Moto Z2 Force Smartphone Is Said To Have The Same OnePlus 5’s Jelly Screen Effect

by Karthik Iyer 6

A few weeks back, we had reported about a very unusual issue with the OnePlus 5 smartphone. Yes, we are talking about the Jelly effect which apparently, a lot of users were reporting about. It was reported that the affected OnePlus 5 units were fitted with an upside display panel resulting into this issue. However, OnePlus said it was completely normal and users don’t have to worry about it.

Now, on the same lines, the newly launched Moto Z2 force also seems to have been affected by the same issue. If you didn’t know already, Motorola just recently launched the new Moto Z2 Force smartphone in the U.S. with a much rather hefty price tag of over $700. And according to a new report, the Moto Z2 Force smartphone seems to have the same Jelly screen effect. This issue was experienced by a user on XDA forums. In fact, there is a video proof of the same as well.

Ass you can see from the video which is embedded down below, the screen seems to have a jelly effect while scrolling down. In fact, if you carefully look at the word “Display” on the screen while scrolling, the issue is far more noticeable. Another piece of information which the user has added here is the fact that the panel on the Moto Z2 Force refreshes in the opposite direction. You can head over the link below to check out the comparison video as well.

This is a clear indication that the display panel is mounted upside down, which is causing the problem. This is in fact, the same conclusion which was given for the OnePlus 5 smartphone as well. Moreover, it is also noted that a few of the Motorola smartphones have had the same exact issue, however, not it is getting so much attention mainly due to the fact that the OnePlus 5 issue was escalated so much.

Having said that, we would like to know your thoughts on this. What do you think about these kinds of issues on a flagship smartphone from a company? Let us know your thoughts on this by leaving a comment down below.

Via – GSMArena

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  • Mistake while assembling!! But not all the units have been affected, right?

    And can’t this be fixed by a software update?

  • Swapnil Potdar

    Needs to be resolved early ūüĎć

  • Vishal Giri

    I’m pretty sure Lenovo will fix it soon with an update!!

  • Yamini Nagarajan

    Awesome info…Superb phone

  • Aakash Prajapati

    It’s Small Bug. It’s Run Because Big Production Our World. Software Run Not Work Background Process.

  • Arup Das

    Very good Moto Z2 Force Smartphone