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Exclusive: Apple again Hikes iPhone Prices in India upto 12% on most Models, New Price List



We have got some exclusive information about the Apple devices which is not good for the customers. The Apple had increased the prices of iPhones in the month of April in India, and once again the company hikes the prices which make them even more costlier. Most of the models to costs almost as high as 12% when compared to last months prices. Apple is going to launch the new iPhone 7 (or the iPhone 6SE) in the month of September & this step is probably taken to make the brand move into the premium price segment.

Instead of competing with the other leading brands like Samsung & LG, this time, Apple is moving the price on the higher side to ensure there’s no competition while they continue to be the most premium brand. The iPhone SE didn’t help the brand anyway as we had seen the Q3 2016 results, we are yet to see if this step is actually going to help them or not. Generally, whenever there’s a new model, brands drop the pricing of earlier devices, but Apple has been increasing their prices, as we had already seen in April when they had hiked the prices by an astonishing 29%.

iphone price hike july 2016

Another important point to make a note is that Apple is increasing the prices of the iPhone 5S that was selling at Rs 18,000 in the month of March later increased to Rs 22,000 and now to Rs 25,000. The product that’s a few years old is still not just given preference but also given a push and we partially think this is because of the software compatibility where the latest OS also works great on the earlier generation devices. This makes the earlier devices a value for money product, unlike the phones we see on the Android Ecosystem that stops receiving support and software updates after around two years period.

The above mentioned prices will be effective in India starting from August 1st. With this new pricing, 2013 launched iPhone 5S price in India almost same as 2016 launched iPhone SE price in the U.S. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus running on iOS 10 are expected to launch on September 16th  in the U.S. With the hike in pricing, we also guess the upcoming iPhones to come with premium price tag than what earlier launched iPhones costed at the time of launch. If the rumors are to believe, the upcoming iPhones will start with 32GB of internal storage instead of just 16GB. Stay tuned for more updates!


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