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OnePlus Partners with DJI to Offer Four ‘Back to School’ Bundles



OnePlus launched the OnePlus 5 smartphone as the successor to the popular OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T smartphones. While the OnePlus 5 is the costliest OnePlus smartphone till date, it still offers value for money specifications along with premium build quality. Unlike the other major manufacturers, OnePlus maintains the same price tag till the stock lasts. However, the company offers even better value by selling the limited time bundled deals.

Now, the company has partnered with DJI to offer four ‘Back to School’ bundles. If you are from India, then these bundled deals are not applicable to you. The user has to order the bundle from the OnePlus’s official website, and the company will offer an exclusive coupon to get the DJI product from the selected bundle through DJI’s official website.Below are the four bundled deals along with the pricing.

Capture Your Life Bundle – $724

With the capture your life bundle, the user gets one DJI OSMO Mobile hand-held gimbal along with one OnePlus 5 smartphone. The user can choose between the three color variants – Slate Gray, Soft Gold, Midnight Black. The Midnight Black variant with 128GB storage will be costing slightly higher at $780. OnePlus is also offering a special 5% off coupon that will be applicable only for the Osmo Mobile accessories.

Everyday Adventures Bundle – $342

The everyday adventures bundle is same as capture your life bundle, but the OnePlus 5 smartphone is replaced with OnePlus travel backpack. The backpack comes in Morandi Gray & Space Black color options. It offers premium look with the military grade CorDura fabric. There are 12 internal pockets and comes with 20 liters capacity. It also has a quick access laptop compartment that can hold up to 15-inch laptops.

Take to the Sky Bundle – $538

In the take to the sky bundle, the company is offering DJI Spark along with the OnePlus travel backpack. This is the same travel backpack that is also offered with the everyday adventures bundle. While the DJI Spark comes in Alpine White, Sky Blue, Meadow Green, Lava Red, and Sunrise Yellow color options, only the Alpine White color is available under this bundle. Since this is not fly more combo, there will be no remote controller to control the drone.

Reach New Heights Bundle – $1028

At $1028, the reach new height bundle is the most costliest options. In this bundle, the DJI Spark is replaced with the much more powerful DJI Mavic Pro. This deal lasts till September 1st, and the user will not receive any free accessories offered the Mavic Pro. The 12MP sensor with 3-axis gimbal can record hi-res 4K videos. It comes with 27 minutes of maximum flight time and can travel at 65 kmph speed.


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