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How to Increase Battery Life on Samsung Galaxy J2 – Top 5 Tips



Smartphones are growing day-by-day and batteries are also growing bigger with every passing year. If you want proof; see the battery capacity on the Gionee Marathon M5, which was recently launched in India. But not all the devices are lucky enough to get such battery capacity. Despite for a considerably good battery life the Android devices, these days demand a lot of power.

You can’t always blame battery capacity for poor battery life. But there’s always a way to make it last longer than usual. You just have to ask the right questions and answer them correctly as well. We have laid out few points below that would help in improving the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy J2.

Power Saving Mode

Samsung Galaxy J2 - Power Saving Mode

Samsung is known to set a standard for power saving modes, unlike any other brands. There are usually two types of power saving modes available on a Galaxy device; one is a normal power saving mode while other is an ultra power saving mode. But the Galaxy J2 isn’t a kind of smartphone to sport two power saving modes; probably it doesn’t even make sense due to the low-performance processor. The only mode available is the ultra power saving mode. To switch to this mode, you have to head over to the settings area and tap on the battery option. Now all you have to do is switch on the toggle button for Ultra Power Saving mode, and you’re done. Do make a note that you will be able to access on few services like calls, texts, checking time, etc.

Turn OFF Auto-sync

Guys don’t fall into the Auto-sync trap. Most of us have many Google accounts logged in on one handset, and we don’t need them updated every fifteen minutes. Just go to the Settings app and under that head over to the accounts options, there you can easily disable the auto-sync for those apps that you don’t need constant updates from. There are some apps like email that lets you manually refresh and check out the latest updates when you need to. Unless you need push notifications or constant updates you can sync when you actually use the app.

Update Your Apps Manually

We all want the latest app updates. Thus, most of us kept apps at Auto-update. But consider this situation; you have less than 15% of battery and still need to access mobile data, and suddenly what happens is that number of apps starts getting automatically updated. It’s not a nice scenario when you’re concerned with the battery life on your device. You might be into a lot of troubles if that happens for real. The best way to avoid such situations is to remove the auto-updates in the Play Store settings. Or you can individually go into each app and deselect the function.

Don’t Need to be Connected 24/7

Just turn off the GPS, Mobile data, Bluetooth and even Wi-Fi whenever you don’t need them necessarily. That’s one of the ways to save battery life. If you don’t want to completely turn off the location, then you should put settings to use Wi-Fi or 3G instead of the GPS on your device as it perfectly works. Only turn on the Bluetooth service when you need it, and there’s no need to have both Wi-Fi and mobile data turned on at the same times, especially if you know when you need which one or the other.

No Apps in Background

Multitasking is what smartphones are made for, but that is not a continuance need. So, what you need to do with those apps running in the background? Yes, you need to force stop them and just for a simple reason for using the battery life. By killing those apps, you can drastically reduce the CPU’s workload and thus cut down the power consumption of the device. To do so, you have to launch recent menu and close the app. Or you could go to the smart manager and tap on clean all button. You can further go to apps option in the settings area and open any running app to force close them.

These are few tips that would help you in increasing the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy J2. If you want to speed up things on your device, i.e., increase the performance of you Galaxy J2, then you can head over to our article about it.


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