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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Worldwide Pricing – Costliest in Australia, UK & India



Every year we wait for upgrades of the phones, while a few smartphone consumers wait for iPhone, others wait for the Premium Android flagship devices. There is one particular series that interests a lot of Android enthusiasts which is the Galaxy Note Series that’s famous for the Stylus, Large display & an amazing battery.

Like every year, Samsung has launched their new Note handset, which is named Note 7 (Note 6 Skipped for obvious reasons) just couple days back in the United States, while it was later announced in countries like South Korea, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Russia, France and many more countries. If you are from Russia, Ukraine and Malaysia then there are delays in the availability of the phone because of huge demand in the overseas markets.

The point of this article is to showcase you how the worldwide pricing of the Galaxy Note7 varies and consumers from which country has to pay the highest amount to buy the same handset. There are, of course, all kinds of taxes and duties involved when company imports handsets, depending upon the region. But we aren’t going to get deep onto that. Instead, you get to see the analysis of the launched pricing in your country against others, where the brand has launched their product. The pricing of the phone mentioned below is converted from respective currencies into Indian Rupees & you can notice that Australia is on the top where the phone costs $1349 that roughly translates to INR 69,100.

Costliest Note 7 Pricing

Starting with the United States, the brand announced the handset in the country on August 2nd, but it will be available for purchase starting August 19th. The company is going to make all the colors available that were announced at the global launch event. The list includes black, blue and silver colors. Though, the carriers that are offering Note7 in the country are limited to Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, and U.S. Cellular. According to the reports, the retailer’s list includes BestBuy, Target, Amazon and select Walmart stores.

Galaxy Note 7 Worldwide PricingWhile talking about other countries like Malaysia, China, UK, South Korea, Canada, Australia, Thailand, India, Dubai and Japan you can check out the table below to know the exact pricing of the device available in the respective countries. Note that the color variants and availability would vary according to the region. As far as availability is concerned in India, it is going to go on sale on September 2nd. We reported that company is experiencing a delay in availability of the handset in some regions like Malaysia, which is delayed until September.

Note: We have standardized the pricing in the table as well as a graph to Indian Rupees. Though, you can see the pricing in respective currency as well.


After analyzing the official pricing in the countries listed in the table, we found out that the Australians are paying the highest amount at Rs 69,100, that is approximately Rs 9,000 higher than the UK pricing, which comes in second place regarding the costliest Note7 pricing compared to the worldwide scale. India is on the third position with official pricing at Rs 59,900. It’s not a surprise that India also tops this chart because Samsung has been doing quite well in India this year with the Galaxy S7 series and the brand is expecting the same success with this new device.

Now what comes next is quite shocking to the Indian audience who are eagerly waiting to purchase Galaxy Note7 in the country on September 2nd. Samsung India isn’t offering any free accessory with the Note7 as an introductory offer, while they did give it with Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge. If you take a look at the Bundle offers all over the world, every single country mentioned below gets at least one accessory or a goodie for free except India where the brand isn’t offering anything.

Galaxy Note 7 Bundle Offers Worldwide

The brand is only offering to purchase the New Gear VR at a discounted pricing of Rs 1,999 when you buy the Note7.

Well, we wonder why is such an injustice happening to the loyal Samsung users in the country. Whereas in other countries, the brand is giving away at least one free accessory from the list including Gear Fit 2, Level U Bluetooth Headphones, Wireless Charging Stand, S View Cover, Micro SD card, Lens Kit and Battery Pack. India seems to be the only exception who won’t be receiving any goodies while purchasing the Note7 on September 2nd.

Are you going to buy the Note 7 in India at a higher price with no freebie? If yes, let us know why.

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