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New Patent Application Shows A Double-Sided Surface Phone With Metallic Body



Microsoft is said to be working on a surface phone for the longest of time now. There have been a lot of rumors and speculations surrounding this in the past and the latest report which we have right now with us, reveals yet another interesting piece of information about this alleged new device. So, essentially what we have here with us is a patent application which was filed back in February 2016.

Although the patent was filed back in February 2016, it was published just recently and it talks about a surface phone with a metallic body. The patent, entitled, “COVER OF DEVICE ACTING AS ANTENNA OF THE DEVICE”, reveals that the device will substantially be made out of metal. However, as the title says, instead of having the typical “dialectic” lines which are commonly found on devices with a metallic body, the metallic cover of this phone itself will act as the antenna.

It looks like Microsoft will make use of the double-sided nature of the body to avoid some of the issues of electrical interference. This will also prevent the “detuning” that occurs when touching these antennas when using the handset, thereby avoiding the whole “holding it wrong” issue. For those you who don’t know, when you “hold the device wrong”, the signal strength goes down, causing interference.

The man behind this, i.e. Antti Karilainen, who filed the patent, no longer works for Microsoft. This makes us wonder if the company is even working on this phone anymore. However, the fact that it filed in the year 2016, makes us believe that the company indeed had plans to innovate and bring something new to the market. And not just that, apparently there was yet another patent apl=plication which talked about a retractable camera lens. The retractable camera lens would have allowed for the camera to sit flush when not in use and come out whenever the user opens the camera application.

However, both the idea seems to be a thing of the past now and it is safe to say that we are not going to get a surface phone with all these bells and whistles, at least not anytime soon. Having said that, we would like to know your thoughts on this. Would you be interested in buying a surface phone, if it had all these features? Be sure to let us know your thoughts on this by leaving a comment down below.

Via – MSPoweruser


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