How to use Jio 4G SIM with Unlimited Data Plan on any Smartphone with VoLTE – Steps to Activate

by Teja Chedalla 96

Reliance’s 4G LTE network Jio 4G is said to commercially launch their services starting from August 15th. It had first started its services for their employees in December last year and later brought the invite system where others can get a free Jio 4G SIM bundled with the LYF smartphone. While the LYF – Jio Preview offer is now available for all, a few weeks back it had collaborated with Samsung to offer the Jio 4G SIM for 13 selected Galaxy smartphones. But as we shared earlier, the users can generate the code on any smartphone to get the Jio 4G SIM by just installing all the 11 apps.

It worked on all smartphones even with the non-4G devices except iPhones and Windows devices. While many from our team and readers tried to the get the Jio SIM from Reliance outlets with the valid barcode, many outlets have either asked to show the Samsung device with a bill or the IMEI number of the device. But luckily, I got the Jio SIM along with few of our readers and unlike many users, my SIM was activated in less than 12 hours. Now, when I inserted the SIM in the LeEco Le Max 2 which comes enabled with VoLTE, I got signal and able to tele-verify my number.

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Once it is done, I eagerly opened the MyJio app to check whether the unlimited Jio preview offer is activated or not. Since the SIM is activated with the Samsung Offer, I am unable to get the unlimited preview offer activated on my number using LeEco device. Later I installed all the mentioned four apps – Jio Beats, Jio On Demand, Jio Play and Jio Money on the device, but still, there is no use. Even I tried the same process on my LYF Flame 2 and that too didn’t work. Since there is no mentioned Samsung Galaxy device in our office, the tried with the Galaxy On7 Pro that supports 4G LTE with VoLTE.

I installed all the four Jio apps, and surprisingly the offer got activated. The preview offer was also activated on one of my friends Jio 4G SIM using the same the Galaxy On7 Pro. But later when used that Jio SIM in his 4G device that doesn’t support VoLTE, the offer was deactivated in a span of 10 minutes. Now, I am using my Jio SIM with the Le Max 2, and there are no worries as mentioned earlier because its comes enabled with VoLTE. Few of our readers also got the 90 days unlimited Jio preview offer also activated with the OnePlus 3 and Redmi Note 3. With the recent update to the MyJio app, now we aren’t able to generate the barcode.

In case, if you already got the Jio 4G SIM activated and are only limited to just 2GB of 4G data, then below is the process to get the 90 days unlimited offer activated and will be able to use it on any 4G smartphone supporting VoLTE.

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  • Get any Samsung Galaxy smartphone that comes enabled with VoLTE and uninstall all the Jio apps if there are any apps installed. (not limiting to the earlier mentioned 13 Galaxy devices)
  • Now insert the Jio SIM in that particular Samsung smartphone.

Note : The SIM will not be locked with that particular device

  • If you haven’t got the signal, check whether the data and VoLTE options are enabled or not. If not, enable them and you will now get the signal
  • Now open the Playstore and download the MyJio app.
  • Once it is installed, open it and you see the “Install All” on the top right. Tap on it and install all the 11 apps one by one, though it is mentioned to download only the four apps that are mentioned above.
  • Now close and reopen the MyJio app. Then tap on the “open” button that sits beside the MyJio app name.
  • The latest update doesn’t show the options “Get Jio SIM” or “Avail Offer.” Just tap on skip to login automatically.
  • You will see the offer activated on your number.
  • Now open the hamburger menu and tap on “My Plans” section.
  • There should be a total of three plans activated on your number, the “Jio Preview Offer for Partner – (Prepaid Plan)” is what confirms that the unlimited pack is activated on your number.
  • The offers provide unlimited usage of 4G data, voice calls, SMS and premium access to Jio suite of apps.

Here is the list of smartphones supporting VoLTE which can be used with Jio 4G SIM

Teja Chedalla

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  • Pulkit Jain

    Hey amit have u observed that the le max 2 Jio speeds compared to Samsung any device (indoors) is slower ,I got only 2mbps download and 0.16mbps upload while in Samsung galaxy j2 ,I got 3.5mbps download and 3.25mbps upload speeds(indoors).

    • Pranay Singhvi

      Bro can u plzz tell me that how you have activated the unlimited plan in your jio sim using samsung galaxy j2..becoz im having the same device but unable to activate the unlimited data.

      • Pulkit Jain

        Just download the old my Jio app and apply the same process that you have done to get the sim and at the last when you will click on get Jio sim it will say to avail the offer and click on that.

