Download these 11 Apps to Get Free Reliance Jio SIM Preview Offer on Any Smartphone in India

by Karthik Iyer 63

Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio is all set to launch commercially and will be soon available to the public, but that’s not stopping them from coming up with new ways to tap into new users. Previously, we have seen how the company is offering 4G LTE speeds for comparatively less price, and it also introduced MNP service which could also get them more users. They are also bundled free Jio SIM cards with the LYF smartphones. They already have over 7,00,000 users even without launching officially in India.

And until now, the SIM cards were not readily available to everyone but after announcing the SIM supported for Samsung smartphones, the company is apparently trying to get more users by offering a Preview offer code for all the Android users. According to the sources, it is possible to install the My Jio app now on any Android smartphone and get a preview offer code. We tested this initially on the HTC 10 smartphone, and it worked perfectly, so did on other few smartphones like OnePlus 3, etc.

So here’s what we did to get the Preview offer code on My Jio app.

  • Uninstall all the Jio apps if you have installed any of them previously.
  • Now download the My Jio App again.
  • Click on Install all, and install all the ten apps. Once done, exit the app now.

Jio Apps

  • Disconnect your Wi-Fi and mobile data.
  • Now open the app and click open on My Jio to see “No network connection” prompt on top. Ignoring that you can also see “Get Jio SIM” button.

Jio App Welcome Page

  • Click on it to see “No network” prompt again. At this point, go back and toggle your Wi-Fi or Mobile Data on.
  • Now when you click the button, you will see Preview Offer code instruction.

Instruction to get the code

  • Follow them to get the code and proceed further by submitting your documents etc.

Jio Offer Instruction

Note, that this method works for almost all the smartphones if followed correctly. And it when we say all the smartphones, we mean the ones included without 4G as well. So basically almost any smartphone running Android is eligible for this preview offer. Various reports are claiming that this is a bug in their Jio application. But this is not illegal by any means. So one need not worry about any of it and proceed with this if he/she wishes to.

What’s in it for Reliance

Well, it is clear that at this point, the company wants more and more new users to join their network. Offering 4G LTE speeds for comparatively less price and now this, all these promising offers on free usage, etc. will definitely get more attention. Also, if you noticed, the procedure involves the users to install all the ten application from Jio as well. So indirectly, they are also getting more users to use these apps as well. All these services are not bad by any means, but after all, they are all just value added services that users may or may not use. So now if you manage to get your SIM activated, then you can use the Jio services with all their promotional offers. Let us know if this worked for you and would you be interested in switching from your current carrier to Jio.

Note: We have started getting a lot of updates/reports stating that, this offer is not valid, and the Reliance Store is asking the users to return the SIM card back. However, on the other hand, many of them have managed to get the SIM successfully with the above procedure. Here are some proof to back it-


So stay tuned for more info on that. But if you want to be sure and avoid all the confusion, you can still get the Jio SIM cards and enjoy these offers, if you buy one of the eligible Samsung smartphones. Click here to know more about that offer in detail which is still valid.

Karthik Iyer

Karthik is a Computer Science Graduate and a Tech Aficionado who has always found himself fascinated or playing around with all the latest and the best from the world of smartphones and beyond. When he is not working on any smartphone or covering the latest scoop, you can often find playing his favorite PS4 titles.

  • manish amarnani

    jio saying that this is a bug in myjio app and we wont get jio sim and preview offer with these codes

    • nagarjuna d

      Oh.. Iam about to visit reliance store by evening. thanks so much..

      • Suranjan Saha

        Right now the reliance digital people won’t be giving sims to any non samsung user,even if you have the code

      • lucky

        i have coolpad note 3 lite & i follow all instructions and get bar code ,after this i show the code to reliance store they told me your code is ok but your phone is not our database , so plz wait

        • they told me same thing with my le max 2

    • Suranjan Saha

      Me too,faced the same trouble

  • Shubham Dikkar

    Thank you very much it works for me

  • Smartprince

    not working for me redmi note 3

  • bhullar

    Iam using samsung e5 ..i am also get this offer today…….this is a true news for everyone thanks phone radhar

    • Did u activate ur sim on e5 ? If yes then how much data u get ? 2 gb or unltd ?

      • bhullar

        I have not vist at jio centre….which mobile u use e5 or another…..u get it this sim

  • bhullar

    Samsung e5 also have offer

  • bhullar

    I get it today….

  • I’m facing server issues while downloading the apps. Anything I can do?

  • PrakashGD

    My location is not eligible 🙁

  • Anil Kumar

    I got the code. Thanks for your guidance. I was waiting for such tricks. Thanks a lot 😊

  • Faizul Rahman

    I got code but in photos it cant show code

  • BAck Bencher

    will jio sim work on LTE phones also? i already generated the code using your method.

  • Parth Solanki

    I have a gsm relience sim can i use jio on it???

  • Rajendar

    Can I get Jio on my moto g3

  • Rajendar

    Plz help me

  • Umesh A Guledgudda

    Got the code went to the Reliance digital shop those guys rejected the code by saying it is valid for Samsung phone only

  • kuldeep mishra

    please update all Reliance digital shop I have Got the code went to the Reliance digital shop those guys rejected the code by saying it is valid for Samsung phone only

  • Nikhil Reddy

    yes succesfully got the sim and activated it through lyf mobile(one of my friend who purchased it) and using it in other mobile

    • Ankit Vanigota

      How did you activate your sim card..?? I am not being able to do that

  • Kiran Reddy

    I got code on one plus 3 but reliance digital people rejected it saying only Samsung phones are valid for this offer and also they said sim would locked to Samsung mobile.

