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Honor 7 Vs OnePlus 2 Smartphone Comparison



Every segment in smartphones has at least two contenders that see eye-to-eye in almost every aspect, and that’s when it gets difficult for users to choose between those two phones. The mid-range priced bracket is one such segment where you’ll get confused between these two handsets; OnePlus 2 and Honor 7, if you’re hunting for affordable flagship devices. Now only if you have a guide to understanding what’s best and worst between each of them. Well, you have come to the right place then, read and get your head cleared on which phone to buy.


Honor 7 is particularly a compact device for its size whereas OnePlus 2 (OP2) is sized pretty well. But if you prefer a full metal body design then you’ll like the elegant finish of metal on Honor 7, which is spread all over the device. And that’s what makes it feel sturdy as well. While OnePlus 2 does have a metal body but it’s limited to its frame as the back panel is made out of plastic and thus removable.

But that does come in handy if you want to personalize the panel with four options available from the company. While third party skins like dbrand offer some amazing stuff for OP2. Although, when it comes to the slimness, the Honor 7 is a clear winner at 8.5mm thickness whereas OnePlus handset feels bulk at 9.85mm. And for a fact it is heavier than Honor 7, weighing around 175 grams against 157 grams.

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The screen sizes of both the devices are different while OnePlus 2 has a large 5.5-inch display the Honor 7 sports a 5.2-inch display. The decision should be hard for consumers who like large real estate as both the devices use LCD technology and have a similar 1080p resolution. The devices’ having similar display makes it difficult to distinguish the quality difference, the only factor that comes into play here is screen size. If you’re someone who watches movies or play games a lot on the smartphones, then OnePlus 2 is a good option for you.

Hardware & Performance

The clear winner in performance is the OnePlus 2, which has a 4GB of RAM and the most powerful processor, the Snapdragon 810 by its side. Although, I would warn you about the heating issues we faced initially, which were later addressed by brand with OTA updates. But still there were some things that can’t be fixed by software updates were a sluggish home button, which is also a fingerprint sensor. It isn’t the fastest when compared with Honor 7.

Powered by an in-house processor, Kirin 935, the device isn’t a beast in terms of performance but does offer good gaming and apps experience, as they don’t usually lag. And the fact that it didn’t heat up a lot even with heavy gaming makes it a good go-to daily driver.


The interface plays an important role in distinguishing the performance of the device, and here OnePlus 2 has the upper hand as the device is powered by almost a Stock Android based on the Android Lollipop 5.1. The Oxygen OS is as snappy as Stock UI, and moreover there is no bloatware present on the device. While it’s a different case with EMUI on Honor 7, it offers a customized interface, which doesn’t give a scent of Lollipop in any sense. Meanwhile you’ll see quite the number of pre-installed apps on Honor device, but out of that many are useful, such as Phone Manger, Smart Controller, Gallery and File Manger. And the fact that OnePlus 2 doesn’t even have a default gallery or File manager to access the media is bad.

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There is a large difference between the camera capabilities of these two devices; Honor 7 has a large 20.7-megapixel module while the OnePlus 2 offers a 13-megapixel image sensor on the rear. Honor sports a Sony IMX230 while OnePlus houses OmniVision 13860, although, they both have same f/2.0 aperture number. There is no OIS present on the Honor’s camera while it’s available on the OnePlus 2, It does helps the case during video capture but doesn’t really showcase during the photo captures. Whereas even without OIS the videos and photos don’t have as much shake as there should, thanks to the software stabilization. Though, the real competition comes in the camera modes, there are not many options available on OP2 while Honor 7 offers tons of camera modes. The most favorite of mine is the Super Night mode.

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The battery capacity on these devices is fairly equal; the large sized OnePlus 2 packs 3300mAh battery while Honor 7 is compact in size and yet it has a 3100mAh battery. But I should warn you about the battery issues on the OP2 as in our review quite a while back again we mentioned that how bad the standby time on this device is, and it holds true even after some OTA updates. On the other hand, the Honor 7 might be the best in category regarding the standby time. It doesn’t have the fast charging as advertised by the company. Overall, the Honor 7 is a clear winner in our eyes.


It’s very confusing to select the one option out of the top best device in a category. Though, I will try to break it down for you in an easier manner. If you’re looking for a device with compact size, great camera, and good battery life, then Honor 7 should be your choice. While if you’re more about large real estate and heavy gaming, then OnePlus 2 is the device you should be buying.


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