        • Pranay Singhvi

          first of all thanks for the reply brother..
          Just tell me one thing that i have to download all the ten apps before pressing avail offer or after that

      • rabin” Singh

        can u send me the link for old jio app???

  • Well-Wisher

    I got it done on my Coolpad in the same way as you have mentioned it above . I got unlimited usage for 3 months! No need to put it in a Samsung phone. You only need to uninstall all Jio apps and reinstall it. Then turn the data and wifi off. Then open the My Jio app. Click on the sign in button. It’ll show that you don’t have internet. Now switch on your internet. This time will automatically log into the app. Once in, you’ll see the option of activating the unlimited offer. Click on submit. You will get a confirmation sms regarding a successful recharge.

    • Shubham Namdev

      Hi well wisher. I am using coolpad note 3 lite got jio sim but didnt got unlimited data. I have tried reinstalled the my jio and other 4 jio apps but there is no option of avail offer or get jio offer please help me

      • Nik

        Did you get it??

        • Shubham Namdev


          • Nik

            How?? I too have Redmi Note 3. I am not getting the unlimited submit thing. Did you use a Samsung phone??

          • Shubham Namdev

            Give me ur mail id my comment is removed by someone i dont know whats happening here

          • kshitij narain rai

            hello shubham, I ma also using coolpad note 3 but do not have access to nlimited data plan. only have recieved 2gb. trying for a number of days but unlimited plan din’t get activated. can u please provide me with steps via which u were able to activate ur unlimited data limit ??

          • Shubham Namdev

            Brother my jio app is now updated by company and previous version of my jio app which have bug through which any user can get rel 4g sim and unlimited data now has been fixed. To get unlimited offer you have to download apk of my jio app of previous version and there you will see avail offer or submit button to get unlimited data do not use ur wifi after installing the previous version off app use mobile data

          • SAJID BISWAS

            hello Shubham Namdev, I have coolpad note 3 lite also. I want this offer, so i want to talk to u. will u pls send me an email at or pls give me your email id

          • Shubham Namdev

            Brother download the apk of previous version of my jio app and try again

          • Nik

            Hello reply please..
            How?? I too have Redmi Note 3. I am not getting the unlimited submit thing. Did you use a Samsung phone??

    • Rahul

      hello Well-Wisher i have done the same as mentioned above in redmi note 3..but couldnt get the offer..can you help me to solve this??

  • TT Raja

    I got the code. But the stores in Chennai refused to provide SIM.

  • Ashwinn M

    hey phone radar i am unable to finish my 2gb data as it is stuck on last 2.5 kb and im not able to finish and cant get unlimited offer . i have also signed up in my jio app and it did not work

    • Nik

      But are you getting full speed?

  • Rahul

    The above mentioned way is working only in few handsets…i am using redmi note 3,,and followed the same steps..but could’nt get the offer..

    • Nik

      Same here

  • I have got my sim and preview offer of unlmited 4G for 90 days through my friend’s phone (Moto G4 plus). I used his phone because i didn’t had any 4G phone. Two days back i bought one plus 3 so now can i put the sim on my phone and use those Jio 4G services on my phone? Is it possible? Please help!

    • Yes.

      • do i have to install those jio apps on my one plus 3. Can you please list out all steps. That would be great help. Thanks in advance…

        • Nik

          If you got the unlimited offer already then no onned to install all apps. Just install the myJio app

          • Ok thanks for your help. Have you did the same thing which I am trying to do?
            I activated jio 90 days unlimited offer from moto g4 plus and now trying to use that sim on one plus 3.
            If you have done anything similar then I would love to know the exact steps from you.

            Thanks in advance.

          • Nik

            Just put that card in your phone. If not working, then restart phone. 100% will work.

          • shubham bhandare

            Moto 4g plus ko AA raha be ka jio sim

    • Himanshu Singh

      Can u tell me the process that how you activated the unlimited offer. I got only 2gb on my moto x play.

  • sallu

    i have MI4I phone & i used 2gb net. but now it says sign in to network.. what should i do?

    • Nik

      +918013867770 Nikhil Agrawal. inse baat karlo

    • Krishna Bajoria

      I am facing same problem…please help

      • Nik

        +918013867770 Nikhil Agrawal. inse baat karlo

  • sallu

    i have MI4I phone and i used 2gb net. but now it shows sign in to network. what should I do?…

  • Rajput Sunil Kanyal

    Sir I got jio sim by using Samsung S6 but sir can I use this sim in reshmi note 3

    • Nik

      Once its activated. you can use anywhere.