  • Rahul Sadarangani

    I had got the code using the above trick and I went the Digital Store He As me to for code where he scanned it and gave me the sim card waiting for activation.

  • solanki rajniknat

    I have download all ten app and also generat code so further I will contact to reliance store but he say these offer is valid Samsung mobile so what to do?. Pl help

  • Sa’chin Sharma

    Welll somehow managed to get the sim…waiting for activation sms…if i get activation sms..what is the next step that i have to do…anybody here to guide me on this stuff😇😇😇

    • Viboothi

      Same situation bro Whay to do no idea ! 😅

      • Sa’chin Sharma


      • Sa’chin Sharma

        Is it unlimited now or still 2 gb…am stuck with 2gb

    • Ayan

      Has your tower came? and can you make call?

      • Sa’chin Sharma

        Just got sim…they told me that it will take upto24 hr to activate..waiting for activation😊😊😊

  • Ayan

    I got the sim, Sim got activated as well. everytime i try calling any number it ask for my voter cards last 4 digit and after putting the last 4 digit it says your sim is now activated but when i call again it ask to put the numbers again… and it keeps going on… What to do?
    and couldn’t log in in my jio app. it keep showing logging you in from past 1 hour and
    P.S I already called 1977 and activated the sim by putting last 4 digit of my voter card as soon as the tower came

  • ksavai

    Just launch already…

  • mohit verma

    Can I unistall all these app as my offer unlimited has activated.

    • Sa’chin Sharma

      Which phone u are using??

      • Rahul

        same as me i got 2GB only in Redmi Note 3

        • Sa’chin Sharma

          Call customer care and ask them what to do about this problem as the executive in jio store mentioned about unlimited data and calling.

    • Ayan

      Was it showing 2gb limit at first or u got unlimited from starting… Mine showing 2gb for 90days 🙁

  • Sa’chin Sharma

    Yr i got only 2 gb there any thing that can be done for turn it to unlimited.

    • Nikhil Reddy

      even i got the same problem and contacted the customer care…..i even cannot make call now as my 2gb has finished and it is disconnected from web so my jiojoin app is not coming to online and has disconnected and i cant place calls now ….so now removed the sim

  • Tarun Gupta

    Not getting get gio sim button. Please help??

  • Danish Tyagi

    did not getting the get jio sim button

  • Danish Tyagi

    is anyone have previous version of myjio app plz mail on

  • Kishan Viswakarma

    I have a Mi note 3 and did not get get Jio sim option help me plz

  • Mamta Malav

    I got only 2gb data. What to do ? sim activation done today and I already used over 1 gb.
    I read many comments over many pages, some are saying that it is actually unlimited (no need to worry about 2 gb stated in jio app) & some others are saying, that there internet stopped working after data over.

    one more issue is that speed is no good in my area. dont know whether it is due to my area issue or access point setting issue.

    anybody , help me with 2 gb & speed issue.

  • Bhavesh Dasadiya

    I have got code (using samsung galaxy s7 edge)
    Now going to reliance digital store and see whats happens.

  • Bhavesh Dasadiya

    I think non samsung users getting problems like 2 gb and activation .
    Because officially its open to samsung users only

  • Govindaraja J

    People who wanted to get the unlimited pack, follow this steps
    1. Uninstall the MY JIO app which u have installed
    2. Download the MY JIO app version 3-2-05(Google it , u will get)
    3. Install the app , sign in –> u will get a pop up to switch over to unlimited ..
    Worked for me and also helped my frnds also to get it..

  • Anil Saxena

    I have got the SIM. Got it activated on another LYF phone. But when I insert it in my Lenovo 4G (volte enbled) phone, it does not work. Any solutions ??

  • lokesh

    I have download all app and open my jio app without internet in my samsung j5 2016 but didn’t get “get my jio” option what can i do now

  • Ashwinn M

    hey phone radar i am unable to finish my 2gb data as it is stuck on last 2.5 kb and im not able to finish and cant get unlimited offer . i have also signed up in my jio app and it did not work plz help@amitbhawani

  • ajayk

    hii..uninstall all those jio apps..reboot ur phone..install all the apps …dont open any app…turn off ur data now open ur my jio app then again my gio…no network and sign in skip button and back…will show get gio sim…in my moto g3 successfully activated…just problem is that only data is working..not the call and sms….i hope it will help…..

  • ajayk

    hey guys…in my moto g3 data is activated successfully but for voice how to to activate it ….when m calling it network is telephonic activation done coz of netowrk is gone whrn m dialing a activation no…plz help..

  • Sachin Zombade

    Hi guys i have oppo f1 plus is the jio sim is avaliable for this phone

  • Raj Saha

    I am using Samsung Galaxy J7 2015. I am do all tricks……install my gio app….and then download all 10 available apps….but i can’t find get jio sim option….pls help me

  • karanvir singh

    Can i activate jio sim in windows phone???

  • Manjit Panigrahi

    hey bro…..i have an moto g4 plus…can i avail this offer?….plz reply

  • Manoj Soni

    Hay bro i have lg g flax

  • Sanjay Kumar

    i had succesfully activated reliance welcome offer, now i request you to please tell me that after the activation, can i uninstall the jio apps? as they are using so much space, and will the welcome offer be active then also?

  • Surya

    Complete your tele-verification process….Please call 1977 from your Jio SIM