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Micromax Canvas A1 Photo Gallery & Design Overview



Micromax Canvas A1

The Canvas A1 from Micromax, the Android One series smartphone isn’t much different from its counterpart from Spice. It gives the same comfort while holding the phone, and the material ain’t different at all. As said in the Spice Dream Uno design overview, it is Google masterminding all the design and marketing strategy (OS is their own, anyway) and thus, the designs of these Android One phones are neat and similar. It doesn’t matter really about the similarity until one is better than the other, thus what a user really has to look into, is the brand value and the service centres around, if they are looking to buy one among the three Android One smartphones.

None of the corners and edges of the Micromax Canvas A1 are sharp, and thus the phone is very comfortable to hold but the smooth back makes it a little slippery though. The brushed metal area on the back for the camera is raised and that stands out, making the phone look a little more classy than the Spice Dream Uno, but the extra-shiny Micromax branding in the center does not look good.

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The earpiece as well as the speaker present themselves as small circular grills, and they look like the one that was seen in the Nexus 5, though in that case, it looked odd because of the color contrast put by Google (or LG) but here, the black phone has a total black earpiece area, giving it no bad look.

The back cover is removable, and thus you would be able to insert the two SIM cards (note: MicroSIM) and a MicroSD card for storage expansion. The battery is removable as well. On the front side, just like in the Spice Dream Uno, there’s some excessive bezel area wasted around the display and that has made the phone a little bigger than what it could be, but because it doesn’t take away your good experience, there is nothing to worry about.

Overall with the design, Micromax has done a good job and the point still stays – Google is the one taking care of everything here, and nothing bad was expected in the Android One series already.

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