      • Vaibhav Maheshwari

        I m not able to usr after activation on my Note4. The unlimited offer got activated on Samsung phone, now when i tried use the sim i redmi note3 sim in not detected. Please help.

        • Nik

          Just restart the phone. It’ll work just fine.

  • Ted Sh

    Tried this trick. Changed IMEI too, but then I lost the offer permanently. Jio people detected my real handset. I availed the offer by a LYF handset. Jio have blocked all the loopholes. Please don’t try this trick if you availed the SIM with LYF handset. Try such tricks only if you have neither Samsung nor LYF phone, else you will lose the offer permanently. Putting the SIM back to Samsung/LYF won’t credit back your offer.

  • Ishan Makhija

    hello bro .. i have j7 .. i got the code from s7 and i got sim .. can i use the that on my j7 i hasnt activated thatt sim yet … can i have to change my imeior it will work without changing imei no can u plz help me ….???

    • Maddy

      Yes. You can as i did the same. Initially they activated only 2GB base plan. After many hours of tapping and installing n uninstalling, finally somehow i got activated the unlimited offer and enjoying now…

  • bishwajeet

    Can I activate this unlimited offer (not 2gb only) on my asus zenfone 2 laser? If yes please refer how?

  • Amit Yadav

    I hve successfully activated unlimited plan on my yuphoria.. 🙂 open blustack emulator, and with blustack tweaker.. Change the device model to Samsung any Samsung mobile….. Now connect your Hotspot from ur mobile to laptop and open blustack… Download the old version of.. My jio app apk, and all the 4app which is necessary to activate the offer.. Without enable data open my jio app In bluestack, and On the Jio data connection,…! And reopen the my jio app.. U will see a notification Avail offer.. Just click it…. It take time… U ll see error network connection keep trying… 2,3 times and restart bluestack… Again.. Old jio apk will show a option to update… Close the app, and now try login from ur phone… U ll see successful unlimited plan is activated…… Self invented trick… Hope it works with u…. Reply must….. This tricks for new jio Sim user who got from QR CODE… THANXXX 🙂

  • Narayana Swamy Ramshetty

    I am having new jio 4g sim just brought it from the store can I activate and use it any smartphone rather than reliance jio mobile if at all I use will I get that 3 months unlimited data and calls offer

    • Nik

      Yes. As long as the phone supports 4g.

      • Ejaz Ahmed Khan

        Dear Nik,

        R u sure i can use the jio sim in my Note 3 LTE brought from UAE i have Jio sim.

        Please tell me.

        • Nik

          100% sure.

          • Ejaz Ahmed Khan

            Once it’s activated and verification done from Lyf phone I will get unlimited net and calls on my Samsung Note 3 lte.

            Please reply

  • Amith kumar

    Unlimited means how much ???

    • Nik

      Unlimited means as much as you can use.

      • iPhone Jio

        have you activated it? did u activate on those S,A series samsung phone or can we activate on any samsung phone?

        • Nik

          You can activate it on ANY 4G Enabled phone once you manage to get it.

      • Dinesh

        Hi Nik….can I able to use jio sim in Xioami mi4i?bcz not showing network signal..I got this sim and activated this sim through Samsung A8..

        • Nik

          Have you done tele verification? If thats done then your sim should come alive any time. Make sure you put it in a 4G enabled phone. Sinceits a 4G only sim.

          • Dinesh

            I activated and televerified through Samsung..but I got only 2gb ….I can’t activate unlimited through my Mi4i.. through Samsung also I can’t activate bcz my frnd already activated unlimited in another jio sim through that same mobile

          • Nik

            +918013867770 Nikhil Agrawal. Whatsapp him. Tell him Nikhil told you.

    • I’ve got jio SIM with lyf mobile. Can I use the same SIM in my Redmi note 3?. How?

  • Dinesh

    I activated jio through Samsung A8…can I use this sim in mi4i??not showing signal in mi4i

  • john

    I only get 2gb on my note 5. Is there any other settings to get unlimited data

  • Himanshu ..

    i m not getting unlimited 4g data what to do my device is lenovo k4 note..please help me .

  • arun sharma

    i have coolped note 3 mobile also i get officer but jio store not give me jio sim….plz help me can i do

  • Amit Verma

    bro i have a flame 6 my jio sim works fine in flame 6 but when i insert this sim in redmi note 3 and try to call or use data it says ur plans has expired but it works in flame 6
    what do i do to use this data in redmi note 3
    and also i m getting slow ,speed can i increase data speed

    • Som Lipu

      that sim is registered with your flame 6 IMEI number. so the unlimited offer can’t work in another phone.

