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Explaining the Multitasking on iOS 9 – What’s new for iPad Air users?



Split View

Apple announced many new things ranging from its Flipboard like Apple News to revolutionary Apple Music, but the geeks of iOS are excited to know more about the Multitasking that is now introduced on the iOS 9. So, we spent some time researching and would explain to you guys what exactly this feature offers.

This split screen multitasking is specially designed for the iPad users, so no luck for the iPhone 6 Plus users here. It is no surprise though, as with multiple leaks already we knew that this feature was going to come. This marvelous task is possible because of the new app switcher interface available on the iPad, which can run two apps side by side. While owners of old models would be able to open quickly the app and switch back to what they were doing, it won’t be on a side by side case.

It would be a great way to look up information, reply to messages, or even check in on updates from other apps. Moreover, you also get such options for video apps, as you can have videos, or even a FaceTime conversation continuously running in a floating Picture-in-Picture window, whereas another app runs it in full-screen behind it.

The support for running multiple apps on the iPad comes in a couple of different ways. One way is the Slide Over, which allows users to place an app on the side of the interface while the main app would be running at the full iPad size. Using it is very simple, from within an app you have to swipe simply from the right edge of the display towards the center, and there would appear a list of apps. After you choose an app, it will appear in a window on the right side of the display.

To be clear, both of the Split Wise & Slide Over are available only for iOS 9 updated for iPad Air 2 model, while other models like iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, and iPad Air would only have Slide Over feature.

Multitasking is not new for Android

Android users are not new to hearing the multitasking facility on their smartphone. For those who don’t know yet, it was introduced by Samsung in their Galaxy Note 2, as a Multi Window feature, where you can split the screen and work on the both apps simultaneously. While Samsung got multitasking working on its smartphones three years back, LG also introduced the Dual Window mode on the LG G3. Even though, it is still available on the handful of the devices, the feature is easily portable to any apps. And we also have a list of apps that lets you multitasks on the Android smartphone.

Coming back to the iOS 9, we know that iPad has always supported forms of multitasking, but for iOS 9 it has finally been taken to a whole new place. Both the apps are active at the same time; you can scroll them both at the same time. You can drag and drop between apps, and four-finger swipes still switch apps in each zone. Remember, the Apps can be 50 / 50 on screen, or 70 / 30, according to what you want them to be.

You can double-tap on the home button to show the new task switcher while to Slide Over you just need to swipe in from the side to bring in another app. As well as you can pull down from the top to bring in other applications.

If not similar, but this is very reminiscent of the Windows 8, looks like Apple has even taken cues from its rival Microsoft. Moreover, the Multitasking helps make the post-PC era feel exact like the PC era.

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