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Motorola Moto X 2014 Photo Gallery & Design Overview



Motorola Moto X 2014

The new Moto X, or the Moto X 2014 or whatever you may choose to call it, is here with a beautiful design, build and excellent specifications to power it. Surprisingly, all the rumors about Moto X2, Moto X+1 or such were laid to rest as the company decided to give it the same name, as the predecessor and that could confuse the non tech-savvy people, but for those who take a look at the spec-sheet, they can easily make out the difference.

For obvious reasons, the previous Moto X was one of the recommended smartphones last year, and Motorola has tried all its efforts to retain the same reputation with this flagship, although the new Moto G could not impress due to the fierce competition in that price range. One of the first reasons why someone would look for a Moto X, is for the number of color options available, unlike the standard White / Black choices that most flagships from other brands come with.

The new Moto X is bigger, and that is very easily noticeable. But the question is, is it actually better to hold and not uncomfortable? it indeed gets better with the narrowing of the back towards the side, thus giving us a comfortable feel while holding in the palm. The design team has shown some intelligence here, because although there is a good increase in the display size, the new Moto X is just 5 gram heavier than the predecessor and is thinner than it.

While holding the phone, it feels premium and that is thanks to the combination of materials where you get the back with the color you chose, and the sides are made of metal. The black one we have, has a back that doesn’t show any gloss, but is not matte in texture. It does give some friction to hold and thus the Moto X doesn’t slip out of hands that easily. Of course the wooden finish would have taken the thoughts to the other level, but we stick to this and still don’t feel disappointed.

The Moto X is full of sensors, the standard ones above the display and a couple of IR sensors below it. Both above and below the display, there are stereo speakers and these present themselves as a raised strip over the screen area, and they have a different texture. I feel this could pose an issue for those who talk a lot on the phone, as the earpiece can kind of put some pressure on the ear, but I’m judging that too early. I’m always a fan of front-facing speakers, and Motorola has implemented this on all its recent devices, after the Moto E.

The back area stands out with just the large camera area along with the Motorola’s branding. The camera has around it, the Motorola’s new Ring Flash, but by the looks of it, it is just the two LED flash lights on the left and right, with the ring adding more to the aesthetics, but not the functionality. The back cover cannot be removed, thus there is just the Nano SIM card slot, whose tray pops out with the SIM ejector pin.

The physical buttons are all on one side, and the power button has a texture that makes it easier for users to make out a difference. The MicroUSB port stays at the bottom, and the 3.5mm headset jack on the top, just beside to the SIM slot.

Overall, the Moto X 2014 looks excellent, never boring and at the same time, it is very comfortable to hold. The edges on the sides are sharp, but the smooth corners won’t make the device dig into the palm on holding it for long.

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