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Few OnePlus 5 Users Are Reporting About Their Display Being Mounted Upside Down



OnePlus launched the OnePlus 5 smartphone recently and the smartphone is already available to be purchased. However, unlike the other OnePlus launches, this one, in particular, has been under the limelight for a lot of negative things. Firstly the benchmark cheating report which came out and annoyed a lot of users. And now it has been reported that a lot of users are facing issues with their display panels on the OnePlus 5 smartphone. Apparently, a few users of the OnePlus 5 smartphone have reported that their screens are acting weirdly when scrolling.

This video below is one of the best demonstration of this so-called Jelly effect. And interestingly, not all the units are facing this, which makes us believe that it is limited to only some units and could possibly be a defective unit. Well, upon doing some research, it looks like the units with this issue seems to have to have their display mounted upside down. Reason being, the device which doesn’t have this issue seems to show the jelly effect once they are held upside down and used. Well, this means that the affected units have their displays mounted upside down and this is an issue which definitely can’t be fixed by a software update.

As of now, there is no official word from the company on this. Apparently, one of the users from OnePlus Forum has been contacted by the company which is currently “looking into the problem”. However, as mentioned earlier, the only solution to this issue seems to be getting the device replaced. And judging by the number of users facing this issue, it looks like a lot of work for OnePlus. Even if they fix it, this certainly is not a good sign for OnePlus. Lately, the company has been in the news for all wrong reasons and this is just adding on to the existing issues.

We would like to know your thoughts on this. After the Nougat 2 for OnePlus 2 promise broken, poor customer service complaints and everything, would you still consider buying a smartphone from OnePlus? Be sure to voice your opinions in the comment section below and also, stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more info like this.

Via – XDA Developers


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