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Microsoft Lumia 535 FAQS, Tips, Tricks and Useful Options



Microsoft lumia 535

With Lumia 535, Microsoft has officially taken over the Lumia brand of smartphones by Nokia. Since, it is the first of many to come Microsoft branded Lumia smartphones, we have seen some addition of new features with the Denim update being rolled out of the box with Lumia 535. Meaning the Nokia brand of apps are replaced by Microsoft apps. The specs of the device include 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, Windows Phone OS 8.1. In the camera department, it sports a 5MP rear camera and 5MP front camera for selfies. The device comes with a decent 1905mAh battery for such a slim phone.

For the Microsoft Lumia 535 users, we wanted to share how you can improve your experience by using the tiniest of the tricks that your smartphone is capable of doing. Here are few FAQ, tips and tricks to get you started in improving the user experience on the device.

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Table of Contents

How to create folders on the Microsoft Lumia 535?

It is fairly easy to create folders on the Lumia 535, to do that first you need to tap and hold on a tile. Then, drag and drop that tile into any other tile; it will automatically create a folder. There you will be asked to name the folder. Now you can use this feature to organize the tiles on the home screen of your device. So, you can always rearrange the apps and make it into a folder to quickly access them.

How to customize the notification center on the Microsoft Lumia 535?

Microsoft Lumia 535 - Notification Center

Just like Android OS, the new Windows Phone OS update allows to customize the notification panel. Meaning you can now select your choice of quick settings that should appear in the notification panel. To do that, you need to go to notification and action option in settings. There tap on any icon out of four and replace it with any other quick action from the list.

How to customize the home screen with background wallpapers on Microsoft Lumia 535?

Under settings the first option pop’s is the “Start+Theme”, which now allows adding of background photos as wallpaper on the home screen. Now you can get more creative by setting your choice of the background photo rather than just black screen on the background of the live tiles.

What is the Kid’s corner mode on the Microsoft Lumia 535?

While this feature is absent on Android OS powered smartphone, you can certainly see it on the Lumia 535, the Windows Phone-powered smartphone. This feature allows you to create a kid mode, where you can restrict the usage to certain apps and functionalities that you want a kid to use only.

How to optimize the battery life of Microsoft Lumia 535?

Windows Phones have known to have decent battery life, but if you are not satisfied with battery life on Lumia 535, then you can surely optimize the battery life of the device. To do that, you need to go to battery saver option in settings, now swipe to the usage tab, there tap on the option to show app that can run in the background. The list of apps will be opened, there you need to tap on any of the apps, and it will open an app that will allow you to turn off the app while running in the background.

What is the Data sense feature on the Microsoft Lumia 535?

Microsoft Lumia 535 - Data Sense

Most of the time it is not easy to manage your data usage on your smartphones ands that’s when the inbuilt data sense feature gets helpful. It makes sure you don’t empty your account too fast. Mostly helpful for Pre-paid customers, but it also integrates features to help Post-paid users too. You can specify if your connection is pre-paid or monthly, or if you have an unlimited plan. For pre-paid users, you can select the days until this data limit applies, as well as enter the available data under MB or GB units. For monthly users, you can select the data reset date and monthly data limit in MB or GB units. As well as browser data settings picks the best settings on the base of the information you entered about your data limit.

How to install apps, store photos on SD card in my Microsoft Lumia 535?

The storage sense app allows you to change the location of the storage to SD card once inserted into the device. It will allow you to store music, photos, new apps, as well as downloads directly on the SD card or phone. This option will be only activated once you have successfully inserted a working SD card.

How to project my Microsoft Lumia 535 screen?

It is quite an interesting feature for a sub 10K smartphones. The Microsoft Lumia 535 allows you to project the screen on a smartphone to a bigger screen device. It simply can project the videos, family photos, or an app that you want to demonstrate on a bigger screen with the help of miracast. You must have HDMI support on TV, projector or the monitor, or else you can directly project the screen to a Windows PC via this feature. All you just need is a USB cable for connectivity between smartphone and Windows PC.

What is the Driving mode feature on the Microsoft Lumia 535?

Microsoft Lumia 535 - Driving Mode

It is a much-needed feature on a smartphone, as it will allow you to use your phone in most efficient way with distracting your driving attention. You can turn off the calls as well as texts, thereby automatically replying to the sender that you are behind the wheels. The driving mode will initiate once you connect a Bluetooth device to your phone.

What does the wallet app do on my Microsoft Lumia 535?

It is normal to keep a lot of things in your physical wallet, like credit/debit cards, boarding pass, event tickets, vouchers or even the Windows Store/ Xbox gift cards. But if you have a Lumia 535 smartphones you can store all those cards’ information on your device, and you’ll never have to carry them around with you all the time.

How to insert SIM card on the Microsoft Lumia 535?

Inserting SIM card is the basic step one needs to do to jump start the usage of your smartphone. The Dual SIM card slots are present on the back side of the device. First you need turn OFF the device then remove the back cover to expose the slots, now remove the battery in order to insert the SIM cards. Insert them carefully in a mentioned direction, and you are good to go. Close the back cover and turn the device ON.

How much is the internal storage on the Microsoft Lumia 535?

The internal storage on the Lumia 535 is 8GB, but around 4GB out of that is used by the system and 1GB by the pre-installed apps by Microsoft. So you are left with less than 2GB of storage space on your smartphone.

Can I turn Internet hotspot ON and share my phone internet?

Microsoft Lumia 535 - Internet Sharing

Yes, the Lumia 535 allows you to share the internet connection with the other devices. First you need to turn ON the mobile data connection then go to internet sharing option in the settings area. Now switch ON the sharing option as well as select the type through which you want to share the internet. You can either share it over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. The below is the name of the broadcast device, and the password set to access the internet from the device.

How to take a screenshot on Microsoft Lumia 535?

It is fairly easy to take a screenshot on the Lumia 535; you just have to hold the volume up key and the power button together, and the screenshot will be taken and saved automatically in the gallery.


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