini variant. But it is rather a completely new phone with its design strength and principles.

Ultimately the choice is in your hands, we ask the right question, you must answer them on your own. Which do you value most, a premium design or performance? Does your demand include biggest possible screen, or maybe a device with compact size? A screen that provides low-power notifications or a device with fingerprint sensor? We’re just happy to acknowledge the differences. It’s you who have to answer the final questions.

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