  • tp shah

    I got the screen which is there at the top on this article. But when I navigate to ‘My Plans’ in the menu it shows that out of 2GB only 983MB is remaining.

    I called up 198. She knew that I was using Redmi Note 3 and not any Samsung mobile. So she said Jio couldn’t give unlimited offer.

    Is there any way out ?

    • Nik

      +918013867770 Nikhil Agrawal. Phone milao, unlimited offer pao

  • Sreejith

    I get jio sim my samsung j7 2016.. but I didn’t get unlimited data plan

  • Jitender Ghanghas

    i got unlimited internet offer with my LYF flame 6 . But when i insert same sim in my oppo f1 plus internet and calls not work. I already installed all jio applications on my oppo f1 plus but nothing happen. Please let me know if anyone use.

    • Nik

      If you buy card with Jio Lyf phone, it will only work with that phone.

      • Jitender Ghanghas

        hi Brother is there no way to use it with oppo

  • Arindam Gupta

    I got the sim without any barcode generate and activate also in moto g4 by tele verification now how can i get the 90 days offer frm jio plz help

    • Marshal Varghese

      Uninstall all jio apps except myjio. Then install them again one by one. Once finished, switch of the internet connection,open my jio, click get jio sim,it will show no intrnet connction,switch on internet,tap on back and click sign in. There u will be able to avil the unlimited offer

  • SuryæTeja Marella

    I brought JIo wifi router and a jio sim at first the gave 2 gb data and after what should i DO

    • Marshal Varghese

      Bro, it would be easy if you contacted the customer care.

  • Marshal Varghese

    Bro, i managed to get a jio sim using my friend’s barcode which was generated on a 3g smartphone. Will there be any issue in activating the sim using my moto g3 and availing the unlimited offer.

    • abbie


      • abbie

        Bas usi Samsung ke phone se sab process pura karo 2 gb ko unlimited kar lo phir woh sim Moto g3me use karo

  • Tejaswi Hj

    Hii I got sim in one of centre right now I am using for Redmi note 3. Still sim in not active.not getting any network.what should I do

    • Rakshith M

      did u complete all the televerifaction process by calling 1977??

      • akash babu

        I m too getting the same problem

      • Tejaswi Hj

        I am not getting network only ! How to televerify

        • Rakshith M

          then ur sim is not yet activated..go to store

    • Rajan Dhir

      data shift to sim one jio sim network come

  • Cry Emoticons

    Hey I got jio Sim and its also get activated but only YouTube work properly with 4g speed and all other sites and app work like 2g simple word only YouTube run fast and every thing all too slow ..plz help me guyz

    • Rakshith M

      to increase ur speed download 5 to 6 items or movies at a tym. automaticlly it will increase

  • Santhosh Kumar

    Hi, I got jio sim from my office. After two days i got na email from jio like the sim is ready for the activation. But when I tried calling 1977 nothing happening, just dialling no sound no call connect and the call is ending after few seconds without connecting.

  • Santhosh Kumar

    Please help me anyone. I’m using Leeco 1s eco mobile.

  • Pradeepkumar

    Hii am using Samsung galaxy on5 in that phone jio sim is activated call and sms r working but mobile data is not working wat to do any one plz help me
    But it shows that my jio plane is activated for unlimited for 90 days but data is not working plz suggest me

  • Akshay Singh

    I have 2 jio sim and by mistake i have acticted both sims through my J7 phone but i have J5 phone also. Now when i insert one sim in J5 Phobe it shows no service but when i insert that sim im my j7 it works. I want to acticate my second sim in my j5 phone…. pls help me

  • shubham bhandare

    Moto4g plus ko AA raha he kya jio connection

  • Vaishno Dev Singh

    I got the jio sim on a vild samsung phone but its not yet activated can i get the sim activated on some other valid 4g phone or do I have to activate it on samsung and then put it in my other phone

  • Amit Kumar

    Hi.. m taken jio sim in Samsung J7 n m using also.. but now i want to use that sim in red mi note 3.. can i use or not.. ??

  • susanta banik

    hi my jio sim in samsung J7 is i could not use internet by this sim…can u help me? how can i use the internet by this jio sim..

  • karan dutta

    why is my jio 2 gb data is deducted after getting unlimited preview offer

  • Rambir Sharma

    i generated jio code using nox app player emulator,so i want to ask how to activate this sim cause i dont have a 4g phone & imei no and also can i activate it on another phone, imei issues any?

  • Koushik Raj

    i have got a activated jio sim,now iam going to change my mobile will i be able to use the same jio sim from my old phone in new phone?