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Elemoon – A Stylish Smart Bracelet for Women with Custom Patterns to Match Clothing




Fashion is on the rise in wearable tech, as many companies are working to introduce women dedicated rings, fitness bands, and even luxury smart bracelets that cost up to $1000. The fashion tech is getting a much attention from big technology giants like Intel, and this new project from reporter turned entrepreneur, Jing Zhou, is doing just that.

Elemoon is on such wearable that will attract a lot of feminine attention as it is styled focused bracelet; the project is looking for crowd funding on the Kickstarter platform. The New York-based maker of this smart bracelet have already reached the goal funding, and currently looking at the wearable market, this upcoming fashion tech category is getting hot right now.


The device is designed to be stylish and let you know about the incoming notifications like messages and calls in the form of a visual alert. It is equipped with a touch interface, and also boasts an activity sensor, and provides notifications using a set of colourful LED hues.

The idea of the team behind Elemoon is to create an attractive and appealing wearable that looks beautiful even when not activated. The main features of this wearable tech include the ability to create customs patterns that you can match with any outfit, colors and designs. The device can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing an easy connectivity and syncing of notifications like calls or text messages. It will have a Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) support, making it last much longer, and company also claims that the battery life will vary according to usage, which can go for one day up to one week. This fashion tech will use magnetic charging to juice up the battery life.

It also allows you to personalize each contact in your phone, to see whenever somebody calls or messages on your phone, as it has 75 individually addressable RGB LEDs. And one of the notable features is the Find Your Phone, it might be an old feature which is already integrated and advanced by many organizations, but the old neat trick of setting off the audio alert is a great finding technique. The device also boasts the G-sensor, which is the accelerometer sensor that can measure proper acceleration as determining if you are on the move, which might extend its functionality to fashionable fitness band when stacked with few other abilities.

Now that the project has reached its goal, company hopes to begin production in September and ship the first batch of their smart bracelets by February 2015. It would be interesting to see more development in this space of wearables as many organizations would be jumping into this arena.

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