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Low Power Mode on iOS 9 – Here’s how it works, and how to enable it



iOS 9 Low Power Mode

Battery woes are never ending. Even if you have a smartphone that is doing quite good with the battery, you would expect it to deliver more than what it does. That’s the case even with Apple iPhone, especially the iPhone 6. The battery keeps draining quickly on heavy usage, and you tend to run for a charge by the end of the day. With the introduction of iOS 9, Apple has also mentioned about a new low power mode, that might help get some extra usage time before the battery drains out completely.

According to Apple, apps and key technologies are made more efficient so as to trim down the battery usage whenever possible, across the entire OS. The ambient light and proximity sensors on the iPhone checks whether the phone is kept facedown on the table, and thus will prevent the screen from turning on, even when there is a notification coming in. The sound will be enough to let you know about a notification.

What would the Low Power Mode on iOS 9 do?

What we talked above, is not a part of low power mode. It is how iOS will work from now, to reduce the battery drain. But, the new version of iOS comes with this low power mode, which will help save power on the phone. Here’s how it plans to do that.

  • Compromise on performance
  • Reduction in networking activity
  • Background data turned off

iOS 9 Low Power Mode enabledReduction in performance might sound something like under clocking of the processor that is seen on Android devices, and we aren’t judging how Apple is doing this. But according to Apple, it is just “reduces performance and networking activity”.

Mail fetching is usually done on timely basis, according to what we always noticed on Apple devices. With Low Power Mode turned on, his would be turned off, and the user will have to manually refresh mailbox to fetch any new mail.

Motion effects and animated wallpapers are disabled when Low Power Mode is enabled. One example of that is the beautiful Parallax feature that shakes the wallpaper on the background when the phone is angled. That Parallax feature as well gets disabled on Low Power Mode.

This basically works like most of the power saving modes on Android OS, available in different ways based on the ROM maker, and when you don’t always have to toggle every particular setting off separately, it is a good thing because a single toggle does everything to increase the usage time of the iPhone when the remaining battery is low.

How to enable Low Power Mode in iOS 9?

The low power mode can be enabled by going to Settings > Battery, and there you’ll see a Low Power Mode. You need to enable it, and you’ll see the screen getting a little darker instantly.

The issue right now with this mode, is that you have to manually go to the same setting to turn it off. There is nothing in the control centre, and no other shortcut. To disable it, go to Battery settings and you’ll be able to get the iPhone back to full performance.

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