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Lenovo K3 Note Problems, User Complains & How To Fix them



Lenovo K3 Note

The Lenovo K3 Note was one of the Top Selling Smartphones in India because of the large display, top tier brand reputation & a budget pricing of Rs 10000. We were one of the first buyers of this device through Flipkart buying it in the first sale for reviewing it here but were surprised with many issues though few of those are fixed by the brand in the OTA updates pushed later. Since Flipkart was not agreeing to replace the unit, we made a Periscope video to showcase the issues & published an article here – Reasons not to buy the Lenovo K3 Note

If you read the comments on that specific article you can find there are dozens of problems users, have posted with their device. Let’s take a look at all the common problems with this Phone & solutions or fixes for the same.

Issue: K3 Note Heating while Browsing or Gaming
“I have purchased the K3 Note online & have been using both Airtel & Vodafone depending on the network coverage. Have been connecting to the internet through both 3G & 4G, for accessing Facebook, YouTube & have been noticing that the device is heating a lot. It also heats up whenever I play games on my phone, is there any solution to ensure that the phone does not heat up much?”
Solution: In our experience the Phone did heat up a lot but not to an extent you cannot use it, but well that varies from user to user. If your device is getting heated a lot, blame the chipset & the manufacturer has done nothing yet to fix these issues. One simple solution would be to force disable or stop the applications that you do not intend to use out of the box. Also, you need to ensure that you close all the apps running in the background while browsing the web because you mostly do not need them when doing 1 task at a time. That will significantly help the phone in processing very less number of applications or processes and keep the temperature low.

Issue: Invalid IMEI Null Error
“Before using any new phone, I factory reset it to ensure it is clean and I can safely log in to all my important email accounts. The last time I did that the IMEI number was gone, is there any fix for this?”
Solution: This is a very new issue we have heard of, and a quick search showed that many other users have the same problem with their devices. The IMEI has been missing or getting invalid when users have been trying to install a custom ROM on their phones. The best solution for this is using the SN Write Tool to recover the lost IMEI Number, the procedure for which you can find in this link. Again do note that the procedure mentioned is in Chinese, but you can convert to English & its pretty straight forward.

Issue: Play Store keeps Downloading Forever
“I had installed a few applications on my Note, following which after a few days there were a few software / app updates. The play store keeps continuously downloading but does not download any of these apps. What could be the issue? Should I factory data reset the phone to fix it?”
Solution: This is a problem not limited to the device because we have earlier seen many Android phones having this peculiar problem. There are two possible solutions for this. The first being that you need to ensure you can update the apps when you are even on a 3G or a 4G connection & not just limit this to Wi-Fi. This option can be found under the Data usage where you can find the setting of “Auto Sync data” that you have to Toggle ON.

Another solution could be clearing the settings under the phone settings. Head over to the Settings > Manage Apps > Search for “Google Play Services” > Clear the data. This would clear the cache in the Google play app and the data of the same, following which once you tap on the store you will be asked to select the Primary Google Account. Once done, you will be taken to the main page of the Play Store & also access the updates section right away.

Issue: Charging Issues & Flipkart not Replacing
“I bought Lenovo k3 note on Flipkart independence day sale. It’s not getting charged after 5 minutes. Sometimes it’s charging for half an hour. I raised return request and replacement. I asked to replace with Huawei Honor 4x. But they said no. They asked me to enter into recovery mode, wipe data. They asked me to install smart check app. Like this, they made me wait for one week. They are not ready to replace it seems. Flipkart is worst when considered with replacement.”
Solution: You have mentioned that the phone is having issues with the battery while charging, that could be fixed partially by trying out calibrating it. We have a complete tutorial on calibrating your android phone here on PhoneRadar; that can help you in completing this procedure. If this does not help in your battery woes, do ensure that you are using the same power adapter that is provided within the retail packaging. Flipkart, when you contact would first recommend you to install their Smartcheck android application that helps them in remotely accessing your phone and diagnosing the basic issues.

This can not just save their time, but also the costs of picking up the phone back, looking into the issues & sending a replacement. That said, it is not something very effective and mostly looks into the basic components like screen check, audio output test, color check, network signal test, etc. & if you feel it’s not fixing your issue, it’s recommended to tweet to them @flipkart, following which you can expect good solution.

We have tried to fix few of the major issues found on the K3 Note, if you have any other issues you need to head over to our Hardware Issues Forums & discuss with the lovely community.


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