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How to Setup Force Touch on Android Phones like Apple 3D Touch



Apple had introduced the ‘Force Touch’ feature by integrating it into the trackpad on the 12-inch Macbook. While the Chinese smartphone manufacturers, ZTE and Huawei had launched Axon Mini and Mates S with the Force Touch feature available on their smartphones. Apple added few more features to the Force Touch and called it as “3D Touch display” which is available on their recently launched iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. As we mentioned earlier with the 3D Touch feature, the device can differentiate the touch by the pressure applied on the screen.

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The smartphone brand Huawei even came up with an app to measure the weight of an object by placing it on the display which you could have seen on their recently launched Mate S. The objects in the range of 100 to 400 grams can be weighed on this device, making it a weighing scale itself. There are also rumor’s that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 will also include this new technology. If you are an Android user and not using any of the two devices mentioned above, there is an option of adding this Force Touch on your smartphone. Before beginning this procedure, make sure that your device is rooted.

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If you have already installed the Xposed Framework, you can skip this paragraph. Download and Install the latest version of Xposed Framework on to your device. Open the ‘Xposed Installer’ app and select the ‘Framework’ and tap on Install / Update. Now Reboot the device and the Xposed Framework will be completely installed onto your device.

Xposed Framework

For getting the Force Touch, download and install the Xposed Repo called as ‘System Wide Force Touch.’ After installing, open the Xposed Framework app and activate the ‘System Wide Force Touch’ Mod on in the Modules section and reboot the device. Open the System Wide Force Touch’ app to calibrate the Force Touch and reboot the device once again.

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Now the Force Touch will replace the long press on your Android device though there will not be any visible changes. Overall we can say that you have a cool feature that is not even officially available on most of the iPhones, again there are not any apps which are available on the Play Store which support the Force Touch feature. Though with Android devices coming with this new technology, we expect more applications on the lines of what we see on the Apple App Store to be available for Android users.

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